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Next week is Ziggler vs Edge for world title which really is useless. It's a great feud and real good stipulation(Vickie is ref) but the EC is 2 weeks after this, so it really didn't matter who wins the match since all that matters is who wins at EC.

I really see the title match ending in a draw cause the other guys in the EC interfere after seeing Edge clearly going to win but Vickie not counting the 3 count for him and realizing that if Ziggler is champ, it'll be harder for them to take the title off him since Vickie will probably do the same to them that she's doing to Edge.

And while she got "fired", Kelly in past few weeks really started being more aggressive and complained that not even McIntyre had faith in her. I really think she's doing all this to prove to him that she's good and we'll see McIntyre stick up for her and try to get her rehired and then starting slightly before, but really start to see it at the EC, a McIntyre-Ziggler feud happens.
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