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This part is pretty simple. Its just as the WWE is now, except erasw all the storylines. Randy Orton, and Evolution never broke apart, and the two gm's are still squabbling back and forth at eachother. The last meeting at Summerslam, Eric Bischoff told Thedore Long, that he would be suprised if he saw him at Survivor Series, because Smackdowns gms never last that long. What will this meeting have in store? Could it be anyones last appearance? We will have to see what the future brings, because the Rules Have changed!


Monday, November 1/2004 - RAW LIVE - General Motors Place in Vancouver, Canada
Thursday, November 4/2004 - SMACKDOWN LIVE - Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, Canada
Monday, November 8/2004 - RAW LIVE - Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary, Canada
Thursday, November 11/2004 - SMACKDOWN LIVE - Rexall Center in Edmonton, Canada
Monday, November 15/2004 - RAW LIVE - MTS Center in Winnipeg, Canada
Thursday, November 18/2004 - SMACKDOWN LIVE - Air Canada Center in Toronto, Canada

Sunday, November 21/2004 - RAW & SMACKDOWN presents SURVIVOR SERIES - Live from Skydome in Toronto, Canada


Chairman of the Company - Vince McMahon
Family of the Chairman/ Part-Owners - Shane, Stephanie, Linda McMahon

The Raw Roster is as follows :

JERRY LAWLER - Commentator
JIM ROSS - Commentator

The Smackdown Roster is:

JOSH MATHEWS - Interviewer
MICHAEL COLE - Commentator
TAZZ - Commentator

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another guy who is not from this board, but im bring him just to post his side of the diary here. His name is Omega. Acutally we both arent from here, we are from USC. I'm just posting for exposure, and hopefully give you guys something to read

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RAW Preview - Nov 1st/2004

RAW returns live this week from GM Place in Vancouver, and thats not all it brings. Its also the season premiere. Will this season of RAW be as exciting as last years? Will there be any new break through superstars? How about the stability of the two brands of WWE.

Kane has been going through hell recently. Two weeks ago he finds out that the baby Lita had was not his. Then last week he loses the number one contendership match for the world title. Whats next for Kane? Will he get a second shot?

Last week, Chris Benoit lost to Randy Orton in the main event for the world title, but Randy couldnt do it without the help of Evolution. Is there a chance the two will meet up tonight? Is there a rematch in the works?

Finally Eric Bischoff has been less, and less concerned about RAW. It seems as though he cares about the whereabouts of Eugene more than his own brand in the WWE. Will this continue this week?

Be sure to tune into the season premiere of RAW this monday on spike tv, 9et, 8ct

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WWE Raw - Nov. 1/2004 – Vancouver, BC GM PLACE

The WWE logo is shown, and a new RAW opening video begins. We then flash to the arena where we are treated with a massive pyro display, which is quickly followed by very bright lights. The RAW music quits, and Evolutions music begins, as Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista, and the World Champion, Randy Orton come down to the ring.

Evolution Promo
Evolution gets into the ring, and the crowd show their dislike as the arena is filled with boos. Ric Flair head over and grabs the mic
Flair - "WOOOO!! Last Monday each and every one of you watched the rejuvenation of Evolution. When Randy Orton pinned Chris Benoit for the second time this year for the World Heavyweight Championship, it showed once again what Evolution clearly is. Evolution is what is here today, and what is here tomorrow. And Randy Orton has clearly showed that, just as he shows it each and every time he gets into this ring. Then we have the 6'10 monster Batista. WOOOO!! Just look at those arms they could squeeze the life out of anything moving. And finally we have the cerebral assassin, the game, Triple H. What more can you ask for than maybe the best all alround wrestler of all time. This is Evolution, and many have seen it pass by them, what more can you want. Tell them Trip."
Triple H - "And this goes to all the guys in the back. Tonight I guarentee you, that Evolution will change forever. What do I mean by that? Evolution is...

