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This is a show with all the current WWE and TNA wrestlers.

The Debut of RDPW June 10, 2005 Nashville, TN (RDPW ASYLUM)

We start the show showing a great video done by Dave Sahadi going back and forth through the best TNA and WWE moments faster and faster each time then the screen goes black and we hear the voice of Paul E. Heyman saying tonight starts the next generation of sports entertainment.

Fireworks go off, they shoot to the crowd, and then they shot to the ring where Heyman stands in the ring alone with a big grin across his face. The crowd is going nuts he waits for them to simmer down then he says, well well well just when you thought that Paul Heyman was down and out, just when you said oh Paul Heyman will never be nothing, ECW was just luck he will never rise up and accomplish anything else. They were wrong just like I done before I rose up out of the ashes of ECW like a pheonix and now here I am once again, but that's enough about me lets talk about tonight. You see just like I was never given a chance and just like ECW wasn't given a chance there are or should I say were stars around the world not given a chance so I went up and said I'm going to show give these guys a chance. Which is why I call this company Real Deal Pro Wrestling because these superstars were the backbone of whatver company they worked for , but were never given a chance until now. Now once we get back from commercial I will tell you how we are going to decide all of our champions.

We come back to Heyman in the ring with two tables set up in the ring with championship belts on each table. First let me introduce you to the announce team. First the ring announcer from the WWE Justin Roberts. Now let me introduce your color commentators from TNA Mike Tenay and Don West

Now to the titles. First the RDPW Hardcore Championship will be fought for in a four way barbedwire match featuring Abyss v.s. Monty Brown v.s. Tyson Tomko v.s. Matt Morgan

The RDPW cruiser X championship will be in a 20 man gauntlet featuring Hurricane, Tajiri, Diavari, shannon moore, funaki, nunzio, akio, paul london, spike dudley, michael shane, chris sabin, shocker, kazarian, petey williams, elix skipper, shark boy, zach gowen, sonjay dutt, mikey batts, and jerelle clark

The first round of the RDPW tag team championship title tournament will be tonight featuring AMW, Naturals, Killings and Konnan, Jeff hardy and AJ STYLES, LA Resistance, MNM, Bashams, and Bobby Roode and A-1

The RDPW pure technician title will be a Ultimate X challenge featuring Charlie Haas v.s. RVD v.s. Christopher Daniels v.s. Chris Benoit

Finally the RDPW World Heavyweight Championship will be decided in a match Heyman calls an asylum match where in this match all thirty of the participants will be in the ring in cage at the same time then once 20 people escape the cage they go to the next round leaving the remaining 10 in the ring eliminated then those 20 get back in the cage until 10 more escape the cage leaving the 10 in the ring eliminated then when its's down to the final 10 you are eliminated by pinfall or submission. Heyman tells us we are in for one hell of a show.

We come back to Heyman's office where he is talking on the phone asking the person on the other end if he is sure he will be there tonight, then there is someone at the door. Heyman tells the caller to hold on when Christian comes into his office and tell Paul Heyman he is glad to be in RDW and he says that his peeps will follow him wherever he goes no matter if it is WWE or RDW. He says tonight the will be the first ever RDW heavyweight champion becuae that is how he rolls. He asks why he wasn't the first person Paul called . Paul tells him don't worry about it he's here now and that's all that matters.

match # 1 First match of the quarterfinals to the RDW tag team championship tournament (Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles v.s. LA Resistance)

AJ and Conway start out the match they lock up with AJ going into a headlock on Conway. Conway pushes him off sending AJ to the ropes Conway lays down AJ jumps over him Conway then tries a leapfrog, but AJ catches him with a mahnhattan drop and a dropkick. AJ tags in Jeff Jeff goes at Conway with stiff forearm shots, then shoots him to the ropes and puts his head down looking for a backdrop but Conway jumps over him with a sunset flip pin for only a two count. Conway puts jeff in his corner and tags in Sylvain they both stomp on Jeff then Sylvain hits Jeff with a big chop in the corner and then another finally Jeff pumps his self up reverses Sylvain back into the corner hits Conway off the apron he sends Sylvain to his corner and tags in AJ. Jeff Hits a drop toe hold on Sylvain then AJ follows up with the big knee drop. Aj then goes up to the top rope but Conway trips him. Jeff tries to get in the ring, but is blocked by the ref Conway and Sylvain go to the middle rope and double superplex AJ. Conway now gets back out of the ring Sylvain tags Conway in they send AJ to the ropes, but AJ comes back and hits them both with a dropkick he tags in Jeff. Jeff sends Sylvain to the outside and Aj sends out Conway one on each sied of the ring both do flip dives over the top rope. Aj sends in Sylvain to the ring when Dupree comes down the aisle but AJ hits him with a running enziguri. While the ref is distracted Conway hands Sylvain the flag, but Jeff grabs it from him AJ comes off the top rope with a flying forearm knocking Conway out of the ring, Jeff hits the Swanton to advance to the next round.

