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The events leading up to Wrestlemania XXVI had the wrestling world watching, but it had a large segment of fans (notably the dreaded IWC, Internet Wrestling Community) that were seemingly bored and/or frustrated with the product that was being put out.

Sales were still strong and the WWE was still the undisputed leader in "Sports Entertainment", but WWE founder, Vince McMahon, had always been an innovator and business man without peer. He had seen his company undergo various promotional phases and understood the need to keep things fresh, but wondered how he should go about freshening up his company and keeping it cutting edge. What to do?

He had more wrestlers than he could use and no viable wrestling companies to take away fans and make them switch the channel. Deep down, Vince missed Ted Turner and World Championship Wrestling because competition brought out the best him. He needed to beat someone. He needed to compete. After much soul searching and brainstorming, Vince began reorganizing his company in his head. The ramifications of this thought process would be soon after Wrestlemania.

WWF Wrestlemania XXVI, March 28th 2010
University Of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona

  • Yoshi Tatsu won a 26-man Battle Royal featuring members of both the RAW and Smackdown! rosters.
  • ShowMiz defeated R-Truth & John Morrison to retain the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship.
  • Randy Orton defeated Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase in a Triple Threat match to end the Legacy feud. After the match, Orton punted both Rhodes and DiBiase in the head to "kick the idea that either of you want another piece of me out of your heads."
  • Jack Swagger won the Money In The Bank match by defeating Kane, Shelton Benjamin, Evan Bourne, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston, MVP, Matt Hardy and Christian.
  • Triple H defeated Sheamus in a brawl that saw both men almost get DQ'ed during the course of the match.
  • Rey Mysterio defeated CM Punk (with Luke Gallows and Serena). If Mysterio had lost he would have had to join the Straight Edge Society. After the match, Mysterio was attacked by a mysterious assailant wearing a black mask with the letters SES across it. The SES held Rey down as Punk and Serena accosted Rey’s father, Rey Mysterio Sr. and his wife.
  • Bret Hart defeated Mr. McMahon by submission in a Lumberjack Match. Vince had thought he had bought off Hart’s family (Bruce Hart, Jim Neidhart and the members of the Hart Dynasty), but Bret turned the tables and revealed that he and his family knew about the ruse the whole time.
  • Michelle McCool, Vickie Guerrero, Alicia Fox, Layla and Maryse defeated Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, Gail Kim and Eve Torres in a 10 Diva tag team match when Vickie pinned Mickie James after James was sprayed in the eyes with a mysterious substance by Layla El during a huge brawl involving all the match participants.
  • Chris Jericho defeated Edge to retain the WWE Title. During the match, Jericho used the WWE belt in combination with a Codebreaker to knock Edge senseless and claim the pinfall. To further add insult to injury, Jericho attempted to lock the barely conscious Edge in the Walls of Jericho. As he turned the move over, an opportunistic Jack Swagger cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase and attacked the over-confident champion. Swagger wound up nailing the discombobulated champion with his Gutwrench Powerbomb and earning a quick pinfall after a few minutes of action.
  • John Cena defeated Batista to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. After getting dominated by the huge former champion, Cena managed to dig deep and nail Batista with the Attitude Adjustment and apply the STF to earn the submission victory.
  • The Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels in "The Streak vs. The Career" match. After almost 25 minutes of intense action, which saw both men land their finishers multiple times, some amazing outside the ring spots and multiple near falls, Undertaker finally pinned "Mr. Wrestlemania". Both men embraced after the match and Undertaker exited the ring to allow Michaels to enjoy one last post-match celebration with his fans. In a heart-felt moment, Triple H and Ric Flair (recently resigned to a Legends contract) came out and led an emotional tribute to Michaels that left more than a few people in tears.
  • It was discovered the next night on RAW that Sheamus viscously attacked Triple H as he emerged backstage from the emotional moment. The enraged Irishman wickedly maimed "The Game" with a sledgehammer and left him for the paramedics.


Almost two weeks later, Vince McMahon shook up the WWE Universe by holding the WWE Draft Lottery on a special 3 hour RAW; 2 weeks before the Extreme Rules PPV. (The draft lottery has normally been held the Monday after the PPV.)

McMahon told a shocked crowd that had better enjoy this year's draft lottery because the event would be going to "fundamentally changed to level the playing field between Smackdown and Raw and encourage competition and stability." Before going on further, he told the WWE Universe they would have to wait to see what would happen...next.

As Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler speculated on what Mr. McMahon meant, McMahon called Theodore Long, the GM of Smackdown, and his executive, Vickie Gurrero, to the ring. As a puzzled Long and Gurrero paced nervously, McMahon reminded each of them of their greatest decisions and worst failures as GMs during their tenure in the WWE. He made it clear that the guest GM spot on RAW was a thing of history; as was Long's reign as the Smackdown GM. As Vickie laughed at the crestfallen Long, McMahon cut her off and told her she had better get used to being around Long because they would be working closely together as the new co-GMs on a special project he and his wife Linda had thought up.

McMahon- "Beginning in May, you two will be in charge of the WWE DIVAS brand on My TV Network. You two and all WWE women competitors will be replacing WWE Superstars with WWE DIVAS every Thursday night. This brand will focus totally on our Divas and give them the spotlight they deserve. I will hold both of you personally responsible for the success or failure of this new exciting part of our history. Do both of you understand me? Both of you will be in charge of the newest WWE program featuring our athletic female competitors. Starting Thursday on USA, WWE DIVAS will replace WWE Superstars!"