The countdown begins, and Y2J makes his way out onto the ramp
Jericho - "Will you please shut the hell up. Im sick and tired of listening to this crapola about how Evolution will fall on you. Evolution is here today, and stronger tomorrow. Quite frankly I see it as 'bi' today, and 100% ' gay' tomorrow."
Triple H - "Jericho could you do all of us a favor, and stop telling us your about your personal life. Hey listen ill make you a deal why dont you come on down here, and tell me what you just said in my face. And as an added bonus Ill tell you the truth to any of your questions."
Jericho - "I wasnt waiting for invitiation, I was for all of you to pull your pants up."

Jericho drops the mic, and runs towards the ring. Evolution stands ready, but Jericho stops, and doesnt enter the ring. Instead Benoit comes from behind, and attacks Randy Orton. Jericho then jumps in the ring, and the two begin to dominate Evolution. Batista escapes, and pulls out Flair. Triple H gets knocked to the outside, but Randy Orton isnt so lucky. Benoit takes down Orton in the middle of the ring, and locks in the crippler crossface. Orton begins to tap, and referees storm the ring, trying to break up the two. Orton gets out of the ring, and joins his group on the ramp, as Jericho, and Benoit stand in the ring ready to fight.


Christian vs. Shelton Benjamin
We come back from commercial, and Shelton Benjamin is standing in the ring as Christian makes his way to the ring wearing a Calgary Flames jersey, which prompts a huge amount of displeasure from the crowd. Christian begins to take of the jersey, but Benjamin attacks him and send him to the ground. He continues to lays the boot to Christian, and eventually picks him up and hits a suplex. Benjamin picks up Christian and throws him to the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but instead Christian ducks, goes off the ropes, and hits Shelton with a dropkick. Benjamin gets back up, and Christian dropkicks him again. He then picks him up for a back suplex followed by a piledriver. Christian plays to the crowd, and makes the sign that its time for the Un-Prettier. He tries for it but instead it reversed, and somehow Benjamin turns it into a sitdown powerbomb. Benjamin grabs Christian by the tights, and hits a variation of a falling suplex. It looks like its over. Benjamin gets on Christian for the cover, 1…2…NO. Christian just gets his arm off the ground. Tyson Tomko comes running down to the ring, and Benjamin goes to dropkick him but instead Tomko catches his feet, and turns it into a flapjack. Benjamin is down on the mat hurt, as the ref calls for the bell, and dq’s Christian. Tomko pulls Christian out of the ring, and the two head up the ramp together, while the ref attends to Shelton Benjamin.
Winner by DQ : Shelton Benjamin


We cut back to the beginning of the night where, Jericho and Benoit attack Evolution in the ring, leaving Randy Orton down.

Evolution goes to the GM for help
We go to the back where Evolution comes storming into Eric Bischoff’s office.
Triple H – “Eric did you see what happened out there? Of course you did you run this show. All I wanna know is what the hell are you gonna do about it?”
Bischoff – “Hunter don’t worry about it. Cause see this is RAW. The premiere brand in the WWE, just like I am the premiere GM in the WWE. Cause tonight you will get your revenge. Its gonna be the four members of Evolution vs. Chris Jericho, and Chris Benoit.”
Triple H – “Damn right its gonna be, and after tonight they will never be the same again.”


Kane vs. Tajiri
Tajiri is in the ring, and Kane makes his entrance. He walks straight to the ring, with a definite purpose. He steps through the ropes, and Tajirir dropkicks Kane. He goes to the top rope, and dropkick him again. Kane fall to his knees, and Tajiri executes the Kick of Death. And Kane goes down. But before Tajiri can stand up, Kane shakes it off and is standing before him. He grabs Tajiri by the neck, and chokeslams him. He goes for the cover 1…2…No, Kane gets up and picks up Tajiri too. He grabs him by the neck again, and chokeslams him once more. He puts his foot on Tajiri and gets the easy three count. He picks up Tajiri and throws him out of the ring, goes to the center and the pyros explode. He heads to the back, as fire follows him up the ramp.
Winner : Kane


Smackdown Rebound
We flash back to last weeks Smackdown. It begins to show highlights, but Teddy Long cuts off the video. He says the Smackdown is the superior brand, and that the only reason RAW gets such high ratings is because of this segment every week on RAW. He then announces that he no longer wants this segment shown, and that RAW shouldn’t be gaining an advantage from something they don’t put on. The video ends with Long giving the RAW fans, staff, wrestlers a middle finger, and he says “No what do you think about that playa?”

