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Reason For Corre T Shirt Being The Top Seller T-Shirt?

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I go on wweshop.com to go and see if I should buy anything and I notice The Corre T-shirt is now the most selling merchandise on wwe.com Whats the reason for it? I didnt even think their impact on Smackdown was that big.

You think WWE bullshits whats the highest selling? Or you think it is legit?
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Because it's a shirt with DAMN good posterboys in Jackson and Gabriel. If THEY look good wearing it, maybe you will too.

Of course, they'd look good wearing anything. Zeke's a musclebound dude, and Justin was caled the "posterboy" in South Africa for good reason.

Or because people want to look like Zeke or Gabriel and think the shirt will help with that. Clothes models are always attractive for a reason.
So if I wear a Corre shirt i'll look like Ezekiel Jackson? If I wear a trenchcoat I'll turn into the deadman?

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