Diva graphic by JDK​

As both GMs spoke with McMahon, he smiled and introduced the two commentary team that would be calling the action for "his newest baby". Todd Grisham and WWE Diva Legend, Trish Stratus , came out to a cheering crowd as Teddy and Vickie looked at each other with hard stares.

The night progressed with matches determining who would be changing brands: Edge, Rey Mysterio, Chavo Gurrero, Crime Tyme, The Dudebusters and Paul Burchill all became new members of the "Red Brand". Joining the rival "Blue Brand" were RAW stalwarts Sheamus, The Miz, Goldust, Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes, Shelton Benjamin, Hornswoggle and a returning Triple H. (The later announcement both shocked and infuriated Sheamus.)

Due to ShoMiz being separated due to the draft, McMahon announced that the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship had vacated and UN-unified. The World Tag Team Championships would be staying on RAW and the WWE Tag Team Championships would be going to Smackdown.

At the end of the night, Mr. McMahon reappeared and asked the crowd if they were happy with all the big changes. As they gave him a small ovation, the WWE owner said he had one more announcement to make. Each brand would be needing new General Managers and he had decided that WWE needed to get back to its roots. The WWE was started by his father and was, and always will be, a "family company". Who better then to run each brand?
A shocked crowd exploded as Stephanie McMahon was announced as the GM of RAW and her brother, Shane McMahon, was announced as the GM of Smackdown. The two siblings were all smiles to their father as they accepted their roles, but the friendly facade faded as Vince reminded both siblings that they would now be competing against one another for the future of the company.

McMahon- This business is about the future. One of these days, Vincent Kennedy McMahon will not be here. One of YOU TWO will be running this company, in the future. May the best McMahon win!

The show ended with Shane smirking at the glares his sister shot into him from across the ring.

Extreme Rules, April 25, 2010
1st Mariner Bay Arena, Baltimore, Maryland

  • The Hart Dynasty won the WWE Tag Team Titles by defeating The Miz and Drew McIntyre (The Miz abandoned his partner early in the match saying that being a tag team champion again "wasn't worth his time"), Luke Gallows and the mysterious new masked member of the Straight Edge Society and The Gatecrashers (Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins) in a 4-Way Dance.
  • Mark Henry & MVP captured the World Tag Team Titles by defeating The Great Khali & The Big Show and The Colons in a Triple-Threat elimination match. After the match, Show and Khali got into an argument about Khali accidently striking Show and costing their team the victory.
  • Layla El defeated Melina to unify the Diva and WWE Women's titles. Michelle McCool and Vickie Gurrero interference played a key role in determining the victor. As the three heels celebrated, Beth Phoenix and Mickie James sprinted the ring and came to Melina's defense. An outraged Vickie fired both of them on the spot; only to have Teddy Long come out, rehire them and set up a handicap tag team match featuring James, Phoenix and Melina vs. Lay-Cool on the first episode of WWE DIVAS.
  • Triple H defeated Sheamus in a Street Fight. The two brawlers battled one another throughout the arena throughout the match; taking out two referees and a whole rack of lockers (which Sheamus tipped over on "The King of Kings"). The end of the match happened when Sheamus left a downed Triple H (who appeared beaten) to taunt Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair (who was sitting together on the front row at ringside to support their friend). As the cocky heel jawed with both legends, Triple H recovered and clubbed his foe with his sledgehammer to get the pin. Both Flair and HBK jumped the front row and helped Triple H to his feet as the crowd cheered. An exhausted "Game" was helped to the back by both legends as the crowd cheered.
  • With his hair on the line, CM Punk managed to defeat Rey Mysterio in the duos final match before Rey headed off to Raw. Luke Gallows and the SES's masked member played a key role in the match; frequently distracting the referee and allowing Punk to avoid several near falls. Punk ,ultimately, bashed Mysterio senseless with electric clippers as his cronies distracted the referee. The SES attempted to unmask Rey, but he was ultimately rescued by John Morrison and Matt Hardy. The two faces seemed to have the heel faction on the run, but Morrison unwittingly unmasked the new SES member. A shocked Morrison started into the eyes of his old partner in M and M, Joey Mercury! As Morrison struggled to comprehend what was happening, Gallows clipped him from behind and beat him down. Mercury joined in on the beat down as announcers, Todd Grisham and Matt Striker, verbally explained how close M and M used to be. Punk in his minions leave the ring victorious as Rey, Hardy and Morrison lie around the ring in pain and shock.
  • Jack Swagger defeated Chris Jericho in a steel cage match to retain the WWE title. Jericho seemed on the verge of regaining his title when he handcuffed the champion to the ring ropes and preceded to waltz towards the door. As Jericho casually backpedaled to the door talking smack to the arrogant champion, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin entered the cage and began beating the hell out of "Y2J". The announcer reacted in shock as the newly reformed "Worlds Greatest Tag Team" beat Jericho down and freed Swagger. Swagger exited the cage with his two new friends to retain. As the crowd booed loudly, Swagger introduced his "Varsity Club" to the WWE Universe.
  • Despite losing, John Cena retained the World title after losing to Randy Orton in a Best-Two-Out -Of - Three-Falls match. The old foes squared off in an intense affair, which saw Orton capture the first fall and Cena rally to capture the second. Orton appeared to have the match won when he lined up to punt a stunned Cena in the head. As he rushed forward, his old partner in Evolution, Batista, intercepted him with a huge spinebuster that shook the ring. As the referee signaled for Cena's disqualification, Batista brutalized Orton with a sit-down powerbomb and stomped away on him. With an intense smirk, he speared a recovery Cena and locked in the Batista-Bite submission hold. Cena cried out in pain as the PPV went off the air.