Trish vs. Victoria
Trish begins the bout as the bell rings; she connects with the lock up and the ladies push back and forth a few times in a test of strength. Eventually, the stronger Victoria overwhelms Trish and pushes her into the turnbuckle. The ref begins the count to release the hold: 1..2..3..Victoria breaks away and as she walks forward again Trish sees the opening, steps to the side and kicks her viciously in the abdomen. Victoria lets out a painful groan and keels over onto her knees. Trish kicks her again a few times; she then climbs the second turnbuckle and comes down with a short elbow drop, but Victoria moves. With the two women up, Trish alternates between punches and chops, and then whips the Women’s Champion to the ropes. She misses the clothesline; Victoria runs quickly and connects with her own clothesline. Trish goes down and Victoria grabs her legs and holds them back. She then lifts Trish up and flips her into the air; Trish then drops face-first onto the mat. Christian gets up on the ropes in protest; Victoria sees this and smacks him down with a slap to the face! However, this moment of distraction allows Trish to recover and she immediately rolls up Victoria into the tight package 1...2…3. Trish wins with the help from Christian. Christian gets in the ring, and the two begin to make out as we go to break.
Winner : Trish Stratus


Eugene finds himself in a mess
We cut to the back where Eugene is standing in the hallway outside Eric Bischoff’s office.
Eugene is standing there looking for someone when he hears a phone ring. He starts looking around and puts his ear up to his Uncle Eric’s office door. The ring seems to be coming from in the office, but nobody is answering. Therefore, Eugene goes in, and finds that nobody is there. He goes to pick up the phone, but it quits and a fax begins to be received. He looks at it, and it reads “Eric your attitude has been not appropriate recently, and you are now no longer worried about the RAW business. Your now only worried about whether or not RAW is better than Smackdown. Because of this I will be in Calgary live next Monday for RAW, where I will have a huge announcement that will effect you future as RAW GM.” Eugene looks in awe, and sees that it says from Mr. McMahon at the end. Eugene looks scared, drops the fax, and runs out of the room crying. He goes running by the Coach.
Coach – “Eugene whats wrong?”
Eugene – “Uncle Eric’s gonna be fired. And its all my fault”
Coach – “No its not your fault Eug….Wait. Yeah it is your fault Eugene. It’s all your fault. Your uncle is spending too much time having to look over you, and because of it he’s losing his job. You better go now, before he finds you”

Eugene shakes his head, and heads for the exit with his bag in his hand.


Survivor Series
Raw, Smackdown, and Y.J. Stinger are proud to present WWE Survivor Series, live from the Air Canada Center, in Toronto, Ontario on November 21. The official theme song for Surivior Series is "Come Again" by Thornley

