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Remember that time in 2010 when they tried to call RVD Mr TNA?

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TNA has been great recently, but 2010 was a bad year for TNA. and what made t worse for me was when they tried to call RVD Mr TNA.

Are you serious? You are just going to throw AJ Styles under the bus like that? I'm glad they call AJ Styles Mr TNA now, but that one time period when they tried to call RVD MR TNA was the worst period in TNA in my honest opinion.

So what was your opinion of that whole RVD= Mr Tna in 2010?
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Homicide fucking up steel asylum
AJ Styles - Mini Flair
Val Venis beating Christopher Daniels on PPV
Nasty Boys
Abyss' Hall of Fame Ring
Scott Hall
Samoa Joe's Kidnapping
RVD's debut when he got destroyed by Sting
That stupid Joker card storyline which went nowhere with Brother Ray
Hogan constantly doing the same "raising the bar" promo
Wasting the momentum they had built with The Pope
Taking the title off AJ Styles so cheaply and abruptly
The top 10 ranking system
Hardcore Justice 2010
Matt Morgan going against Immortal because of Anderson's concussion just 6 months after a storyline where he carbon footprinted people's heads into ring posts

TNA 2010 was awful.
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1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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