The NXT Generation of Superstars is coming...

The following night on RAW, Vince unveiled his newest concept to the WWE Universe. With the NXT logo prominently displayed on the Titantron behind him, McMahon revealed that a new show featuring WWE rookies would be debuting on the Sy-FY network on Tuesday nights. As the crowd murmured in excitement, McMahon introduced the broadcast team that would be calling the action to explain the concept.

The Oklahoma University fight song exploded out of the speakers as "Good Ole' J.R.", Jim Ross, emerged from the back sporting his classic Stetson. McMahon handed him the microphone and gracefully exited the stage as Ross received a standing ovation from the crowd.

Ross- Thank you. (pausing while the crowd continues to cheer)
Thank you all. It is so good to be back here on Monday Night Raw. Some of the best times of my life can be traced back to this show and I know my old broadcast partner is glad to still be here. I miss you, King.

(The crowd erupts again as Jerry Lawler stands and waves at his old partner from the broadcast booth.)

That being said, Michael Cole has done a helluva job replacing me and making this show his own. He deserves a big hand folks.

(The crowd gives the obligatory cheer with some boos mixed in.)

NXT will be a unique experience. In order to capture that, I was given a unique broadcast partner. Ladies and gentlemen;, my partner, a WWE hall of famer and one of my dearest friends, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!

(The breaking of shattered glass is heard throughout the auditorium as the crowd explodes. Austin comes out and embraces Ross. Together the two soak in the adoration of the crowd.)

Ross- NXT will bring up 16 rookies and pair them with WWE superstars who will mentor them and get them ready for their WWE careers. Over the course of 10 to 12 weeks, depending how the competition goes, you will see these young superstars compete against one another for the right to vie for a WWE championship.

Austin- Lemme break this down, 16 suns-a-GUNS (pausing and smiling at the crowd)" You thought I was gonna say it didn't ya? "
(The crowd answers with "What?" )

"You know the word."

("What?")The word that comes after sons of-


(Austin begins laughing and flips off the crowd with a big grin. Naturally, WWE TV cuts off the gesture at the wrist, but the reaction of the crowd tells everyone at home what happened.)

Anyways, 16 PROSPECTS will get in that ring and have a battle royal the first night of the dat-blame show. Then we are gonna bring out 16 WWE superstars to see who is going to be who's coach. Some of these guys, like "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, are the real deal, son. Some of them are...(Austin ponders the correct word to use next)...some of them are idiots like Zack *censored*ing Ryder.

Ross- The battle royal will determine seeding for the season long double-elimination tournament. That tournament will help determine the place these young men will enter the ring in the first ever Rookie Rumble at the new Money in the Bank pay- per- view this July.

Austin- That's right. The Rookie Rumble, it's just like the Royal Rumble except the winner of the damn thing gets a title shot at either the US title or Intercontintal title; depending on which brand he gets drafted to.

Ross- I'm glad you mentioned the WWE Draft, Steve. You see folks, the WWE draft will take place the first Monday in August on RAW and these young men will be the draft pool. This show is their opportunity to show Shane and Stephanie what they are made of. It is a chance to make an impression. Think of it like the Rose Bowl, the Final Four and the College Baseball World Series all rolled into one.

Austin- So stayed tuned in the coming weeks, WWE Universe. All of these potential superstars will be introducing themselves to you on RAW and Smackdown. You all need to check it out. And that's the bottom line because Stone Cold said so!!!


General Manager

Stephanie McMahon


John Cena (World Champion)
Rey Mysterio
*Big and Great
The Big Show
The Great Khali

MVP & Henry
*MVP (World Tag Team Title)
*Mark Henry (World Tag Team Title)
Cryme Tyme
*Shad Gaspard
Santino Morrella
R-Truth (US Title)
Yoshi Tatsu

Rajinn Singh (manger of The Great Khali)


Randy Orton


Chavo Gurrero
Ezekiel Jackson

The Colons
*Carlito Colon
*Primo Colon
Vladimir Kozlov
Zach Ryder

The Dude Brusters
*Caylen Croft
*Trent Barretta
The Uso Brothers
*Jimmy Uso
*Jules Uso
Paul Burchill



Shane McMahon


Triple H
John Morrison

Kofi Kingston (IC title)
Chris Masters

The Hart Dynasty 2.0
*David Hart Smith (WWE Tag Champion)
*Tyson Kidd (WWE Tag Champion)
Evan Bourne
Matt Hardy


Hornswoggle (manger of Fit Finlay)


The Varsity Club
*Jack Swagger (WWE Champion)
*Shelton Benjamin
*Charlie Haas
The Miz
Chris Jericho