Evolution vs. Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho
The lights go out and Evolutions music begins, as the four members walk out onto the ramp, and towards the ring. Evolution stands on one side of the ring, as Jericho and Benoit come out to the ring, but stop before entering with a running start. The two enter, and Evolution jumps on them, and begins the beat down. Referees, and Road Agents head down to the ring, and break up the six wrestlers. Once all order is restored, Benoit and Flair begin the match. They look at each other and lock up. The crowd begins to chant “4 Horsemen.” Benoit throws down Flair, and Flair gets right back right in Benoit’s face. The two stand looking at eachother face to face, and Flair spits at Benoit. Benoit looks at Flair and whips off his face. The two being exchanging right hands, and Flair adds in a little thumb to the eye, which takes down Benoit. Flair tags in Triple H. Who gives a running knee to Benoit. It caught Benoit right in the mouth, and he begins to bleed at a rapid pace from the mouth. Triple H picks up Benoit and gets ready for the Pedigree. He somehow hits it, and Benoit for some reason looks like he is completely out of it. Triple H goes for the cover, 1…2…No, Jericho runs in and breaks up the count. The ref looks at the unconscious Benoit, and gives the “X” sign to the back. Paramedics come out, and put Benoit on the stretcher and wheel him to the back. Jericho enters, and gives Triple H a dropkick when he turns around. Jericho jumps on Triple H, and continues to give him multiple head shots. He goes towards the ropes, and goes for the lionsault. Triple H tries to move, but Jericho just catches him. He goes for the cover, 1…2…NO. Orton comes in for the break up. Jericho gets back up, and turns around, and clocks Orton, which sends him into a fury. He tries to get into the ring, but the ref stops him. While the refs back is turned, Jericho low blows HHH, and it sends him to the ground. Batista comes in, and pushes the ref to the side, which in return disqualifies Evolution. Flair goes to check on HHH, while Batista & Orton begin a double team on Jericho. They continue the beat down until they beat him down to a pulp. Orton picks up Jericho and nails an RKO. Batista follows it up by sending him down for a sitdown powerbomb. Evolution is about to exit, but it looks like Batista, and Orton aren’t done. Batista picks up Jericho again, and as he is coming down, Orton catches Jericho’s head for a painful, RKO-Powerbomb combination. Evolution stands in the ring with their arms up in the air, while Jericho is left down and out in the middle of the ring.
No Contest

Evolution stands in the ring, while we slowly fade out

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RAW Preview – Nov.8/2004

This week RAW comes live from the Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, and this week definitely has a few questions that we hopefully will have answered.

Last week, in the main event, Chris Benoit was takin out of the arena on a stretcher after suffering an injury. This monday we will have a live interview with the rabid wolverine, where we’ll find out the latest on his condition. Will Chris Benoit miss any action?

Kane is still going though a tough time, and is destroying anything that comes in his way. This has been obviously caused by the tough times hes been going through after the news of his, and Lita’s baby, not being able to make it. Who’s next in line?

Finally the biggest news. This week we will have a visit from Mr. McMahon. He announced via a fax, that he would be present this evening, to make an announcement that would change, and effect Eric Bischoffs life, and career in WWE forever. Is this the end of Eric Bischoff? If so, what can Eric pull from his sleeve to get him out of this one?

Tune in to Spike TV, Monday night where we hope to have these answers plus more info leading up to Survivor Series. Remember, Raw, Smackdown, and Y.J. Stinger are proud to present WWE Survivor Series, live from the Air Canada Center, in Toronto, Ontario on November 21. The official theme song for Surivior Series is "Come Again" by Thornley

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WWE Raw - Nov. 8/2004 – Calgary, Alberta Pengrowth Saddledome
Commentator – Jim Ross
Color Commentator – Jerry Lawler

The WWE logo is shown, and a new RAW opening video begins. A huge display of fireworks goes off, and we zoom around the crowd in the Saddledome.

The camera goes to the center of the ring where Eric Bischoff is sitting on a stool in the middle of the ring.

Bischoff in-ring promo
Bischoff – “Welcome to RAW!. Now, I know what most of you are thinking and your totally right. That’s right you guessed it. Tonight in this ring, its gonna be Chris Jericho’s chance for revenge as he takes on Triple H. Fired! Fired! Fired! Don’t start with me. I know that we have a special visitor tonight but I can only hope that it is not what I think it is. Hell I know what the announcement is that he has for me, and it doesn’t bother me on bit. All Mr. McMahon gonna do is walk down to this ring, and say Eric you gotta step it up. Its happened before, and its gonna happen again. Then next week I come out here and give you the show of my life. But wait, that’s not right. Cause RAW is always an excellent, unless your one of those hillbillies from Smackdown. Then they consider us noble. Then theres the king, which is me. And I make sure that everyone below me gets what they wan…………
Shelton Benjamin’s music cuts Eric off, and he comes onto the ramp.
Benjamin – “ Eric were you just about to say that you will do anything for us? HAHA! Well that’s a bunch of crap. Eric you don’t give a shit about the wrestlers, the backstage staff, the camera men, the announcers, the bell boy, hell you don’t even give a shit about the fans.”
Bischoff – “ Shelton, I have no idea what your talking about.”
Benjamin – “Well then if you’re the giving type tonight, how about giving me a match against Tyson Tomko”
Bischoff – “ OK, its done. Tonight it’s going to be Shelton Benjamin vs. Tyson Tomko.