The winners to advance to the next round AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy

Back in Heyman's office we see him watching the match when there is a knock on the door and Trinity walks in she is mad because she wants to know why there is not a women's championship. As she says this Victoria is behind her and says if there were a women's championship she would be the bst champion. her and Trinity get into it as the referees and security break it up. Heyman says he will make a women's championship and next week it will be Victoria v.s. Trinity to decide the first ever RDW women's champion.

Justin Roberts tells the rules for the Cruiser X gauntlet match

match # 2 Cruiser X Gauntlet for the gold

The first two in are Kazarian and Spike Dudley. Kazarian puts Spike in a headlock Spike pushes him off Kazarian goes toward the turnbuckle Spike follows him in, but Kazarian slingshots over Spike and hits Spike with a backdrop. Kazarian then hits a leg drop from the middle rope. The clock goes to zero number 3 is Funaki who goes straight after Kazarian with 2 big right hands to the jaw he throws him to the rope where Spike backdrops him over the ropes, but Kazarian holds on. The clock reaches zero and entrant 4 is Sonjay Dutt. Sonjay comes in and head scissors all three of the others, he goes to the top rope for a moonsault attempt on Spike but Spike moves, Sonjay lands on his feet as entrant 5 comes in it is Diavari who gets caught coming in by Kazarian who hammers away at him sending him to the ropes Diavari slides under the ropes to the apron Kazarian comes at him but gets caught with a shoulder to the gut which sends him down to the second rope . Diavari hits him with a legdrop as entrant 6 comes in it is Mikey Batts. After Diavari hits Kazarian with the leg drop he leapfrogs back into the ring but the gets clotheslined out by Batts and Funaki comes from behind and dumps out Batts. So now in the ring is Spike, Funaki, Kazarian, and Sonjay. Out comes entrant 7 it is Tajiri slides in under Sonjay's legs runs to the ropes and hits him with a spinning wheel kick. Spike runs at Tajiri with the battering ram but he moves out of the way sending Spike through the middle rope to the floor. Out comes entrant 8 it is Shark Boy who faces Kazarian's back side and bites his butt, Kazarian turns around to a big left from Shark. Shark tries another left but Kazarian ducks going to the ropes, Shark attempts a dropkick, but Kazarian holds the ropes Kazarian then catapults Shark to the ropes where he lands on the apron. Kazarian hits a superkick sending Shark out of the ring. The ref says becuase of the hard hit to the floor Spike cannot continue in the match. So far in the ring is Funaki, Kazarian, Sonjay, Tajiri and number 9 entrant Michael Shane with Tracy Brooks. Michael Shane and Kazarian looked at each other and were on the same page. they sent Tajiri to the ropes he tried the springboard back elbow but as he was coming back to elbow them they caught him with a belly to back suplex. They pick him back up and throw him out. In comes entrant 10 Jerelle Clark he and Sonjay double dropkick Kazarian and Michael Shane, both stagger toward the ropes where Funaki tries a double clothesline but both duck and superkick Funaki out of the ring. In comes number 11 Shannon Moore who tries a head scissors on Michael Shane but get caught and gets slammed face first into the canvas. Sonjay comes to help Shannon he clotheslines Michael and Dropkicks Kazarian. Shannon gets up and moboth try huricanrans, but get caught and both kazarian and Michael powerbomb Shannon and Sonjay out of the ring. Now in the ring is Kazarian, Michael Shane, Jerelle Clark and number 12 Akio. Akio goes away with chops to both Kazarian and Michael. He hits Michael with a hard roundhouse kick and Kazarian with a thrust kick. He puts them both into the corner and does the moonsault kick to Michael who falls out of the corner, Jerelle comes running but Akio jumps up and hurricanranas him out of the ring. Entrant 13 is Shocker who comes in and hits a springboard spinning wheel kick to Shane and Kazarian, he hits Akio with the Yakuza kick knocking hm out of the ring.he suplexes Kazarian then goes and hits Michael with a drop toe hold he goes up to the top rope backwards, but Tracy gets on the apron distracting him. Michael Shane gets up and goes for the powerbomb off the turnbuckle but Shocker starts punching him. They go toward the ropes and kazarian tries to dump over Shocker but when he does Shocker takes Michael Shane with him. Michael is in the ring alone when out comes number 14 The Hurricane who comes in with right