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the pyros explode and vince mcmahons music hits! he walks down the ramp and into the ring as he grabs a mic!
vince: welcome to the first ever raw! tonight will be very special! we will find out who faces what smackdown superstar at no way out for the undisputed title! and that will be decided in a four corners match of shawn michaels angle austin and undertaker! the first match of the year is going to be booker t vs benoit for the IC title!
just then shane mcmahons music hits and out walks shane and stephanie! shane walks in the ring with papers! he grabs a mic and he says
shane: vince... me and stephanie bought smackdown from linda! she does the storylines and i make the matches!
vince: tonight i made a partner with a man... a man of intelligence.. a man woh knows how to run a business!
just then mick foleys music hits and he says mick u make the matches and i deal with the storylines!
with that everyone gets out of the ring! and they all go backstage!we go to commercial and the first match is

IC title: benoit vs booker t
very good solid match! at the end nash comes out and helps booker t! nash hits the powerbomb on benoit and booker t gives benoit the bookend and the 1-2-3! nash then comes back in the ring and gives benoit the big boot! and booker t gives benoit the scissors kick!

jamal and rosie vs kane and bubba
very good match! kane and bubba r on the ground and jamal and rosie go for the big splashes but they both move! bubba hits the bubbabomb as kane hits the chokeslam for the win and the 1-2-3!

we see vince in the back on the phone... he says ok so your gonna be here in 5 minutes? ill be in the parking lot waiting for you!

victoria vs trish
very solid match! trish hits the hurricarana for the win! after the match victoria throws trish into the steel stairs and pushes her into the ring post as she leaves!

we see vince in the back and getting into the limo!

#1 contender for undisputed title: angle vs michales vs austin vs undertaker
very good match! at the end some1 masked comes in the ring and helps undertaker! kane comes down also! kane gives the chokeslam to austin! the maked man gives michaels a shot to the head with a chair and undertaker gives angle the last ride! and he gets the 1-2-3! just then the masked man reveals himself and it is..... we go to a break! we come back and its hogan in the ring! just then the ministry symbol comes down! and they place ausin on it! austin goes up! but then hogan turns on them and he hits undertaker with a big boot! kane comes and misses and he gives kane the big boot and he gives them both the leg drop and the show ends
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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