Benjamin shakes his head, and leaves the stage
Bischoff – “So, as I was saying, before I get so rudely interrupted. I care the absolute most for everybo….”
Smackdown GM Theodore Long appears on the Titantron
Long – “O Eric? O Eric! If your in such a giving mood tonight, maybe you can give me something I want too? You see Survivor Series has always been a tradtion of 8 man tag matches. And I know that the past few years, that that rule has kinda gone out the window, so to speak. So what I’m proposing tonight playa, is that on November 21 in Toronto, Ontario we bring back, and renew the Survivor Series tradition. At that match will be Raw vs. Smackdown.”
Bischoff – “You know Teddy you might have yourself a deal. I like that idea. So I’ll accept your proposal under one condition. That being that I get to make the rules. So what’s it gonna be Teddy, Yes or No.
Long – “I think you have yourself a deal, but how about I make one rule, then you can add any stipulation you want to mine?”
Bischoff – “That’s sounds good Teddy. So its set Raw vs. Smackdown in a 8 man tag match, at Survivor Series. Now Teddy I know Im gonna announce my stipulation next week. But you? If you want this match you go on, you gotta announce your side right now.”
Long – “That’s alright with me playa, cause at Survivor Series its gonna be an 8 man tag match, with hardcore rules. That’s right Eric, anything goes. So Eric get ready, cause the countdown to fatality is ticking.”

Commentators Talking
Ross – “ My gawd what a beginning to tonight. What a match made for Survivor Series.”
Lawler – “Nevermind that JR, what about tonight? What is Jericho gonna do to get revenge on Triple H? Im sure he’ll try, but with Evolution there he wont get much done.”
Ross – “King are you kidding me? After what happened last week, I don’t think there could be anything that will stop Chris Jericho. But maybe even bigger, we’ll have word on the condition of the rabid wolverine Chris Benoit.


Shelton Benjamin vs. Tyson Tomko
The two competitors make their way to the ring, as JR informs us that the winner of this match will now be the first RAW superstar to be named to the RAW team for Survivor Series. The two begin exchanging right hands, and it seems as though Benjamin is getting the upper hand. All hope is gone though when, Tomko nails him with a clothesline. Tomko goes down on one knee, and begin sending forearm shots to Benjamin’s head. Tomko gets up and begins taunting the crowd, and turns around only to find Benjamin standing on his feet, and he receives a dropkick. Tomko gets right back up and Benjamin catches him with a german suplex. Tomko gets right back up, and he gets hit with another german suplex. Benjamin goes for the cover but only get a count of 1. Tomko kicks out with authority, and Benjamin gets sent to the outside. Tomko gets to his feet, and jumps over the ropes and lands on Benjamin. He recovers, and rolls Benjamin, back into the ring. He rolls in also for the cover but only gets a 2 count. Following the kick out, Tomko picks up Benjamin again, and tries to set him up for a powerbomb, but Benjamin low blows Tomko, and the ref didn’t see it. Benjamin goes for the cover, but Tomko just kicks out in time. Christian comes running down the aisle, jumps on the apron, but Benjamin knocks him right down again. Tomko rolls over behind Benjamin, and is able to bring him down, for a small package. He almost gets a three, but Benjamin reverses it, and gets a two count. Benjamin gets back up, but Christian pulls him right back down to the mat with a trip. Tomko gets on top of him, and locks in an armbar. Tomko lets go, and looks at the crowd, while making the sign that its time for the match to come to an end. He picks up Benjamin, and goes for a powerbomb, but Benjamin reverses it into a hurricarana. He goes for the cover, but Tomko quickly reverses it. The two keep reversing the cover, and finally Benjamin, gets a count of 2, but Christian sneaks from behind, and pushes the two over, so that Tomko is on top. The ref sees nothing, and counts to 3. Christian gets in the ring, goes over and begins celebrating with Tomko. BUT the ref goes over and raises Benjamin’s arm. Christian, and Tomko are fired up as they go over, and complain to the ref. The referee says that Tomko’s shoulders were clearly on the mat, and the Benjamin is declared the winner. Christian asks him if that right, and says that this was the last match he will ever officiate. Tomko floors the ref, and Christian jumps on top of him beating him down to a pulp. The two leave, as security figures run down to the ring to break up the fight.
Winner : Shelton Benjamin

