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Reigns to blame for not being WWE champ

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Ha, that's pretty damn funny. Following the Cena pattern of your top guy being a hypocritical idiot and lousy babyface.
If you think about it Triple H was nothing but nice to Reigns. He offered Reigns the title if he just became friends with the Authority. I mean how simple is that. Reigns refused so he had to earn the title. He wins the title and Triple H goes out to congratulate and he spears the poor man. Like wtf. Then he loses the title because he gets cashed in on by Sheamus. He loses yet again thanks to League of Nations so he decides to attack Sheamus with a steel chair after the match. Triple H comes out to break up the fight, just doing his job to control the situation and Reigns attacks him again. wtf.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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