The Straight Edge Society
*CM Punk
*Joseph Mercury
*Luke Gallows
Cody Rhodes
Dolph Ziggler
Ted DiBiase

The Gatecrashers
*Curt Hawkins
*Vance Archer
Tyler Recks
Mike Knoxx


Serena Deeb (manager of CM Punk, Joey Mercury and Luke Gallows)
Rosa Mendes



Theodore Long
Vickie Gurrero


Beth Phoenix
Gail Kim
Kelley Kelley
Natty Neidhart

The Bella Twins
*Brie Bella
*Nicci Bella
Eve Torres


Tamina Snuka
Allicia Fox

*Layla El (WWE Divas Champion)
*Michelle McCool
Jillian Hall

*Note From The Author*

*Note on Cryme Tyme in this diary. Rather than have them fall apart after Wrestlemania, I chose to keep them together becuase I need them to tag AND I have big plans for them. They play a central role in one of my main RAW storylines. Imagine that, Cryme Tyme in a good angle.
As of now, they are still arging with one another ;)

NXT will be taken in a totally differnt direction in this diary. Think of it more as more of a tournament and NOT a reality show. The mentors will have a big part in training and giving the "rookies" their spin on things, but the show is about showcasing new talent for the WWE universe and giving the WWE a draft pool for the draft. Established stars will NOT be jumping brand to brand or appearing on each others shows. When it does happen, it will be a HUGE occurance.

DIVAS will be developed slowly and steady. Its only a 1 hour show so my roster is about the right size to showcase every. That being said, I plan on bringing in 3 very important female workers that will add some excitement. I'm treating these ladies like actual workers; not eye candy. They will have legit angles and motivations for doing what they do. (It won't just be "Kelly Kelly is pretty. I hate her." or "Maryse is a bitch for no reason. Let's pillow fight.")

Stables will mean something like the old Horsemen or the orginal NWO. It won't just be set up to prop one guy up. These groups will have reasons to be together and will be orginizations that benifit everyone involved. I'm going to throw a tad bit of old 80s/90s style booking into the modern scene to give it a more authentic and meaning ful feel. Tag Wrestling will mean something. I plan to use it to build up wrestlers for the singles scene and help build the Carlito Colons and Shelton Benjamins into the new Brett Harts and Shawn Micheals. A ton of major stars came from a tag background. (HBK, The Hitman, Stone Cold, Ric Flair, etc.) I want to get back to that.

Managers will be used... Quote me. "Managers will be used." Just wait and see. (Hornswoggle and Rosa are a challenge, but real managers are coming eventually. Wait and see.)

The layout and majority of the graphics are courtsey of LJM. His help in this has been invaluable.
JDK was kind enough to help me with the DIVAs graphic while LJM was on holiday. (Both are great members over on another site.)

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I read it and I can say that I quite like the idea you have here. Something a bit unique I guess and hopefully you can bring back the whole Raw Superstar showing up on Smackdown = RARE and the same with Smackdown Superstar showing up on Raw. I don't expect you to put very much time into the Divas Show, no one ever seems to bother with the Divas bar a few bookers around here. All looks pretty good from an opening standpoint, I'll pop in for your first show and see how it goes. Good luck (Y)

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This looks very interesting....and honestly this is a great period to start off. Sure, some did not like Swagger's run as WHC, but it something that really intrigued me. I like that he has a stable surrounding him. Four shows maybe a bit much to write. However, good luck.

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Fancy seeing you here ;) Good luck with this, man! It looks great!

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Really looking forward to the unraveling of this project mate. The format is really crisp and well put together. You've really got something with a whole lot of potential here, good luck.

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WWE RAW, May 3 2010
The Carrier Dome Syracuse, NY



Michael Cole &Jerry "The King" Lawler

- Cause And Effect

The familiar music of John Cena plays as the crowd explodes in unison with the familiar opening chords. Cena appears and fires up the crowd with his normal salute/sprint to the ring. After a few moments of showmanship, the WWE champion raises the title over his head and calls for the microphone.

John Cena - (looking at his championship belt thoughtfully) I appreciate the reaction Syracuse; I really do. You guys really know how to make 'The Champ' feel welcome and I love you for it." (The crowd pops.)

"That being said, I've got a little something that has been bothering me. Bear with me for a moment and let me keep it real with ALL of you. You see, I'm the WWE champion and it feels great, BUT there is this one little thing just needling me that little bit. As I champion, I'd like to say I've taken on and defeated every man that the WWE and RAW General Manager, Stephanie McMahon, has put in front of me, but if we are being honest that didn't happen at Extreme Rules. Whether we like it or not, Randy Orton beat me." (The crowd boos.)

"I know, I know, that muscle bound tool bag, Batista, interfered and gave him a DQ victory over me, but it is still a victory. As WWE champion I just can't-"

Randy Orton's theme music interrupts the WWE champion and an intense Randy Orton appears on the entrance ramp and stares a hole through Cena as he slowly waits for the music to die down. He slowly slinks to the ring and speaks to Cena and the crowd as he moves.

Randy Orton - John, let me stop you right there. You see, as much as you are taking ownership of this loss; you really aren't. Yes, David Batista cost me my chance at the WWE title. Yes, I have a cheap win over you. I'll give you credit for admitting that, but you are failing to mention that before Batista's untimely interruption that I had you lined up and was about to punt you in the skull." (The crowd boos.)