GM’s Office
Bischoff – “Where the hell is he?”
Garrison Cade – “Where the hell is who, sir?”
Bischofff – “Vince. He said he would be here tonight and he hasn’t showed up tonight.”
Cade – “Ahh you never know with Mr. McMahon sir, maybe a meeting came up or something.”
Bischoff – “I wish, but I doubt it. Garrison could you leave me alone for a few minutes I need to make an important call.”

Garrison Cade leaves the room, and Eric picks up the phone, as we cut to break.


Flair Interview
Flair – “WOOO! Look at where we are this evening, its Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Hmm, if I remember correctly there is something special about Calgary, but I just cant put a name on it. Oh yeah, that’s right it’s the home of the Hart family. And isn’t it ironic, that there isn’t even a Hart in the building. Or is there? Well look at this its Jim Neidhart. How the hell are you, and where the hell is that piece of scum you call your close-friend, Bret? Hes not here? Well isn’t that a shame, but you know what I sure as hell am not surprised. Because its been known for years that the Hart family is just a bunch of frauds. WOOOO! Oh yeah its true, there a bunch of frauds. But you know what I came out here this evening for one reason, and that was to see Bret. So for everyone here, that may know Bret, and to you, Jim, I am inviting Bret to come to RAW next time it visits Calgary. And if I have to all even buy his ticket for him. Because all I want, and all I have to do in my career to call it perfect, is look right in Bret Hart’s eye, and say YOU SUCK, you stupid %*#@.”
Flair goes to the outside, and goes to shake Neidhart’s hand, but instead he floors him with a rake to the eyes, and it sends him to the ground. Security comes running out, and escorts Ric to the back, and out of the arena.


Kane vs. Maven
Kane comes out once again this week, looking like hes not in a good mood. He gets in the ring, and Maven’s music begins. Poor Maven, hes gonna be the next victim. He gets into the ring, and walks straight into a chokeslam. Kane throws him down, and gets the three count. Its over already. But all of a sudden Coach comes onto the apron, and says that he has been asked to make an announcement that Kane will have a handicap match, which begins right now, against two mystery opponents. The first comes out, and its Rhyno. He gets in the ring, and floors Kane with a gore. But by the time he gets up, Kane has sat up. He looks up at Rhyno, and grabs him by the neck. He gets to the feet, but right before he goes for the chokeslam, the lights go out, and a blue fog/haze, begins at the entrance. The lights stay out for a good 10 seconds. When they come back on we see Kane laying in the middle ring, all bloody, with a sledgehammer laying on top of him. Rhyno is in the corner wondering what has just gone on. Everyone is shocked as we go off the air.
No Contest


Benoit Update
Benoit joins us on the screen from his house.
Benoit – “Last week I was brutally attacked by Triple H, and Evolution. At first it didn’t look like that my condition was to well at all. However, luckily that isn’t the case. I had a partially cracked forehead, but nothing will stop me from coming after Evolution. More importantly Randy Orton. So Randy Orton this is to you I’m am coming for you next week, and I will make your Monday a living hell. But that’s not all, because as of 2:00 this afternoon, Ive been granted with my final rematch. And that rematch will be at Survivor Series for the World Heavyweight Title. So Orton, according to my grandfather clock, your time is almost up.”

