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(First thing I checked up on, even before posting :p)

Other people increase it. They click on the Reputation link under your avatar and give rep for good/bad posts or whatnot - I suppose it's sort of a respect/disrespect meter.

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...and if you want someone to increase your rep...dont pist them off.
but its nothing ....really.

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D_C said:
Easy to say for the guy with over 4700 rep! :D
It really is worth nothing. It's useless. It could be used for things, but it isn't. And that's coming from someone with more than 4700 rep (although I don't know how I got it).

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The Nintendo Fusion Tour. 09-25-2004 11:58 PM Damien_Draiman I feel sorry that you can't go to the NFT tour


thats how I got mine :):):)

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Negative or positive rep is useless but I like negative rep alot more

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Yeah, people were saying they didn't know how they got it...and of course, they do.

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I want my rep raised to 23,000. :argh: :sad: :argh: :sad:

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Hombre said:
No, I don't see how that little adds up to 4200. My rep power is only 5.
Think back to when everybody had a high rep power. I remember at some point when I added to someone's it would go up a few hundred.
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