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GM: Stephanie McMahon.


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GM: Paul Heyman
Trish Stratus(H)
Miss Jackie(F)
Christy Hemme(F)
Teri Runels(H)

Dawn Marie(H)
Torrie Wilson(F)
Molly Holly(F)
Gail Kim(H)

*Raw kicks off with a blast of fire works, and it's theme.*
JR: Welcome to the new Raw era, tonight some big changes are going to take place!
: You sure are right JR!
*Vince McMahons theme plays*
Vince makes his way to the ring, he takes the mic.
Vince: Tonight we will have a new WWE era, a better era! A new day in McMahons' family, a new day in the WWE family! We will have a World Title Match right here tonight, and it is going to feature Triple H and me! ( fans boo) Also all the divas are fired! We don't need some sluts running around!(fans boo even more). On the other note, you won't see a match, because I will hold all the titles!
JR: What a dirt bastard! New era!?! I think new piece of crap!
King: I agree JR! This stinks!
*All about the money hits*
ShaneOMac comes out a weird look on his face. He is already holding the mic.
JR: That's the chairmans' son!
King: What is he doing here!?!?!
Shane: What the hell are you talking about father?! You damn well know I am taking over!(fans cheer)You know did retire, and there are going to be changes. But first security, get him the hell of you my ring! No hard feelings, right, dad?
Vince: You can't do this to me! I'm Vince Mc.......
Shane interupst.
Shane: I don't care, beacsue I am Shane McMahon damn it! And now it is my WWE!
Security guards were going in Vince's direction, but he started running throught the crowd.
Shane: Yeah, run, run, as far as you can. Run from something I will accomplish, and was your dream!
JR: Oh My God! Shane is going to take over the WWE! We'll see more on this after we come back!
When Raw came back Shane was already in the ring.
Shane: As you know I am the new chairman. And the first thing I will do is make Genereal Managers for MY shows! For Raw, it will be my lovley sister, Stephanie! (fans cheer)
*Stephanies theme hits*
Stephanie McMahon comes out in a ever so lovley red dress. (The fans wistle at her). Stephanie makes her way to the ring, hugs Shane, and gets a mic.
Stephanie: That's right, I am the new GM, and I am going to make my first move right now! Because there might be contact between me, and my hsuband, Triple H, I have to strip you of the Heavy Weight title, and send you to SmackDown!
*It's time to play the Game*
Trips comes out looking pissed, he runs to the ring and is handed a mic.
Trips: What! Raw is going to lose their champ! And what will SmackDown lose?!
Shane: Before you continue, JBL has been striped of the WWE title, and every other superstar has been stripped off of their titles. So, you either accept it, and get out of the ring, or get fired.
Trips: Fine I'll get the hell out of you stupid Raw ring, but it's not the last time you will see me! *(fans boo)

*Time to play the Game*
Triple H walks out of the ring and backstage. He takes one more look at the ring, and fans boo.
JR: OH MY GOD! Everyone stripped of their titles! Triple H going to Smackdown!
King: Triple H is going to SmackDown, the worse brand!
Shane: We also rehired some of the superstars, such as Bret Har( cheers). We bought out some superstars from TNA, and we changed the rosters around. It will all be avalibe soon, at the new WWE website. Anyway, for our second Genereal Manager, the manager of SmackDown! He is one of my best friends, Poul Heyman!
*Paul Heymans theme hits*
Paul comes out smiling to the crowd, who has mixed reaction. He gets into the ring and is handed a mic.
Heyman: Thank you for your decision Shane. I appreciate it. I will also make it my personal best to make SmackDown a Better brand(boos).
Stephanie: A better brand, are you sick, RAW IS THE BEST BRAND. AND WITH ME AS THE GM, YOU DON'T STAND A CHANCE IN HELL!!
Shane: Ok screaming won't rase the ratings, which are money, and as you know it's all about the money(boos). Uhm, and the fans of course(cheers). Now we will have a diva pick, you will pick names from the a bowl. Whichever name is on the piece of papaer, the diva you will have for your brand. Since we're on RAW Stephanie gets the first chance.(cheers).
A sexy blond is bringing a bowl to the ring, she is wearing a short skirt. When she leans down to go to the ring fans wistle when they see her thong. She hands Shane the bowl.
Shane: Ok go Steph.
Stephanie puts her hand into the jar. She gets out a piece of folded paper, unfolds it and reads.
Steph: Dawn Marie! ( some cheers)
Poul Heyman reaches and takes out a folded piece of paper. He smiles.
Heyman: Trish Stratus!!!!!
JR: Oh My God Trish Stratus is going to SmackDown!
King: I'm sure going to miss those puppies JR!