hand after right hand he runs to the ropes comes back hits the Hurricane blow he wants Michael to get up when he does Hurricane kicks him in the gut then hits a swinging nceckbreaker. He sends him to the corner goes for the monkey flip but Michael lands on his feet. He runs behind Hurricane and hits a german suplex. In comes number 15 Petey Williams. He and Michael clothesline Hurricane, but he ducks slides under the ropes and trips up Michael and Petey he hits them with a springboard dropkick they get up Hurricane runs and trys a crossbody block but gets caught by Michaels who tosses him out. In comes 16 Nunzio who hits Michael with the front dropkick from the second rope Petey kicks him in the gut and hits the Canadian Destroyer. Then Nunzio tosses Michaels Shane out. He trys to clothesline Petey out but Petey ducks and backdrops Nunzio out of the ring. In comes 17 Zach Gowen as he makes his way to the ring Petey is in the ring laughing at him which gets him mad he takes his leg off and throws it at Petey. Zach goes to the top rope and hits a missle dropkick Petey catches him coming down and puts him in the ankle lock. He then ties him in the ropes and starts kicking away at the leg he goes to get a chair when 17 comes out it's Chris Sabin. Petey raises the chair up to hit Zach when sabin hits a Springboard Dropkick knocking the chair into Petey's face he enziguri's Petey on the chair then he sets him up for the cradle chock and throws him out. Zach and Sabin now are going to work together against number 18 Elix Skipper Skipper leapfrogs Sabin and hits Zach with a springboard clothesline. Turns around to Sabin hits him with forearms goes to the ropes comes back and hits a bulldog on Zach. He goes to the top but Sabin cuts him off with a shot to the head they both go to the top rope Sabin superplexes Skipper while Zach powerbomb's Sabin this leaves an opening for number 19 Juventud Guerrera. Now in the ring are Juventud, Sabin, Skipper, and Zach. Juvi comes in and throws Zach out of the ring. Skipper straddles Juvi across the top rope and goes for the walk the rope, but he slips and Sabin dropkicks Skipper out of the ring. The final 20 entrant is Paul London he runs and dropsaults Juvi out of the ring. The final two are Chris Sabin and Paul London. They back into respective corners then they tie up Sabin sends London to the ropes he comes back with a head scissors but gets caught and Sabin throws him across the ropes London grabs him and tries to throw him over but they both land on the apron. They go at it back and forth with fists. Sabin goes behind London and tries for a german suplex he can't do that so he jumps over London back into the ring spins around and hits a mule kick eliminating Paul London.

Winner and the first ever Cruiser X Champion Chris Sabin.

Back in Paul Heyman's office we can see he is talking to someone he says well are you ready for tonight. The person says yeah i'm ready Heyman says great people are going to be so shocked when you walk out for that cage match.

We cut to Tenay and West they say that you can catch RDW at one of our five locations we will be alternating week from week. The RDW Aylum in Nashville, TN The Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, The Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida , The old ECW arena Philladelphia, PA and the Anderson Civic Center in Anderson S.C.

match # 3 second match of the quarterfinals to the RDW tag team championship tournament (Bobby Roode and A-1w/ Scoot Da More v.s. Bashams)

On their way to the ring the Bashams get attacked from behind by A-1 and Roode which lets them get an advantage they fought out of the ring A-1 sent doug into the guardrail with brute force while Roode fought Danny in the ring he sent Danny into the turnbuckle and followed him in but got a boot in the face for it, Danny hit a clothesline out of the corner Then went to help Doug The Bashams sent A-1 into the railng this time so hard he flipped into the crowd. The Bashams went back into the ring to get Roode. They sent him into the ropes when he came back they hit a double front slam. Damore got on the apron while A-1 got the flag. Roode held Doug while A-1 went to hit him, but Doug ducked and A-1 hit Roode. Doug hit the Brain Damage then knocked Damore off the apron Danny got in the ring and the Bashams hit the clothesline/leg sweep combo. They covered A-1. 123

The winners to advance to the next round The Bashams

The ring crew starts setting up the stuff for the Ultimate X challenge for the pure technician championship. We then see a video highlighting the careers of the participants in the match.

