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Realistically what other superstars on the roster do you see being pushed to the WWE title?

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Owens is a Triple H guy so he is in sooner or later.

Wyatt and Ambrose are iffy. I see Dean being used more as a longterm IC/U.S. title guy. But he might get a WHC run sometime in the future. I'd lean to yes with Wyatt but not anytime soon.

Rusev might be teased as a challenger at a couple of ppvs down the line. But I just don't see them taking that step. Not unless someone among Vince/Trips/Steph/Dunn gets behind him.

Cesaro is not happening. Not after what Vince said.
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Kevin Owens.

No-one else genuinely seems like a possibility to me right now.

There's plenty that i'd like to see given a chance, but many would be long shots.

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I'm gonna agree with the Wyatt, Owens, Ambrose picks. I would put Cesaro in the longshot category.

I could see Rusev or ADR getting it for a short time as a transitional champ. Kinda like what we just saw with Sheamus.

If I was looking at the guys in NXT I'd say Creed might have a shot someday.

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Ambrose or Cena is probably next in line. Owens maybe, Wyatt is probable.

Cena will have another reign, Rollins will have another reign. Brock is probably done with titles.

So in the next 2 years, Im saying the champions will be Reigns, Cena, Ambrose, Owens is a MITB candidate.
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