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I was watching RAW (which was great, by the way), when I got really pissed off about how they handled the segment with NWO/APA/NAO/Ascension. Since I need somewhere to let my anger out, I figured there's no better place than BTB since this thread is dead. Here's what I would have done:

I liked where it started. Ascension interrupts nWo exactly how they did. No complaints there. Then, JBL does exactly what he did, bringing out Ron Simmons. Here's where I change stuff.

Ascension turn towards APA, but Konnor gets in a cheap shot on X-Pac (the only one that can bump). Nash and Hall powder to the outside, then APA and Ascension brawl. Eventually, Ascension get the better of it, knocking Faarooq out of the ring and hitting JBL with the Fall of Man.

Then, the Outlaws come out. They stand at the top of the ramp, go through their schtick, and cut a little promo on The Ascension's disrespect. Konnor and Viktor answer back and anger the Outlaws, prompting them to challenge The Ascension to a match at the Rumble. X-Pac wakes back up in the ring behind them, and to accept NAO's challenge, they get him with the Fall of Man as well. Road Dogg and Billy charge to the ring, but stop at the bottom of the ramp when invited into the squared circle by Konnor and Viktor. The Outlaws decide against going in as the show hits a break.
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