"Oh yeah all of these people know it, I know it, the WWE Universe know it and , more importantly John, YOU know it. Deep down, you know I was about to take your belt, your dignity and your CAREER. Now if you were really the man of integrity you make yourself out to be, you'd hand me the belt I earned, wave good-bye to your fans and leave my ring for good."

John Cena - (Smiling as Orton enters the ring) "Why that is a pretty good offer, Randy. I've got to admit, you are getting a little soft on me as time goes on. Let me see... (face going hard) No."

Orton and Cena get face to face.

John Cena - Yeah, you had me lined up. It could have happened. It could have been just liked you said, but we both know punts get blocked and I'm a tough man to keep down. So you wonder about the hypotheticals and I'll one up you and give you your rematch here in Syracuse, New York TONIGHT!!! What do you think about that Randy?"

Randy Orton - (smirking) "I think-"

The theme music of Batista explodes out of the sound system before Orton can finish his sentence. "The Animal" walks out and slowly brings the microphone to his lips with a cocky smile.

Batista - My two favorite people up there arguing for the entire world to see. This is quite sad." (The crowd boos.)

"But when it comes to you two, the term 'sad' gets thrown around quite a bit. It's a sad thought to think of either one of you as WWE champion. It was sad to see you two feebly grappling away at one another at Extreme Rules. It is sad that both of you are too scared to get into the ring with me. As a matter of fact, the only thing that isn't sad is how I left both of you laying in the middle of that ring at Extreme Rules. The better man showed himself that night. The better man showed that he deserved that belt."

Randy Orton - (glaring in disbelief) "You think you deserve MY title shot because you jumped me from out of nowhere? Are you crazy, Dave? If you-"

Batista - (chuckling) "Oh don't play choir boy with me, Randy. We both know that you've done worse to keep and gain that title. You broke my arm to get it back one time, remember?"

Orton - "I should have broken your neck! You-"

John Cena - "Listen up you two! I don't give a blue damn which one of you I get into this ring with. Both of you are equally disgusting in my eyes. It's like picking between ring worm and tape worm. If it helps both your feelings, I'll take on BOTH of you at the same time. How does that sound?"

As the crowd cheers at Cena's suggestion, the music of Stephanie McMahon hits and the “Billion Dollar Princess" strides out and stands by Batista. She slowly eyes him with a look of scorn and the big man backs away with a tight angry smile. As he does, Steph glares at the ring with a cold look of annoyance.

Stephanie McMahon - "I appreciate you guys trying to book MY show, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. John, I'll decide who you face here tonight. Do you have that? Do ALL of you understand that?" (All three men glare at their GM, but say nothing.)

"The fact is, John Cena is still the WWE champion and we need to decide who the number one contender is; so that is what we will do here tonight. Tonight we will have a number-one contender’s match between Batista and Randy Orton!" (All three men jerk away in disappointment.)

"Oh and John? (Cena looks back towards McMahon with a disappointed look on his face.) To ensure that everything is fair... YOU will be the referee!"

- Ezekiel Jackson vs. Yoshi Tatsu


As RAW announcers, Michael Cole and Jerry "The King” Lawler, buzz about the main event and the opening segment, Jackson dominates Tatsu with a variety of power moves. The Japanese whirlwind attempts to use his speed to keep his large opponent off balance, but Zeke's power is too much. After about 2 and half minutes of domination, Jackson plants Tatsu with "The Book of Ezekiel" and pins him.

- NXT Vignette - Skip Sheffield

The camera scrolls into an empty weight room where a lone figure (with his back turned) works out. As the camera zooms in as the large man curls 150 pound dumbbells in rapid succession. Sweat drips off him and the audible grunts of him straining are heard echoing throughout the gym.

Voice - "Everyone works to get into this business... Everyone sacrifices... Everyone is driven. What sets a WWE Superstar apart from the rest? Is it some sort charisma? Is it rare athletic ability? Is it having connections?"

The large man drops the dumbbells and spins around with an intense look of anger on his face. Skip Sheffield eyes the camera dangerously and rushes forward quickly to give the audience at home a close up of his intense features.

Skip Sheffield - "What sets a WWE Superstar apart is the ability to inflict PAIN. Pure and simple PAIN! WWE Universe, you are looking at "The Silverback" Skip Sheffield. It is the last sight many a WWE Superstar will ever see when I get in the ring with them. I have carved a body meant to inflict pain and injury. The sound of breaking bones and tearing tendons isn't something that makes me squeamish. It is the sound of a job well done. Many folks call me intense. They call me violent. They call ME uncontrollable. (laughing manically) I call it normal. Give me my NEXT victim. Give me my NEXT opportunity. I'm not excited. I'm ready."

- Redneck Wrecking 'Cool'?


The Colon Brothers (Carlito and Primo) are in the ring together when RAW returns from commercial break. The once popular tag-team feels the heat of the Syracuse crowd as they begin their promo. Every time Carlito brings the microphone to his mouth, the crowd boos causing him to drop it in annoyance. This goes on for a few moments as Lawler and Cole laugh along with the television audience.

Carlito - "You people are not cool. My brother and I were going to give you a chance, but you blew it. How does that make you feel?" (The crowd boos.)