Justin Roberts announces the rules for the match

match # 4 Ultimate X challenge for the pure technician championship (Chris Benoit v.s. Charlie Haas v.s."The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels v.s. Rob Van Dam)

The match starts out with a tag team match Chris Benoit and Charlie Hass v.s. Christopher Daniels and Rob Van Dam

Haas and Daniels start the match they tie up, then Haas arm wrenches Daniels leading to shoulders to the arm, he goes and tags Benoit while still holding the arm Benoit comes down with an elbow to the arm. He takes Daniels to the canvas and puts him in an armbar. Daniels finally starts to try and get up and hits Benoit in the gut a few times. Then he sends him into the turnbuckle and tags in RVD. RVD goes at Benoit with stiff forearms sends Haas into the ropes leapfrogs Haas when Haas comes back RVD hits a arm drag then Haas arm drags RVD. RVD leg sweeps Haas misses the flipping leg drop. They both stand up to a round of applause then they back off into their respective corners then go into a tie up Haas headlocks RVD but he pushes him off into his corner where he gets a shot form Benoit. Haas turns around and RVD hits the feint wheel kick. Haas tags in Benoit who goes up for the diving headbutt. Then covers Haas fore the 1 2 3. The Match is now a triple threat match. All three men go into a triple tieup they all start chopping each other Benoit chops Daniels, Daniels chops RVD, RVD chops Daniels. RVD sends Daniels to the ropes and Benoit sends RVD right behind him they hit heads and Benoit hits RVD with a dragon suplex which gets a two count.Daniels hits a slingshot legdrop on Benoit. Daniels puts Benoit on the top rope setting up for a german suplex then RVD joins them for a double german suplex. All three are layed out. RVD gets up first Benoit next. Benoit chops RVD in the corner then Daniels comes up and gives Benoit a stiff shot then sends him to the other corner. Daniels sends RVD into Benoit who monkey flips him. Benoit lands on his feet and Daniels hits a STO on Benoit. He knocks RVD out of the ring He goes up and hits the BME on Benoit for the 1 2 3. We will now go to the Ultimate X Match to determine the first ever pure technician champion. RVD gets back into the ring stares Daniels down. Daniels starts trash talking RVD then he slaps RVD. RVD turned away and then let in on Daniels with heavy forearms. Sends Daniels to the turnbuckle so hard he falls to his knees RVD runs and uses Daniels as a springboard and jumps onto the wires to go for the title. Daniels gets up and RVD hurricanranas Daniels from the wires. He then tries to go up again but Daniels grabs his foot. RVD tries to kick him off but Daniels jumps up and grabs RVD down from the wires. RVD lands on his feet and Daniels kicks him in the gut and then hits the Angel's Wings and goes for the title but somehow RVD gets up seeing this Daniels jumps of for an attempted hurricanrana but RVD reverses it into a powerbomb.RVD goes up to the wires and to make sure Daniels was down he tried a moonsault but Daniels moved. Daniels picked RVD up and then he hit the last rights. Went up and got the title for the win.

Winner and the first ever RDPW pure technician champion "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

We now go back to the back as we see Heyman walking down the hall he runs into Trish Stratus who said she needed to talk to him in private so they step into a conference room and close the door. Then the next thing we hear is alot of ruckus. Tenay and West say they will try to get cameras in there but until then we have to go to the next match.

match # 5 match 3 in the quarterfinals to the RDPW tag team championship tournament (Ron "The Truth" Killings and Konnan v.s. MNM)

