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Since we're in Mania season, I was just casting my mind back to WM28 and in the main, the number 2 and 3 matches on the card, Punk v Jericho and Undertaker v HHH III. I was thinking that the card could have been a lot stronger if HHH and Jericho swapped places.

Helmsley was a big name needed to solidify Punk as a main eventer, as opposed to just champion, similarly to as Austin had done for him at No Way Out in 2001. Jericho looked more like a nuisance as opposed to a credible threat to the main title at Wrestlemania.

You also had HHH v Undertaker 3, which was overkill (for me at least). I feel Jericho would have been better suited to the role, it'd been a feud which had never happened as opposed to HHH v Undertaker which had happened at least thrice.

Let us know your thoughts and/or any matches you'd have booked differently.

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Re: Rebooking Wrestlemania 28

The card was fine. Jericho/Punk was fresh and Triple H/Taker was great because of the HBK special referee dynamic. Overall Mania 28 was great. Mania 29 needed serious rebooking though.

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Re: Rebooking Wrestlemania 28

Mania 28 was great, Cena/Rock wasnt predictable, Jericho/Punk was great and Hunter/Taker was suspenseful throughout

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Cena vs Rock (Cena wins)
Team Johnny (Otunga, Swagger, McIntyre) vs Team Teddy (Santino, Kofi, Khali) (Team Johnny wins....and no one cares)
Punk (c) vs HHH - No DQ for WWE Title (Punk retains)
Barrett vs Ziggler vs Orton vs Del Rio vs Show vs Miz vs Ryder vs Truth - MITB (Barrett wins)
Taker vs Jericho (What do you think happens, smart-ass?)
Rhodes (c) vs Booker - IC Title (Cody retains)
Kane vs Sheamus (Kane wins)
Bryan vs Henry (c) - MITB cash-in for World Heavyweight Championship (Bryan wins...YES! YES! YES!)
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The Rock vs Cena 1 Hour Iron Man Match

HHH vs Taker w/HBK as special Guest Referee End of a Era Match with No Cell

Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker;Brock challenges Taker just after the HHH Match and breaks the Streak on his first match back

Big Show w/Shaq vs Bryan No DQ WHC Title; Show beats Bryan and finally gets his WM Moment

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Was a pretty underrated WM actually, not top 3 or anything but its up there. If I could tweak it abit I'd make it like this.

WWE Wrestlemania 28

Once In A Lifetime
The Rock vs John Cena
Winner: The Rock (25:19)

WWE Championship
CM Punk(c) vs Chris Jericho
Winner: CM Punk (21:21)

Hell In A Cell Match
Triple H vs The Undertaker
Winner: The Undertaker (29:05)

World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match
Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan(c)
Winner: Sheamus (13:20)

Street Fight
The Miz vs R-Truth
Winner: The Miz (11:52)

WWE Divas Championship
Beth Phoenix(c) vs Natalya
Winner: Natalya (7:13)

12 Man Tag Team Battle for RAW/SD
Team Teddy: Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, Booker T, Brodus Clay & Drew McIntyre
Team Johnny: Mark Henry, Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Hunico & Cody Rhodes
Winners: Team Johnny (11:18)

WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat
Primo & Epico(c) vs The Uso's vs Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd
Winners: Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd (9:23)

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I liked this show, Rock winning was so unexpected and so awesome, Taker/HHH I wasn't happy with happening again but that turned out to be an absolute war and with HBK in the middle it stole the show. Punk/Jericho was pretty good but I think it suffered going between the other 2 matches listed.
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