"I'd feel horrible too. If we woke up and were as pathetic as you, we'd never get out of bed. Judging by the look of most of your waist lines, a lot of you have come to that conclusion as well. I've never seen so many fat people. Isn't there like a college here or something? Haven't you people heard of exercise? What do you think, Primo?"

Primo - (leans into the microphone) "I think these people-" (Carlito jerks the microphone back as Primo tries to keep talking.)

Carlito - " I agree! I couldn't have said it better myself!" (Primo looks disappointed about not being able to speak, but he shrugs and lets Carlito continue with the interview)

"You know what else isn't cooling, Primo? The fact that WE aren't getting a shot at our tag team titles tonight. I mean, we aren't even booked to wrestle. How do you forget to book a match with the coolest tag team on the roster?" (Carlito and Primo share a brief conversation out of microphone range and shake their head in disbelief)

"So I tell you what, if Stephanie McMahon won't do her job. I'll do it for her. The Colons are issuing an open challenge to any tag team here tonight. Come on down and get beat down by Caribbean Cool."


After a few moments of silence, a forgotten theme song is played. Even though it hasn't been heard in years, the crowd pops as the theme and Titantron video of The Redneck Wrecking Crew is played. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdock soon appear on the sound stage and slowly march towards the ring as the shocked Colons scramble around in disbelief.

- The Colons vs. The Redneck Wrecking Crew

The Wrecking Crew takes quick control and rough the brothers up with their hard hitting, brawling style. Using quick tags and border-line maneuvers, the former tag champs rough up Carlito. Using his head, Carlito manages to turn the tide with a thumb to the eye and even the action out in him and his brother’s favor.

The six minute match was a clinic in good tag team wrestling as the two established teams fell into a good rhythm and provided the fans with a few false finishes and one big spot where Primo was double-back dropped over the top rope and to the floor. In the end, The Redneck Wrecking Crew connected with Sweet and Sour and pinned Carlito.

- The Rumblings Of Giants


The scene flips back to the dressing room where The Great Khali is listening to his manger, Ranjin Singh. The smaller man is imploring the large wrestler to stay positive in a mixture of English and their native Hindi.

Ranjin Singh - (Speaking in Hindi as Khali nods in understanding.) "I mean, you are the biggest man in the WWE, Khali! There is no one greater than you! This should be easy for you."

As he says this, the camera pans out. Standing around the corner is an obviously annoyed Big Show. Show strides around the corner and confronts his manger and tag team partner.

Big Show - "The biggest in the WWE, huh? Really?"

Singh and Khali quickly try to sooth the situation by apologizing, but Show quickly holds up his hand and closes his eyes in annoyance.

Big Show - "Listen, I don't care what you have to tell him. You can call him Andre the Giant for all I care. I just need him ready to get our tag team titles back tonight. No more slip ups! Got it?"

Singh nods quickly as Khali stares at the angry show with a confused look. Show cuts his eyes and stalks off.

- NXT Vignette: 'A-List' David Otunga

Footage of David Otunga and his wife, Jennifer Hudson, walking down the red carpet during the premiere of some movie is shown as Otunga's voice narrates the scene.

David Otunga - "It's easy to forget about me as all the flashes pop and the reporters ask questions. It's easy to forget that I'm six foot and 250 pounds of solid muscle. It's easy to forget that I'm an elite athlete. Forget reality shows, forget the red carpet affairs, and forget the A-list treatment... I'm David Otunga. The NEXT star of the WWE."

A quick montage of Otunga slamming, clotheslining, back suplexing and elbow dropping a nameless wrestler quickly fills the screen. A slow motion shot of Otunga executing a high angle Spinebuster ends the montage. Otunga turns toward the camera with a cocky smile.

David Otunga - "Forget what you think you know about me. Whether it's walking towards the ring or down the red carpet, I'm always the one you need to look at. David Otunga is coming to make the WWE famous. Coming soon to a WWE ring near you, the NEXT WWE champion: David Otunga."

- Mark Henry & MVP vs. The Big Show & The Great Khali (WWE Tag Team Championships)


Show insists on starting the match and roughly orders Khali to the outside from the match’s outset. He and MVP go at it, but MVP uses his quickness to stay one step ahead of Show and gets the early advantage as he connects with a rapid-fire assault of high impact moves that stagger the big man and leaving him grasping at air.

The current champions use tags to stay fresh and stifle Show's offense. Every time the big Giant gets some good offense rolling, Henry or MVP manages to get away and make the tag to get a fresh man in. Show, however, tries to take over the match himself and quickly finds himself out of breath. After taking a high amount of punishment, Show grudgingly makes the tag and Khali steps over the top rope.

As the match progresses, Show and Khali prove not to be in sync as Henry and MVP beat them to moves and stay one step ahead of them. The match ends when Khali is accidently knocked out by Show with his big right hand as he attempts to finish off Mark Henry during a four way brawl. Henry quickly rolls up the fallen Indian giant as MVP dropkicks the back of Show's knee. As the champions celebrate, Show slams the matt in frustration.

- Busting On Cool


The Dudebusters, Caylen Croft and Trent Barretta, laugh at a monitor in the back.

Caylen Croft- "Getting beat by a man with fewer teeth than fingers isn't cool."

