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Repect to sandow

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Big respect to sandow who cashed in and gave a great match to Cena.
A match which was 100 times better than watching Del Rio.

I'm starting to like Damien Sandow

I hope this loss some how gets him over with the fans.
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Not sure if these types of losses really help the character though. Look at Ziggler, he jobbed with pizzazz to everyone, getting his ass handed to him by the Funkasaurus in 10 seconds - when he finally started getting a push, it didn't look credible and now he's back at the bottom again. The WWE has a weird habit out of making someone look like a monster, and then they get owned by Santino Marella or something.... makes it weird to watch lol.

I know people here always say "well DB got over after losing to Sheamus in 18 seconds", but honestly, the guy was getting over with the YES chants before that match happened anyways. Long story short, I don't think these types of losses are really helping anyone get over.
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