Stephanie doesn't see to care. She reaches and grabs.
Stephanie: Torrie Wilson!(cheers) from the fans.
20 minutes into the show* The picking ended and the results were:
Trish Stratus
Miss Jackie
Christy Hemme
Teri Runels

Dawn Marie
Torrie Wilson
Molly Holly
Gail Kim

Shane: Suprises are not over yet. I will tell you all the belts, and where they are going to go. SmackDown: WWE Title, crusier weight title,tag team titles and the U.S title! Raw: Worl Heavy Weight title, Intercontinental title, Tag team titles! But that's not all, there will be no women's title, and there will be one more title brought back! The HARDCORE TITLE(CHEERS). So tonight it is going to be a supersta of SmackDowns' choice vs. the superstar of Raws' choice. Enjoy!
Shane leaves the ring and so does Heyman, and Stephanie.
King: Why bother, Raw superstar is gonna win anyway.

*Undertakers theme hits, but insead of a blue smoke it is red. The theme doesn't sound the smae either.*
Undertaker comes out, followed by, MASKED KANE!

Lilian Gracia: This contset is scheluded for one fall! And it is a World Tag Team champiosnhip qualifining match. Introducing first, in combined weight of 608 punds, they are the brothers of destruction, KANE AND THE DEADMAN THE UNDERTAKER!
Taker and Kane make their way to the ring as they await for their opponents. (fans cheer).
*Carlitos and Ortons themes comibined hit* They come out looking cokcy, mixed reactions there.
Lilan Garcia: Introducing second, the cool list, Randy Orton, and Cralito Caribean Cool!
Carlito and orton make their way to the ring. Orton and Kane start off the match.
*5 minutes into the match*
Orton kicks Kane to the gut, he tries to go for a DDT, but Kane revarses into a powerslam. Kane goes and tags in Undertaker. Undertaker picks up Orton he grabs him by his hand and hits Carlito with it. Then he throws Orton out of the ring. Carlito is scared, but he gets into the ring, and he tries to spear Taker down. But Taker picks him up and tries the past ride, Carlito gives a few punches to Undertakers head, and Taker goes down. Suddenly Kane interfears with the ref, Taker rools out of the ring, to get a steel chair. Carilto tries to get Kane away. At the same time Orton takes a chair, and hits Undertaker into the skull. Orton rolls him back into the ring, when Kane attacks him witha big boot, the two brawl outside. Carlito is about to go for the cover when taker sits up, bleeding. Carlito is staring at him. Taker stand up and gives Carlito a big Boot. he Irish whipes him to the turnbackle and gives him an old school. Taker picks Carlito up and gives him a tombstone pilerdriver.



JR: The brothers of destruction got their first win in a long, long time!
King: And they are going to the next round of the tournament!

The BOD celebrate their victory as we take it into a comercial break.

We see Gangrel in Stephanies office.
Gangrel: I will be pleased to win the Hardcore title for Raw.
Me too.

JR: So, I guess we know who will be fighting for the Hardcore title in the RAW side!
King: We know the winner.

