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Same as after Wrestlemania 21

Batista vs. John Cena at Backlash to see who is undisputed champion
U.S. Champion- Orlando Jordan
Cruiserweight Champion- Paul London
Eddie & Rey vs. Regal & Tajiri to see who are tag champions
Intercontinental Champion- Shelton Benjamin
Instead of womens title hardcore title wich will also be decided at Backlash in a 15-Man Hardcore Battle Royal

May 1- Backlash
June 12- King of the Ring
July 24- The Great American Bash
August 21- Summerslam
September 18- Unforgiven
October 11- Taboo Tuesday
November 27- Survivor Series
December 18- Armageddon

Also, at Backlash, if John Cena wins, Eric Bischoff is fired, and if Batista wins, Teddy Long is fired, this way there can be one GM

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I'll just do a quick review of what happened from April 4-May 1.

Rawdown Apr. 4-May 1
Chris Jericho gets his rematch that he never had for the I.C. Title at Backlash

Orton turns face and teams up with John Cena

Triple H and JBL start a fued leading to the two having a #1 Contenders match at Backlash for an undisputed title shot at Kiof the Ring

OJ cheats several times to regain the U.S champion but Orton challenges him at Backlash

Edge will take on Chris Benoit in a money in the bank ladder match at Backlash since Edge used a steel chair at WM wich the contract said you could not

Backlash May 1

Benoit def. Edge in MITB Ladder Match

Randy Orton def. OJ to become NEW U.S. champion

Triple H. def. JBL

Chris Jericho def. Shelton to become NEW I.C. champion

Undertaker won the Hardcore Championship after pinning Kurt Angle at the last second

Regal and Tajiri win the Tag Titles and after the match Eddie blames Rey and they begin to brawl

Batista def. Cena to become Undisputed Champion and Teddy Long is FIRED!

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Rawdown 5-2-2005

Batista's music hits and the crowd goes wild. He gets into the ring and grabs a mic.

Batista: Last night I successfuly defeated John Cena...

Cena's music hits. The crowd also goes wild. He grabs a mic.

Cena: Listen Batista, I have a lot of respect for you, but the thing is, I want my rematch at King of the Ring.

Chris Benoit's music hits. He makes his way to the ring with his breifcase.

Benoit: Right here, I have a contract that says I can have a title shot anytime in the next year, and I want my match at King of...

Triple H's music hits as he makes his way to the ring.

Triple H: I don't know what you two are talking about, because i'm the #1 Contender at King...

Eric Bischoff's music hits as he makes his way to the ring.

EB: June 12th, King of the Ring, it's gonna be Batista, vs. John Cena, vs. Chris Benoit, vs. Triple H, for the WWE Undisputed Championship!!! And tonight, it will be Batista vs. Chris Benoit, and next week, John Cena vs. Triple H!


Match #1 (U.S. Title)
Randy Orton (c) vs. Orlando Jordan

Finish: Bashams try to interfere, but Randy's buddy John Cena, takes them out. Orton RKOs Jordan and picks up the three to retain. Orton leaves with Cena, but are attacked by Muhammed Hassan and Khosrow Daivari.
Winner: Randy Orton

Kane preparing for his match up next.


Match #2- King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Kane vs. Christian

Finish: Kane crushes Christian doing 4 Chokeslams and finishing it off with a tombstone.
Winner: Kane

Edge talks backstage about once again being screwed out of the title when Bischoff interupts and says his opponent in KOTR will be Kane. Edge is irate.


Match #3 (Intercontinental Title)
Chris Jericho (c) vs. Rey Mesterio

Finish: Rey hits the 619 and looks set to win it, but as he goes for the West Coast Pop, Eddie interferes and knocks Rey down when the ref is'nt looking and Jericho locks in the Walls forcing Rey to tap. Afterwards, Eddie is laughing.
Winner: Chris Jericho

Kurt Angle is shown making his way to the ring.


Kurt Angle comes to the ring and grabs a mic.

Kurt Angle: Last night, at Backlash, I was pinned by The Undertaker at the last second. If that didn't happen I would be in this ring as your Hardcore Champion.

The lights go off and then they turn back on as Kurt angle is scared to death and runs through the crowd.

Match #4
Big Show vs. Heidenrich

Finish: Show is dominent through nearly all of the match and picks up the chokeslam for the victory.
Winner: Big Show

Carlito runs down to the ring and attacks Show with his back turned. Carlito spits in his face and leaves.


Match #5
Batista vs. Chris Benoit

Finish: Chris Benoit hits the diving headbutt. He then locks in the Crippler Crossface. Batista looks set to tap but picks Benoit up while he has the Crossface in the air still and Batista hits the Spinebuster. Thumbs up, thumbs down, Batista Bomb. 1...2...3.
Winner: Batista

After the match Triple H and John Cena come out to the ring. All the men brawl and Batista ends up coming on top.

Well that was my first show and dont worry they will get better. Please tell me what you thought.

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Hmm... i hope you do improve, ... you need to work on your promos, but so do i, so, yeah....and you need colour.

Also, i like to write out matches, but whatever its still cool.

Bringing back King of the Ring is cool, so thats a positive.

And hey, plz reply to my shows - RAW BY POWERMAN5K

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i will improve, this is my first BTB so please review some more and I will post the next show soon

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The show needs some work on promos/matches. I have no doubt it will improve, as when I used to write for BTB, my first show was filled with commercial breaks & contained NO promos. My second show was greatly improved & I actually recieved the "Most Valuble Writer" & the "Best Newcomer" awards later that month. So...With some improvement this show could become a main BTB attraction.

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Opening Promo – Very bad, one line each? Terrible, needs MAJOR improving

Orton vs. Jordan – Would be a decent match but I’m not keen on Orton as US Champion as I think it’s a step down for him.

Kane vs. Christian – Terrible again, 4 chokeslams and a tombstone? Squashing Christian, it’s a joke

Jericho vs. Rey – Would be a good match, Eddie attacking Rey setting up a feud, glad u got that part right

Angle interview – another bad segment, you need to work on these

Show vs. Heidenreich – Pointless match?

Batista vs. Benoit – Nothing wrong here, puts Batista over as a dominant champion

Realism – Only two things where done right here so for me, the rest was pretty bad 2/10

Length – No way did that fill up a two hour Raw show not enough segments and the ones that were there weren’t long, matches however were ok – 1/10

Quality/Entertainment I feel sorry for you here, there was nothing good really so it’s going to have to get a 0/10

Spelling/Grammar A few things spelt wrong, like Rey Mysterio and Heidenreich for example – 5/10

Matches/Booking Some things were unrealistic and the show wasn’t booked very well however there is potential here 3/10

Overall: 22/100

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Realism: 3/10

Length: It would help if you made it longer because a 2 line match isn't really exciting 3/10

Quality/Entertainment : I will have to agree with the main event here nothing that exciting 0/10

Spelling/Grammar : A few mistakes here and there but alright 7/10

Show/Booking i didn't like the fact you made Kane squash Christian and a pointless match Big show squashing Heidenreich again like the main event said . 5/10


I wouldn't worry because the first show is usually hard in most cases including mine and i do see you improving
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