Trent Barretta - (giggling) "No doubt, man. I mean, you'd have to be a team of total jackasses to get outsmarted by Cade and Murdock. Those two aren't exactly the grand manipulators. I've seen rusty razors that were smoother, dude."

Caylen Croft - "Dude, they just set themselves up!!! How funny is that, dude? To have no clue it was coming!!! Dude-"


The camera pans to The Colons, who are standing to the distracted team's right as they giggle and make jokes. Finally, Carlito has had enough.

Carlito - "You two think that's funny, huh? WE are jackasses?"

Trent Barretta - (looking sheepish) "Sorry, man. It was funny and all, but-"

Carlito - "Funny? Do you think that is funny, Primo?" (Primo goes to answer, but Carlito cuts him off.)

"You are right, brother!!! It isn't funny. It isn't hilarious. It isn't cool. (Pointing at the Dudebusters) You two better watch yourselves! My brother and I aren't some joke!"

- NXT Vignette: 'Iron' Brett DiBiase

A young man steps out of limo dressed in a finely tailored grey suit. He strides towards the camera with a confident swagger. He looks into the camera and smiles.

Brett DiBiase - "This is what you would expect from the son of "The Million Dollar Man"", Ted DiBiase. My brother took that route. I could have as well, but I am NOT my father. I am not my brother. Before the money, before the fame, there was iron; "Iron" Mike DiBiase. You may have never heard of my grandfather. I never met him, he died in the ring when my father was a teenager. His legacy will on through me. His legacy was a legacy of iron: tough, unyielding and strong. It wasn't about flash and dollars."

DiBiase slowly peels off the expensive jacket and drops it on the street. He snatches off his tie and throws it away. He pops off the button of his shirt to reveal and wife-beater underneath.

"Iron" Brett DiBiase isn't breaking away from his roots by throwing away the money. He is embracing his roots by going back to where they started. Get ready WWE Universe, the NEXT DiBiase will be the best."

- Rey Mysterio vs. 'The Chosen One' Drew McIntyre


As the two competitors are called out, the RAW broadcast announces that the "R-Rated Superstar"�, Edge, has joined them to broadcast this match. Edge is somewhat cordial, but makes several snide remarks to show up Lawler and Cole as Rey and Drew make their way down the aisle.

Edge explains how he is relieved to be away from the "B-Show"� and is thrilled to be able to compete on the only WWE show that matters, RAW. He emphasizes how he was "wasted" on the blue brand and swears that he will once again be ready to bring excitement back to show that has missed him.

The larger McIntyre quickly tries to bully Mysterio and is very aggressive by pinning him in the corner and working him over. Rey has a hard time finding the space he needs to execute his high-flying moves because Drew keeps him on the mat or trapped in the corner. The referee is forced to use several five counts to keep Drew honest, but the young prodigy seems undisturbed by it.

Throughout this, Edge sounds unimpressed with McIntyre's effort. He says he has heard all the hype about Drew being "Chosen One" and is "quite frankly very under-whelmed. "You'd think that if he was that good; Mysterio would be finished by now. Quiet obviously, Mysterio isn't and its obvious, to me anyway, that he is "The Overrated One"�. Mr. McMahon must have had a nip or two of the bubbly when he coined that phrase "Chosen One" in reference to the man I'm watching in the ring now."

Just as it seems Drew has the match well in hand, Rey manages to slip out of the corner and get the ball rolling his way. He bounces around the ring hitting Drew with one high-flying move after the other. Even when Drew retreats to the outside, Rey manages to mash him with an over the top-rope dive that sends Drew sprawling on the outside.

In short order, Rey ducks a wild clothesline and manages to drop toe-hold Drew across the middle ropes. One quick 6-1-9 later, The diminutive former-World champion has his hand raised in victory; much to the delight of the crowd. Edge shakes Cole and Lawler's hand and exits the broadcast booth as the show goes to commercial.

- NXT Vignette: 'The Menace' Michael Tarver

A tall black man (Michael Tarver) walks down a lonely street in a run-down part of town during the middle of the night. His face is somber with the hint of a scowl. Two bums begin to approach him, but quickly move away as he meets their faces with a glare. He continues to an abandoned warehouse and looks both ways before tapping on the door. A large man answers and silently lets him in.

The camera follows the man as he weaves through a warehouse of seedy men gambling and arguing with each other. He emerges from the throng to a wrestling ring that is set up in the middle of the building. Two men strike each other as the crowd urges them on. Stripped from the top down, the sport black eyes and scrapped knuckles.

The figure watches the fight impassively and nods dismissively when one man emerges the victor. As the victor and loser are ushered from the ring, he strips off his shirt and ominously ties a black mask bandana across his nose; so that it covers the lower portion of his face.

Men point in his direction and pass money. A muscular man enters the ring and points in the direction of the masked man; his intentions plain. The masked man rushes forward with his fists cocked.

The next scene shows the masked man standing over his unconscious antagonist with his arms raised over his head in triumph. The camera zooms in towards his face.

Michael Tarver - "Men call me "The Menace". My name in Michael Tarver. The WWE will be my NEXT battleground. Fifteen men stand in my way. Fifteen men will fall like the rest. My life has been a fight. I'm bringing to the WWE."