Chris Benoit is already standing in the ring. He takes a mic and speaks.
Benoit: You know, this is all crap. I should be the one fighting for the Hardcore title. Not some ugly bastar. You know I have been in thie business 19 years! And what do I get? Nothing! One world championship regin, one! You know I thought I would start off with a Hardcore title, and move into bigger things. But what do I have to do! Wrestle in fron of you imbeciles, for nothing!(fans boo).
*Never gonna stop me by Rob Zombie hits*
Edge comes out holding a mic.
Edge: First of all Chris the people are smarter than you, second of all Gangreal is my friend, and he deserves the title. And for the wrestling part, I will kick your ass right now!
JR: Looks like there will be some action!
Edge runs into the ring putting Benoit down with a ctothsline, without even taking his jacket of.
*6 minutes into the match*
Edge has Benoit in a head lock. Benoit tries to get up, and hits Edge into the gut. Then he starts chopping him. Chris Benoit Irish Whipes Edge into the turnbackle. He then runs in his direction, but Edge gives him a big boot to the face. When Benoit turns around Edge goes for the spear, but Benoit gets him in the crossface. Edge gets to the rope.
Benoit breaks it up, He picks Edge up and Irish whips him, then brings him down with another chop. Benoit makes Edge stand up, he kicks him into the gut. Then Benoit goes for the triple suplex, he hits one, then another. Edge blocks on the third one and executes an Edgecutin!Edge doens't cover though, he is loking for the Edgecator! Benoit can't handle it and taps out!

JR: Edge did it, he showed great skill today!
Lilan Garcia: and the winner by submisson, Edge!

Edge smiles as he goes back to the locker room.
JR: Ladies and gentelmen next week we're going to have a 15 man over the top battle royal for the Itercontinental title!
King: That's right!
JR: But tonight we will have our first Worl title qualification macth. It wll feature a legendary superstar.
King: It will also feature Brock Lesnar.

We go backstage where we see Kevin Nash face to face with Big Pappa Pump.
Nash: So you think you're tougher than me!
Pump: Hell yeah, you wanna see for yourself, right now!
Nash: Come one just bring it on!

Stephanie runs in between them.
Steph: No one is fighting, and to make sure that, if you guys fight you will never wear that title. Now next week it will be kevin Nash vs. Scott Stainer, in a street fight!
Lilain Garcia: This match is scheldued for one fall, it is a world title qualifing match! Introducing first from Minnesota, Brock Lesnar.
*Brocks theme plays* Brock Lesnar comes out looking determined. Brock gets into the ring and awaits for his opponent.
*Hogans theme plays*
JR: Is it possible!
We see Hulk Hogan coming out in a yellow shirt as the fans cheer.
Lilan Garcia: and his opponent, HULK HOGAN!
Hulk Hogan enters the ring, and the ref signals the bell.
*7 minutes into the match*
Hogan DDTs Lesnar on the canvas. He goes to the top trunbackle, but lesnar gets up and goes over to the turnbackle at the same time. They start to give right hands to each other. Hogan seems to be winning, he puts Lesnar in a suplex positon and stands up. Hogan goes to the top turnbackle , he tries to superplex Lesnar out of the ring! But Lesnar fights back, and he makes Hogan sit up again. Then it looks like Lesnar is going for the superplex, but he quickly puts Hogan on his shoulders, and executes an F5 from the top turnbackle. Lesnar crawls for the cover.



Lilan Garcia:The winner Brock Lesnar!
Even thought the macth was over Lesnar wen and took a sledge hammer. He awaited for Hogan to get up. When Hogan got up Lesnar ran at him trying to hit him. But Hogan dodged and he put his leg out when Lesnar was running, cousing him to trip. Hogan then turned Lesnar onto his back. Lesnar was bleeding because when he tripped the hammer hit him in the face, he was unconcious. Hogan started tounting to the crowd, then he went for the leg drop! Hogan got up from the leg drop and left the ring.
JR: What an amazing return!
He screwed Lesnar!
JR: We will have our main even when we come back!
JR: Welcome back we are just moments away from the main event!
King: We sure are!

We go backstage as we see Luna and Gangrel together. Luna is looking ugly.
Gangrel: It is to dangerouse for you to go out there with me.
Luna: But I have to, you're my husband.
Gangrel: It doesn't matter, look no matter what happens I'll come back, besides I have a trick up my sleeve if anything dirty happens.
Luna: Ok, but be careful.
Gangrel: I will hun, no worries.

