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reckon WWE could..

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I'm new to the forum, so idk what you guys hate and don't hate people making topics about, but, Do you think WWE could ever have the ability to make people REALLY interested in their product again. I mean, look at 90's, WWF was all gimmicks and crazy scenarios. Sure, some were completely un-realistic, but it really made you take an interest in the product and the wrestlers they were producing. People with great gimmicks, and stuff. Now days we have plain names, like John Morrison (big fan of his btw, aha), Tyler Reks, Husky whatever, Wade Barrett. They're all real people names, why not creative names that they used to have, that could just be one word or two. 'Kane', 'Triple H', 'Edge', 'Christian', 'Al Snow' 'Hardcore Holly', cbs naming more. Sure most of those guys are still around, but like they were made in the nineties. :p

Not really thead-worthy, or even a good argument, just pointing out my view. :)
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