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CZW from 2001 to 2005 were almost spiritual successors to ECW

Most great indy feds including tna during that time shared guys that would go on to TNA and WWE, CZW shared aswell but much like ECW had much exclusive uniqueness that really made them standout

Their own heel and face commentary team whom sounded good and had their own catchphrases "EXCUSE ME JON!!" "SOMEONE CALL 911!!"

their intro theme song was\is badass http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hm1KgntrhI

they had original cruiserweights like Ric Blade, Sick Nick Mondo, B Boy, Chris Cash and Sexxxy Eddy who could compete with the best of them.

Sonjay Dutt, M Dogg 20, Sabin and a young Chris Hero despite being everywhere back then were indy names that established themselves in CZW

As far as tag teams go there was The H8 Club, I cant think of another big man that can make a simple piledriver look cool other than Nate Hatred who instead of Lariat named his The Decapitator, thats just studly. Along with Nick Gauge's Chokeslam Backbreaker that were the ass kicking, squashing, dominant tag team. Then there was The Backseat Boys,the hardys\rockers\briscoes\Sabu and rvd of CZW, who were giving the ROH teams a run for their money

Justice Pain, Wifebeater and XPW's Messiah were legitimate main eventers in terms of size and big match delivery

The ocassional ECW cameo as well as Zandig and Lobo in a tried and true power struggle storyline held everything together

they had all kinds of guys you almost wouldn't see anywhere else and much like the ECW TV, WWE IC title and TNA X title had a unique midcard belt, The CZW Ironman Title, i dont think any other fed in history has had one

and like WWE and WCW, they had their own different format of yearly shows;
Best of The Best, for international Cruisherweight Madness,
Cage of Death, was their wrestlemania, all the big fueds ended in their trademark Grab The Prize Above The Cage Contest
and the infamous Tournament Of Death, most of which had a single sick unthinkable moment that you just cant get out of your head

at this point backyards everywhere were doing stuff that would make ECW blush so CZW adapted that to stand out even more amongst the other non wwe feds back then

even when CZW was losing steam to ROH who were on fire leading up to 2007 they had the KOW, Super Dragon, The BLQ Out and Eddie Kingston but in the end with the big indy names being contracted to tna and after losing to ROH at Cage Of Death Before Dishonor the magic disappeared

Their violence has toned down and as a whole got stale, now they have cards filled with a bunch of fresh graduates that are just as generic and uninteresting as the next. More and more they borrow from Chikara and PWG, two feds not quite past their prime yet, to hold everything together.

Like it was said in that other thread, deathmatch wrestling aint what it used to be

and in the long run, as WWF, ECW and IWAMS can attest, injuries stack up, wrestlers move on to bigger and better things or just retire altogether as momentum is lost and profits slowly but surely shrink

they are stil alive today but as an unthralling shell of its former self

by the way for those who dont know, Thumbtack Jack recently hurt his neck and had to retire

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I remember when CZW was good, it however never achieved the greatness of WWE 2000-2003, ROH 2005-2007, ECW 1997-2000 or TNA 2004-2006.
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