The match starts with Konnan doing his ring promo followed by Ron Killings telling Melina she would be better coming with him and K-Dawg because these guys ain't men they're just boys. With that said MNM is furious they charge at Killings and Konnan. They throw Konnan put of the ring so they could hit a double armdrag on killings followed by a double elbow drop. Then Konnan and Mercury get in their corners menaing Killings and Nitro will start this match. They start with hard shots back and forth until Killings knocks down Nitro with a left hand. Nitro crawls over to his corner and tags in Mercury. Mercury comes in and sends Killings to the ropes Killings comes back with a twisting lariat. He nips up and tags in Konnan. At this time we are shown a split scrren showing the conference room and we see Heyman has been attacked Konnan with two shots to Mercury sends Mercury to the ropes and hits him with the rolling thunder clothesline. He sends Mercury into the turnbuckle and beats him all the way down to the canvas. He pulls him back to his corner tags Killings back in. Konnan and Killings do the double wavy arm punch. Killings sends him to the ropes Mercury comes back with a high knee to the face, he then tags in Nitro. They look to do a double backdop to Killings, but when they put their heads down Killings kicks Mercury and neckbreakers Nitro. Konnan now comes in the ring as all four men are now in the ring. Konnan sends Mercury to the turnbuckle he then takes his shoe off and throws it at him. Then he clotheslines him out of the ring. Meanwhile Killings get sent to the turnbuckle and Nitro charges at him he leapfrogs Nitro and does a back flip. Melina now gets on the apron ,but Konnan now comes around and pulls her down While all this is going on the referee is distracted so MNM try the snapshot, but Killings ddt's Nitro and clotheslines Mercury out of the ring. He goes for the scissor kick , but Nitro raises up and hits him with the chair. Mercury gets back in MNM gives Killings the Snapshot and cover him for the win. After the match Melina throws the shoe at Konnan. And she gets on the mic and asks Killings and Konnan who are the men and who are the boys now.

Winners to advance to the next round MNM

We now go to the back where we see Paul Heyman being carried away on a strecher. Meanwhile in the background we see Trish laughing and a hooded man who we cannot tell who it is.

The ring crew is setting up the barbed wire

We see some man walk buy, but the camera only catches his feet as the camera pans up we see Stacy Keibler and Christy Hemme say no way it can't be

match # 6 Four way elimination barbed wire match for the RDPW hardcore championship (Abyss v.s. Monty Brown v.s. Tyson Tomko v.s. Matt Morgan)

Prior to the match Abyss sets up a table with thumb tacks on it. All four men just go at it Abyss sends Morgan to the tunbuckle as he goes he tries to avoid running into the barbed wire then Abyss charges him but he moves. Then he scrapes Abyss's midsection across the barbedwire. Tomko sends Montyt through the middle rope cutting Monty all to piesces he picks him up and rakes his face across it. Abyss now takes Morgan runs him into each side of the barbed wire cutting him up he rips some of the barbed wire off and puts it in the ring he then sends Morgan to the ropes and hits the Blackhole Slam on the barbed wire he covered Morgan and got a 3 count. Tomko tries to big boot Monty, but Monty ducks and Tomko straddles the barbed wire he pulls him back in the ring he got Abyss to hold him he then ran to the ropes and Pounced Tomko onto the barbed wire. He covered him for the three. Monty and Abyss went at it slugging it out Abyss sent Monty into the ropes and hit him with the big boot. He then took the barbed wire he had in the ring outside and rapped it around the table he then went to look under the ring and got a gasoline can hepoored this all over the table then he took a lighter and set it on fire he went back into the ring where Monty hit him with a low blow. Abyss went down Monty went toward the table and was going to pounce Abyss off the apron through the table but Abyss hit the Blackhole Slam. Abyss then took Monty and Chokeslammed him through the table. After the match medics and officals came out with fire extinguishers to put the fire out they then attempted to untangle Monty from the Barbed Wire. The fans are crazy chanting This is awesome this is awesome. They put Monty on the stretcher and carried him to the back ,but he got off the table and wanted to walk he walked down the aisle to the chants of he's hardcore.

winner and the first ever RDPW hardcore champion "The Monster" Abyss

while waiting on them to get the ring cleared up Tenay and West tell us next week we will have Trinity v.s. Victoria for the RDPW women's championship, The semifinals to the RDPW tag team championship tournament, A interview with the winner of tonights RDPW asylum match for the RDPW world heavyweight championship, and much much more.

match # 7 final quarterfinal match in the (The Naturals v.s. America's Most Wanted)

Prior to this match they show a video highlighting the great matches and moments from this very competitive feud.

