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Replace 5 wrestlers from each brand, Raw and Smackdown, with wrestlers from the American Independent scene (this means no one from TNA). Also, try to keep the stuff like "I'd replace Khali with Chris Hero" to a minimum.

Sheamus - Claudio Castagnoli

I'm not a Sheamus-hater, I just think that Claudio could do his job better than he is. Claudio's not the greatest talker, but he's got the look, physique, charisma and in-ring skill to get over in WWE without having to talk too much.

Santino Marella - Colt Cabana
I see they're trying something new with Santino, but Colt brings the funny way better than Santino does. Plus, he can wrestle circles around Santino and cut a real good promo. Real easy replacement here.

David Otunga - Davey Richards
Ha. These guys are, in no way, alike, but this takes away the worst wrestler in the world and adds one of the best. A Davey/Bryan feud for the US title would be brilliantly epic. Also, Davey can cut pretty good promos.

Darren Young - Kenny King
King's got it all. Charisma, raw athleticism and lots of talent. Darren's not a bad worker, as has been seen on Superstars in his matches with Regal, but King can really bring a lot to the WWE.

Jillian - Sara Del Rey
Why does Jillian even still have a job? Give Death Rey a fucking job already.

Drew McIntyre - Chris Hero

Now, I like McIntyre, but Hero's just a thousand times better than him at everything. He's probably the second best ring worker in the world at the moment and he can really cut a promo.

Tyler Reks - Erick Stevens
Reks looks intimidating, but I still don't think he's got the talent to back it up. Stevens has lots of talent and charisma.

Matt Striker - Austin Aries
Striker's good, but Aries is better. Plus, Aries could pull triple duty as a Wrestler/Commentator/Manager.

Cody Rhodes - Joey Ryan
Joey could add so much more to Cody's gimmick than Cody could ever dream of. Cody's a good worker, in all aspects, but Joey's great and at his peak at the moment.

Chris Masters - Brian Cage
Cage has a great look and physique, he's not as big as Masters, but he's also got a lot of ring talent. Masters has gotten better in the ring recently, but I don't see him improving too much. Cage has really impressed me in PWG.

That was a lot harder to do than I thought it'd be. Now, what would you guys do? I suspect there will be a lot of different opinions in this thread, so let's get started.

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Sheamus - Carlito - i know this isnt what you are looking for, but i would love if it were carlito getting sheamus's push.

i cant think of any more :eek:
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