Back to the GM’s Office
Bischoff – “Yes I’d like to speak to Mr. Vince McMahon. WHAT? What did you just say? HES ON VACATION. What the hell do you mean hes on vacation? Where? The other side the world. He faxed me last week and said he would be on RAW. Well, is there any way I can get a hold of him? His cell? Ok, thanks ill get a hold of him right away”

Eric dials the phone number, and is mumbling to himself
Bischoff – “ Who the hell does he think he is making me wait her for him like an asshol… Hello this is the RAW GM Eric Bischoff calling. May I speak to Mr. Vince McMahon. Hello Vince, hows the holiday treating you? Ah that’s good to hear. Listen how come you never showed up tonight. I was worried about you, I thought something may have happened on the way. No Mr. McMahon, I’m not trying to be gay, im just concerned. But anyways what happened to tonight? You faxed me last week saying that you would be here for an important announcement, that would change the face of RAW, and change my job forever. So what is it? You never faxed? We’ll it was signed by the Chairman of WWE Mr. McMahon. Yes, I know Vince your on vacation. So you mean even if your on vacation, your not chairman while your gone? Well who is? We’ll OK I guess I don’t need to find out that information, as long as there’s someone in your position while your not there. But thanks anyways, I guess someone must have been playing a joke. Yah OK, have a good vacation. Bye.” “ Eugene that’s son of a bitch “


Victoria vs. Molly Holly
Victoria and Molly lock up in the middle of the ring, and Victoria pushes over Molly. Molly gets up and runs towards Victoria, and jumps on top of her, but instead of punching begins, pulling her hair, and beating her face into the ground. The ref break apart the two, but Molly once again jumps on top of Victoria. This time she begins pulling out pieces of Victoria’s hair, and she spreads it all over the ring, as she pulls it out. She goes after to get some more, but Victoria grabs her by her legs, and sends her to the mat. Victoria sends Molly to the ropes, and catches he with a clothesline, which sends her to the ground. She picks up Molly and goes for the Widow’s Peak. She hits it, goes for the cover, and gets the three count. Trish runs out after the match, and begins beating on Victoria. A mystery woman comes running out{Richards} and takes out Trish he sends her to the mat with a hard left hand, and he leaves with Victoria in her arms.
Winner : Victoria

Getting Ready
We cut to the back, and we see Triple H, and Chris Jericho getting ready for their matches. Jerichos on his way to the ring, and Triple H, is doing his final push-ups. That match is NEXT.


Survivor Series
Raw, Smackdown, and Y.J. Stinger are proud to present WWE Survivor Series, live from the Air Canada Center, in Toronto, Ontario on November 21. The official theme song for Surivior Series is "Come Again" by Thornley

Triple H vs. Chris Jericho
Triple H comes out onto the ramp all alone, but with an outstanding supports of boos from the crowd. The countdown begins and Chris Jericho makes his way out to the ring. The two stand face to face for a few seconds. Triple He begins the match with a hard right hand. Jericho returns the right hand, which causes an exchange of right hands. Triple H gets the advantage when he adds in a rock solid left jab, and sends Jericho to the mat. HHH ads in a few kicks, then drops his knee to Jericho’s shoulder. Jericho rolls around the mat in pain, and HHH picks him up, and places him near the ropes. He grabs his arm, goes to the other side of the ropes, and drops to the ground, as Jericho’s arm jams on the ropes. HH heads back into the inside, and stalks Jericho waiting for him to get up. As Jericho gets to his feet, HHH tries for the running knee, but Jericho ducks and catches HHH with a clothesline. HHH goes down, but gets up at the same time as Jericho does. HHH goes for a clothesline, but Jericho ducks, and picks up HHH for an atomic drop. HHH goes down, and Jericho goes down in pain holding his arm. He rolls around for a bit, but eventually hoists himself up with his other arm. He picks up Triple H, and throws him to the ropes. Jericho runs towards the other ropes, and the two meet in the middle with Jericho hitting a version of I.R.S’s old finisher. Jericho goes for the cover, but only gets a count of 2. Jericho goes towards the ropes, and jumps for the lionsault, but HHH moves, and Jericho catches nothing but mat. HHH gets up, and quickly picks up Jericho as well. He drops Y2J on his knee, and follows it up by getting ready for the pedigree. He nails it, but doesn’t go for the cover. Instead he goes to the outside, and looks under the ring. He finds his sledgehammer, and brings it in. He gets in and waits for Jericho to get to his feet. He runs at Y2J, but he ducks, and drops HHH to the mat by grabbing his feet. He just turns over HHH, and locks in the Walls of Jericho. HHH hangs on and tries not to tap, but right before he is about to Jericho lets go. He picks up the Sledgehammer. He drops it on HHH’s knee and gives him a few shots to the shoulder. He waits for Triple H to get up, and he floors him with a shot to the head. He adds a few more shot to his legs, and then drops the sledgehammer, only to relock in the Walls Of Jericho. Road Agents hit the ring, and try to make Jericho break the hold. Y2J has snapped. Jericho eventually lets go, and heads to the back, with a look of shock on his eyes. Road Agents attend to HHH, who is a bloody mess.
Winner via DQ : Triple H