Gangrel gets up and walks into the ring.
*Gangrels theme*
Gangrel comes out, and he spits out wine as usual. Then he hsows his teeth to the crowd who cheers.
Lila Garcia: This match is scheldued for one fall, and it is for the Hardcore title. welcome first, Gangrel!
The refferee comes by Lilan, he whispers into her ear.
Lilan Garcia: And hi opponent, Test!
*This is the Test*
Test comes out smiling, Gangrel doesn't look intimtated by him. Before Test enters the ring, he goes under the ring and takes out the sledge hammer.The fans boo him.
Test goes to hit Gangrel with the hammer, but Gangrel dodges. He then smashes both of his fists against Tests, who is slightly moved. Test is a way bigger than Gangrel, and he is stronger.

*5 minutes into the match*
Test is holding a steel chair. Gangrel is down from the clothsline. When Test tries to hit Gangrel with the chair, Gangrel leans down and low blows Test. Test drops the chair, and you can see tears in his eyes. Suddenly the crowd starts to boo when HHH comes down to the ring with a hammer. Gangrel cannot see him, and when he turns around, Gangrel is knocked out to the mat. Gangrel is now cut open. Edge comes down to the ring and he is ready for a spear. HHH is taunting to the crowd, and when he turns around he gets spered. The fans start to cheer. Edge is about to get out of the ring when benoit comes down to the ring. He has a steel chair, and he knowcks Edge out cold. It is when Christian shows up with a pack of tumbtacks. He opens them, and throws all of them at onces at Benoit. Benoit is now screaming in pain. He rolls out of the ring and runs around screaming some more. Test takes the time, and he takes the steel steps. He comes back to the ring, and hits Christian with the steps. Test looks around to find Gangrel, but Gangrel is no where to be found. Then we see Gangrel from behind puttting the garbage can on Test! Test doesn't know what's going on, and Gangrel quickly takes a chair, and hits the garbage can that's still on Test with it. Test falls down onto the canvas, and Gangrel takes the garbage can of. Gangrel makes test stand up, Chis Benoit, HHH, Edge and Christian are also up already. Gangrel goes for the Unprettier on Test, Edge for the Impaler on Benoit. And Christian for the Unprettier on HHH. All of them hit the finishers at the same time as Luna comes to the ring. Gangrel goes for the cover.



Lilan Garcia: And the winner, and the new Hardcore champion, Gangrel!
JR: Oh My God! Hardcore champion on Raw, but on what cost!!
King: Who cares he won!
Edge and Christian hold Gangrel up, as the fans cheer. Luna is holding Gangrels one hand, as he holds the title in the other.
JR: It looks like the Brood has rejoined!
King: Yes, that's great!

The Brood celebrates as Raw fades of the air.


Don't Call it a Comeback
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It was pretty good overall.

I didnt like the opening segment with Vince, little too over the top.

Im kinda surprized Gangrel vs Test was the Main Event.

Its cool to see Undertaker and Kane back together. Kane wearing a mask again...its your BTB.

BTB Hall of Famer
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-Putting a line between each new section (ie Jim Ross's commentary on one line, and then Jerry Lawler's commentary on another line.
-The McMahon promo at the start of the show in my opinion was over the top.
-Vince McMahon retiring.
-Not typing people's names out in full.
-Bringing back the Hardcore Title. This however might change, depending on how the title is used.
-Brothers of Destruction returning.
-Some typing errors through out.
-Some people, such as Gangrel and Stephanie, seemed to be out of character.
-The return of the Brood.

-Using bold and italics.
-Using Stephanie McMahon and Paul Heyman as the General Managers. Shame that Eric Bischoff isn't a General Manager though.
-Return of superstars like Luna, Gangrel and others.
-Chris Benoit as a heel.
-Having Gangrel versus Test as the main event, as it's something different.

Overall: I think the show was good, but certainly could be improved a bit. Most of the negatives are my opinion, and not necessarily what I thought could be improved.


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hey O&M if u wanna u can cum and do smackdown on mi thread.Ur style seems to fit into mi picture for what i want smackdown to b lik.
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