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Can someone please post the order of elimination, who they were eliminated by and how they were eliminated? Every site I go onto to check I can never find it so could y'all help me out? cheers

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I'm just gonna copy this from gerweck, leaving just the pinfalls:

Reks with a modified death valley driver and gets the pin on Santino.
Santino Marella (Team Raw) has been eliminated.

Sheamus tosses Kingston into the ring post, puts him on his shoulders and hits the High Cross powerbomb for a pinfall.
Kofi Kingston (Team Smackdown) has been eliminated.

Morrison with Starship Pain and gets the pin on Swagger.
Jack Swagger (Team Smackdown) has been eliminated.

Sheamus with his huge big boot to the face on Reks and cover.
Tyler Reks (Team Smackdown) has been eliminated.

Big Show and Sheamus start brawling up the entrance area. The referee is counting and is now at 6. Big Show realizes, turns around, but is too late and both Big Show and Sheamus have been counted out.
Big Show (Team Smackdown captain) has been eliminated.
Sheamus (Team Raw) has been eliminated.

Edge (Smackdown) and R-Truth (Raw) are now in. Edge dodges an axe kick and hits a Spear.
R-Truth (Team Raw) has been eliminated.

Edge with a Spear on John Morrison.
John Morrison (Team Raw) has been eliminated.

Punk with a backslide pin on Del Rio.
Alberto Del Rio (Team Smackdown) has been eliminated.

Mysterio sends Punk into the ropes. 619 and body splash. Mysterio covers Punk and gets the pinfall.
CM Punk (Team Raw) has been eliminated.

Mysterio dropkicks Jackson into the ropes. 619 and body splash. Mysterio comes down hard over Jackson’s knee. Everyone seems confused. They confirm Jackson is gone.
Ezekiel Jackson (Team Raw) has been eliminated.

Mysterio up for a body splash, but Miz gets his knees up and gets a close two count. Tag to Edge who hits a huge Spear on Miz. Cover and Miz is gone.
The Miz (Team Raw captain) has been eliminated.

Winners: Team Smackdown (Edge and Rey Mysterio survive)
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