Bischoff is coming
We are takin to the back, and we see the RAW GM Eric Bischoff headed to the ring, and he doesn’t look like hes too happy.


Bischoff’s Final In-ring Segment
Bischoff – “Last week my good nephew informed me of Mr. McMahon coming here this evening to inform me of something that would effect me forever. However, with my recent call to Mr. McMahon I have now learned that this fax was a total fake, and it has come to my attention that there is someone behind this. And that person is my nephew Eugene. So at this time I invite Eugene to come down to the ring, so we can have a little talk, about what is business, and what it means to screw around with it.”
Bischoff waits for Eugene, but instead “Here Comes The Money begins, and Shane McMahon makes his was out to the ring.
McMahon – “Hello Eric. I don’t really think that you have time to worry about Eugene right now, because right now you have to deal with me. HA, actually Eugene isn’t even here anymore hes out for a night on the town, after I told him the good news.”
Bischoff – “And what the hell did you tell him.”
McMahon – “Well lets just say that at Survivor Series your nephew has his chance at becoming the Intercontinental Champion, when he faces Triple H, and Chris Jericho in a Three-Way Title Match”
Bischoff – “WHAT? You can’t do that. You have absolutely no power in you to do something like that.”
McMahon – “Oh, I don’t? We’ll seeing that I told you that last week that I was coming here to make an important announcement that seems kinda strange that you would think that of me.”
Bischoff – “You never told me anything. The only thing I got last week was a fax from the chairman of the WWE, Mr. McMahon, but he didn’t show up this evening quite simply cause hes on vacation now. So will you get the hell out of my ring!”
McMahon – “I don’t think you understand yet. Who am I? Am I Mrs.McMahon? No Eric I’m also known as Mr.McMahon.”
Bischoff – “Shane I know that, but your clearly not the chairman of the WWE? Like I know Vince is on Vacation, and he said that he had someone working for…… Wait a minute.”
McMahon – “That’s right Eric. The man in charge while my father is having a break, is none other than myself. So why don’t we get down to business. Eric your attitude recently has been horrific, and quite simply I don’t know why my father hasn’t done anything to you to fix that problem. But that’s something to worry about at another time. But now Eric, I’m in charge, and quite simply I don’t like you. But you know what? Im a fair guy. Im not gonna come in here and fire you one the spot, no, no. Im gonna give you a chance to keep your job. Cause at Survivor Series, Eric, your gonna be involved in a match, that if you lose your done, your fired, your outta here. But if you win, congratulations you maintain your job.”
Bischoff – “No Shane please reconsider, I can’t wre…….Acutally, Yah Shane that sounds good. So who’s it gonna be? Who am I gonna be able to show first hand my martial arts ability? Tajiri? Coach? JR?”
McMahon – “No Eric. Its more than that. This isn’t no match, for non-centralized wrestler. So, at Surivor Series, its gonna be Eric Bischoff vs. Shane McMahon. And Eric I think its about time you get ready, because your time of survival is slowly ticking away.”

Eric stands in awe, and Shane stands right in his face. We fade off the air, as the crowd is going nuts.

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well, this isnt a good thing, but im putting the diary on hold. Reason being i need to find someone to write the smackdown side. Ive had two people already take the job, but back out cause of lack of time. I would like to find someone asap.
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