James Storm and Chase Stevens start off the match they tie up Stevens goes changes into a hammerlock on Storm, Storm switches around behind Stevens into a headlock, Stevens pushes him off to the ropes and Stevens goes down to the canvas before he can get back up Storm comes back form the ropes and hits a legdrop on the neck of Stevens, Storm tags in Harris. Who sends Stevens into the ropes and backbody drops him. Harris puts Stevens in a delayed vertical suplex. Harris then tags Storm back in and Harris kicks Stevens in the gut after that Storm hits a swinging neckbreaker. He covers him for a 2 count . Stevens gets up and starts to fight back he hits Storm with a clothesline then he tags in Andy Douglas they double choke Storm in the corner. Douglas goes to the other side of the ring distracting the referee leaving an opening for Stevens to choke Storm, but Storm pulls Stevens's hand away from his throat and knocks him off the apron. Storm goes after Douglas , but he sees him coming and hits him with a back elbow. Douglas connects with a DDT ,but only gets a two Stevens comes in the ring and so does Harris Storm knocks Stevens out of the ring and Harris hits a spear on Douglas. Storm launches Harris over the ropes onto Stevens. When Douglas gets up Storm goes for a superkick but Douglas ducks and hits him with a low blow Stevens gets back in the ring and they hit the Natural Disaster on Storm ,but before they get a three Harris breaks it up he then backdrops Stevens over the top rope. They hit the death sentence on Douglas for the three count and the win.

Winners and advance to next round America's Most Wanted

As they go to set up the cage Tenay and West show us the brackets for next week in the tournament AJ STYLES and JEFF HARDY faces The BASHAM BROTHERS plus MNM will take on America's most wanted. the winners of these two matches will face each other in two weeks.

Justin Roberts asks to please welcome the man who will be doing our main event match ring introductions none other than Michaeld Buffer.

Michaels tells us the rules of the match and says it's great to be back on TV now he goes to what he does best "Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for the main event of the evening are you ready I said are you rrrrrrrrrrrrready for the thousands in attendance aand the millions watching around the world ladies and gemtlemen lllllllllllets get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmble. The RDPW music hits and Buffer announces the participants which include Raven, Sandman, The Outlaw, Gangrel, Steven Richards, Viscera, Mark Jindrak, Sabu, Lance Hoyt, Sean Waltman, Saturn, Dean Malenko, Chris Jericho, Val Venis, Bubba Ray Dudley, D-von Dudley, Mikey Whipwreck, CM Punk, Christian, Shane Douglas, Hardcore Holly, Rene Dupree, William Regal, Rhyno, Tommy Dreamer, Tazz , Jutin Credible, Lance Storm, and Test

match # 8 Asylum match for the RDPW World Heavyweight championship
We start the match with everybody hitting everybody the first 5 people to escape are Dreamer, Rhyno, Sandman, and The Dudleys all of which came in with their own singapore canes and cained the shit out of everybody. Mikey Whipwreck tells Sinister Minister to set up a table in the ring. Now there is a table and 5 singapore canes.
Shane Douglas tells Francine to get a ladder she puts the ladder in the cage shane climbs up after him is Justin Credible, Lance Storm, Val , and Lance Hoyt. Hardcore grabs the ladder puts it on his head and swung around knocking dwon everybody except for Sabu who jumps of the turnbuckle and lands on the ladder.
Now after 10 more people get eliminated the ones left in the ring will be eliminated. Viscera puts Raven and Gangrel on his shoulder and all three climb out.
Tazz hit a t-bone suplex on Punk on to the cage. Everyone is now busted open. The outlaw hits the fame asser on a trash can brought in by BIll ALfonso. Dean Malenko team up with Saturn and help each other climb out. Hardcore slams Whipwreck through the table and climbs out Sabu, Test , and Jericho climb out next. Brock is the last one to escape in round one. We now go to round 2

Round 2 featuring Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno, Sandman, Bubba Dudley, D-von Dudley, Shane Douglas, Justin Credible, Lance Storm, Val Venis, Lance Hoyt, Viscera, Gangrel, Raven, Dean malenko, Saturn, Hardcore Holly, Sabu, Test, Chris Jericho, and Brock Lesnar.

