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joey style:hello every body and this is ecw hardcore tv and tonight for the ecw heavy weight title its rhyno vs raven and more to come here tonight. #1:rob van dam vs kid kash rvd wit some kicks to the face and another kick but kid kash ducks and jab rvd in the face and picks him up and toss him out the ring and and threw rvd to the barricade and rvd fights back but a kick to the stomache by kid kash and kid kash has a chair and toss it in the ring rvd with a stiff kick to the head knocks kid kash on the floor rvd went back in the ring and kid kash is getting up and rvd dive throught the rope and landed on kidkash and rvd picks up kid kash and puts him back in the ring and rvd stomps the hell out of kid kash and kid kash nose is bleeding and rvd with stiff punches in the face of kid kash and rvd picks up kid kash and threw him into the turn buckle and rvd sit kid kash on the turn buckle and rvd step back a little and try to go for the monkey flip and kid kash clothesline rvd and kid kash goes for a cover 1 2... no rvd kicks out and kid kash toss rvd to the turn buckle and kid kash picks up the chair and run with it and rvd kicks the chair and bounce of kid kash face and rvd is on the top turn buckle and frog splash and the cover 1 2 3 and this is over. aftermath: rhyno gores the shit out of rvd and rhyno gets a table and sets it out of the ring and gets rvd and piledriven rvd through the table and the crowd is saying holly shit and ecw chants start coming. backstage:steve corino is getting his ass kick by the sandman and steve corino is getting caine sandman this would never happend if corino never interfered in sandmans match against rhyno at guilty as charge. #2:new jack vs balls mahoney new jack toss a garbage can with full of weapons new jack gets in the ring and ball picks up the garbage can and crack it over new jack skull and balls gets a chesse shredder and cuting open new jack skin and new jack is bleeding and balls is lifting up new jack but new jack low blows balls and new jack gets up and gets a toaster and hit balls in the balls with it and new jack is taunting balls and elbow drop balls and new jack toss balls out the ring and new jack went out the ring with a cookie tray and hit balls in the face and punches balls and hits him again with the tray and a elbow to the ribs by balls and balls went under the ring and got steelchair rapt around barbwires and a rib shot with that chair by balls on new jack and balls cracks that barbwire chair in the head of newjack and new jack flys over to the crowd and balls climb over and another shot to the head with that chair and new jack is bleeding badly and balls stare at some table and balls set the 4 tables up and he stack 2 on top of the other 2 and new jack out of no where smack that barbwirechair in the face of balls and and start punching ball all the way up the stairs and they is fight back and fourh and balls is bleeding and they is still punching the shit out of each other and new jack grabs balls and hip toss in to the 4 table and the crowd is going nutz and chant holly shit and new jack struggling to get up and does and pick up balls and new jack is punching balls all the way back to the ring and and new jack toss balls in the ring and stomps him oh shit here come the dudelys and they is beating the hell out of new jack and balls and d-von is getting a table and bubba is getting some gasoling and matches and they set the table on fire and the dudelys toss balls into the rope 3-d throught the flaming table and the fans is chanting ecw ecw and the dudelys leave and new jack is crwaling to balls and get the 1 2 3 and new jack wins. #3 ecw heavy weight title rhyno vs raven raven drop toehold on rhyno and raven stomps rhyno down and start punching rhyno in the face and the fans start chanting raven sucks dick and raven flip the middle finger at the fans and raven goes out side the ring and baseball slide by rhyno knocks raven to the baricade and rhyno beating the hell out of raven and rhyno picks up a chair and hitting raven in the back with a chairand rhyno starts taunting the crowd and they start booing the shit out of rhyno as rhyno kicks raven in the face and rhyno has a table and slide it in the ring and raven is toss in the ring and rhyno is just punching the hell out of raven sicking shots in the face by rhyno and rhyno sets up the table on the turn buckle and raven low blows rhyno and evon flow ddt by raven and make the cover 1 2 kick out by rhyno and raven picks up the chair and hit rhyno in head with the chair and raven and get a hammer out of his boot and hit rhyno in the head rhyno is out and raven wasting time by taunting and rhyno is crack open by that damn hammer and raven picks up rhynoand i don't know how but rhyno just pick up the hammer and hit raven in the balls and raven is hollowing in pain and the bloody rhyno put raven on that tableon the turn buckle and the gore by rhyno and raven is crashing through that table and rhyno goes for the cover and 1 2 3 and its over rhyno is still ecw world heavy weight champion. aftermath:rvd is coming with a chair and hits rhyno with it pay back for earlier and rvd toss the chair to rhyno and vandamnatior and the frog splash and the crowds is chanting rvd rvd rvd.
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