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Preview of last week
Last week, after stone cold steve austin and scott stiener beat the crap out of evolution, bichoff announced he traded stiener. vince mcmahon gave bichoff an extension to improve raw, knowing bichoff would make an impact

"move to the music" hits as Raw starts of in Madison square garden with pyro coming from around the ring. Bichoff comes out to the ring with "i'm back."

Bichoff: welcome to raw, in MSG (crowd boos) as you know, i traded stiener smackdown for a man that is young and talented. you might think i was ripped off, but you are wrong; believe me. anyways, tonight, we will have an 8 man tag match, between evolution's own batitsta, Randy Orton, and the game, HHH, along with a mystery partner. versus, goldust, kane, RVD, and a partner of their choosing. also, next, we have a bra and panties match between trish and victoria.


Backstage, christian pciks up his ringing cellphone.

Christian: grandma, is that you?

Jericho: No you assclown, it's me, Jericho. i can't make it tonight for our tag match against regal and storm, so you will have to find a new partner.

the phone disconnects.

Trish gets ready for her lingerie match.

Christian storms to Bichoff's office. he demands to postpone his match, but bichoff refuses, making it a ladder match. christian walks into a locker room, and asks a mystery man to be his partner. he accepts.


Match 1 - Trish vs victoria, lingerie for the womens title
both trish and victoria enter the ring. the match goes on with spears and punches. one time, the referee, earl hebner gets caught in the catfight. out of nowhere, trish strips victoria into her panties. moments later, victoria strips trish's bra off. it turns into a wrestling match, as trish hits the stratusfaction on victoria. she goes for victoria's shirt when jackie gayda comes out, and hits a piledriver, then taking her shirt off.
winner - victoria


Match 2 - Regal and storm vs christian and.....edge in a ladder tag title match.
Regal and storm come out. followed by christian. then, after a long suspense, Edge's music hits, and he comes out more impartful than usual.
The match is mostly high flying, and all four do various moves off the ladder, and then edge and christian climb up and are inches away from the tag titles, when suddenly, christian hits the reverse ddt off the ladder. lance storm easily grabs the titles and wins.
winner - lance storm and william regal

after the match, bichoff tells edge that he is happy edge is finally on raw, then says that edge's 3 minutes are up. 3 minute warning run into the ring and rosie hits the samoan drop. right after, van dam and kane run out to the rescue.


when raw goes back on the air, christian, lance storm, william regal, and chris jericho enter the ring. they say that they are the unamericans, and now with jericho, they are unstoppable. jericho says that he was always at the arena.

backstage, rob van dam and kane ask edge to be their tag partner for the main event. edge accepts, after, rvd asks kane to meditate with him and kane tells him he is busy. terri walks in and kane and terri make out.


match 3 - bubba dudley vs dlo
both men enter the ring. bubba is accompanied by dvon, and dlo is accompanied by his manager, teddy long, as well as partner mark henry. the match has many distractions by henry and teddy long. bubba ray hits the bubba bomb and tells dvon to get the table. then, when bubba is about to powerbomb dlo thru a table, dvon clubs bubba in the neck, and dlo and dvon suplex bubba thru the table
winner - none

dvon says that just because he is black, he shouldn't get the table. he said that teddy long guaranteed him recognition by joining him.


it is announced that the 8 man tag will be an elimination match.

match 4 - jeff hardy vs hurricane

jeff enters the ring. he goes on about beating everyonme up, and says hurricane is his next target. hurricane enters, giving a 5 year old a plastic mask. the match gets barely any crowd reaction, other than few cheers and boo. jeff wins with the swanton bomb.
winner - jeff

bichoff backstage says that he still has more surprises, especially on the next match.


Match 5 - kevin nash vs nathan jones
kevin nash comes out in red and black, ready to wrestle for the first time since his injury. then, for the first time ever, nathan jones comes out to wrestle.
the match gets very intense between the 2. nash gets the face ovation from the crowd. nash ends the match with the jacknife powerbomb.
winner - kevin nash


match 6 - kane, rvd, goldust, and edge vs evolution and rhyno
first, kane, rvd, goldus, and edge come out. then, evolution, comes out, and rhyno wears an evolution shirt. he gets more boos than ever.
after 10 minutes, the match gets out of control. first, rhyno pins goldust with the gore. minutes later, RVD gets eliminated by batista's powerbomb. then, the wounded edge got eliminated by HHH and the pedigree. it is down to kane vs evolution. kane chokeslams both orton and batista and pins both at the same time. then, kane chokeslams rhyno and pins him. then, it is down to HHH and kane. they fought most of the remainder of the match with punches, but out of nowhere, kane tombstoned HHH for the win
winner - kane, rvd, goldust and edge.

backstage, vince mcmahon comfronts bichoff. he told bichoff what a good job he did, but he'd have to fight shane in a street fight at no way out for full control of raw.

*show goes off the air*

post your responses. this is my first time doing this, so critisize me. i might do this more.
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