Round 2 starts off with everyone surrounding Brock they all charge at him at one time they hit him with canes and trash cans till finally he is knocked out, then they go at each other Alfonso, Francine and Beulah all set up tables Tommy drives Val through a table, Shane Douglas slammed Gangrel through a table, and Sabu threw test through a table all three get out. Raven throws Hardcore into the cage repeatedly then he DDT's eveyone and climbs out. Rhyno gores Saturn and Jericho follows that up with a moonsault they then both get out. Brock hits Viscera with an F-5 then went to get out but as he was climbing out Bubba Dudley put him in the powerbomb position then D-von jumped off the top rope with a clothesline. The 3D Brock and climb out. Sandman climbs out with them. Brock hits everyone with canes and climbs out but Lance Hoyt hit a splash mountian bomb off the cage. Lance storm hits everybody with superkicks and then he gets out. We are now ready for the final round where the only wayyou can be eliminated is to be pinned or tap out.

3rd and Final Round featuring Tommy Dreamer, Shane Douglas, Sabu, Raven, Rhyno, Jericho, Bubba Ray Dudley, D-von Dudley, Lance Storm, and Sandman

Before the 10 left got in the ring they all brought a weapon of their choice. Tommy brought a singapore cane, Shane Douglas brought a chair, sabu brought another chair, raven brought a trash can, Rhyno brought a stapler, Jericho brought brass knuckles, The Dudleys brought a table, Storm brought a cheese grader, and Sandman brought another singapore cane.They all surrounded the ring Sandman started by hitting everybody except Tommy with the cane. Sabu threw the chair at Rhino Storm is grinding away at Douglas with the cheees grader. The Dudleys set up a table and 3D Jericho for the 3 count. Raven hits a drop toe hold on Tommy with the chair in place Rhyno set up a table and he put Lance Storm on the table. Sabu set up a chair and done a triple jump moonsault onto Lance for the 3 count. sabu jumps out of the ring and looks under the ring for barbed wire he wraps the barbed wire on the ropes and throws Sandman in it he then takes Tommy and rubs his face across it. Then he took it off the ropes and layed it in the middle of the ring for a DDT on D-von to eliminate him. Tommy goes and gets 10 tables and sets them up in the ring. He sets one table up and puts Raven on it then the sets up another on top of that and sits Bubba Dudley on it SAbu goes to the top of the cage with a chair in hand and goes through both tables with the Arabian Facebuster. Tommy pins Raven and sandman pins Bubba for the 3. Tommy fights off with Douglas Shane hits Tommy with a chair. Rhyno and Sabu went up the cage on oppisite sides Sandman set up two tables he powerbomed rhyno and Tommy attempted to powerbomb Sabu, but Sabu reversed it into a huricanrana. Both get pinned Sabu kicks out and Rhino gets pinned for the 3 count. We are now down to the final four Tommy Dreamer, Shane Douglas, Sabu, and The Sandman. They do a quadruple tie up and started hittling each other they all grab a chair and swing at each other. Sabu drops his chair and hits Sandman with a dropkick to the chair. knocking Sandman out Tommy goes up and hits a legdrop on Sandman for the 3. Tommy slams Sabu's head on a table then Sabu returns the favor Shane Douglas hits them with the caneand lays them on the table goes to the top og the cage for a splash but they move and he is knocked out and gets pinned for the 3 count. It's down to Sabu and Tommy Dreamer to decide the first ever RDPW haevyweight champion. Sabu runs to the ropes and hits a spinning wheel kick Tommy goes down he runs and hits a moonsault he takes a chair and puts it in the middle of the ring he then puts Tommy in between the cage and the ropes runs up the chair and hits a flying leg lariat. He covers Tommy, but he kicks out. Then he sets up the last table vertically against the cage he puts Tommy on it stands him up goes up the cage and DDT's him through the table pins him but some how tommy gets up Sabu takes Tommy up the top of the cage sets him up like a powerbomb,but Tommy reverses it into a Dreamer Driver for a 3 count.

Winner and the first ever RDPW Haevyweight Champion TOMMY DREAMER

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Alright show. 30 people asylum match was a good idea but for 30 pep0ople the match should have been 400 words more! Interesteing storylines! Use bold and colours to improve your writing...Good Luck
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