- R-Truth vs. Paul Burchill (U.S. Championship)


Truth comes out and fires up the crowd with his song and dance routine as Burchill waits in the ring with a mildly disgusted look on his face. It is obvious he isn't impressed with Truth's artistic talent. Truth spends a few minutes interacting with the crowd, before finally starting the match.

The crowd is treated to a very nicely paced, back and forth match-up that sees both men get plenty of offense. Burchill uses stiff wrestling holds and high-impact moves to keep Truth on edge, but the champion manages to rally later and avoid Burchill's attempt at a Curb Stomp. The over-extended Burchill walks back into a high hiptoss that changes the course of the match.

After a few minutes of offense, Truth lands his axe-kick and rolls over the game challenger for the pinfall and the match.

- Cutting To The Corr Of The Truth

R-Truth hops on the second rope following his victory and acknowledges the crowd. The popular champion calls for the microphone to say something, but a large man slides into the ring as his back is turned.

Michael Cole - "Good Lord, King!!! That is Marcus Cor Vonn!!! What is he doing here?

Jerry Lawler - "Whatever it is, it doesn't look good. Look out, Truth!!!�

As the crowd roars, the U.S. Champion gets a puzzled look on his face. He hops off the second rope, but Corr Vonn rushes towards him as he lands. R-Truth is hit with "The Pounce"� flush in his chest and is almost cut in half. Cor Vonn beats away at R-Truth unmercifully. The viciousness of the attack causes Lawler and Cole to recoil in horror. Cor Vonn snatches the microphone up off the mat and looks down at R-Truth in disgust.

Marcus Cor Vonn - "You make me sick. For weeks, I've watched you dance around and make a fool of yourself and your race. You aren't some dancing toy for THESE people's enjoyment. Do you realize how stupid you look?"

"Get up, Truth! Get up and dance like the trained dog you are. Do you think this title makes it ok? (Cor Vonn throws the US title belt out of the ring) A few pounds of gold shouldn't make a man abandon the dignity of what he is. You make us look bad and over the coming weeks I'm either going to lead you to (in mock contempt) the truth or I will cut you out of the WWE like the sell-out you are. You disgust me."

The large man stands over R-Truth with his lips curled back in anger and contempt as the show goes to commercial.

- Batista vs. Randy Orton (Special Guest Referee: John Cena)


The announcers are stilled stunned by what happened before the show went to commercial. They grimly tell the fans at home that R-Truth was helped to the back by several officials and WWE medical personal.

Orton and Batista stand nose to nose as they prepare to begin the match. The hatred between the two wrestlers can be felt by everyone in the building and the fans watching at home. The bell rings and the two long time rivals begin to speak to one another in harsh phrases. Cena attempts to break up the exchange and get the match going, but both men push him away.

As Cena stumbles backwards, Orton takes advantage and throws a hard right to Batista's temple. Batista returns the blow and the tone for the match is set for the final 12 minutes of RAW. Each man pushes the rulebook to its limits in an attempt to gain number one contenders status and infuriate Cena.

Cena is clearly flustered with each man's attempt and argues with "The Viper"� and "The Animal"� frequently. Despite threatening to strike each man, the special referee and WWE champion remains impartial as best he can and calls the match down the middle.

As RAW closes, Orton manages to regain control with a quick powerslam as a winded Batista rushes towards him. He quickly follows up with a high jumping knee drop and slowly back into the corner. The fans begin to murmur in excitement as Orton loads up to punt Batista in the skull. As Orton rushes forward, Orton's would-be-victim pulls Cena into Orton and the two men's head crash together. Both Cena and Orton crumble to the mat in a heap.

Batista slowly climbs to his feet and sets up Orton for the Batista-Bomb. The impact of the move shakes the ring, but Cena is still trying to recover. Batista hooks the pinfall and yells at Cena to count. After a few seconds, the big man stands up and walks over to Cena. He roughly slaps him in the back of the head and starts to yell at him. In a flash of anger, Cena jumps up and lifts Batista to his shoulders. The big heel is violently slammed to the mat as Cena executes the Attitude Adjustment. The crowd cheers as Cena pops up and throws the "Hustle, Loyalty, Respect " sign in the air.

Orton crawls over slowly and drapes his arm over the downed Batista. Cena counts. 1! 2! 3!

Michael Cole - Orton is the new number one contender! John Cena just gave a victory to the man that will face him next; to a man that recorded the victory over him at Extreme Rules!

Thanks for all the great feedback, guys. I've got quiet a few shows banked so this diary is pretty well mapped out for the next few weeks. The coding is a tad off so it will require some work to get the weeks out, but nothing to hard.

I return reviews. It's quiet a big deal to me, but I like to give quality feedback so it takes time. (Not just recaps of what you wrote. You know that... I'm trying to give you some ideas/viewpoints.) I'm going through each guy that has left a comment, in the order they gave them. If I haven't got to you yet, please be patient. It is coming. Thanks again."

Good to see you over Jaybee. Familar faces are always good.

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Well it’s your first show in this thread let’s see how you did….here we go:

I have to say out of everyone I felt Batista was the best with his cocky attitude that he had going. Cena just seemed a bit too cheesy, while Orton in my eyes didn’t have much intensity. I felt more action in between his dialogue would have been better. Still it’s a nice match that you set up and I can’t wait.

A basic squash match to open up is fine. Personally someone like Tatsu has no future in the E. So good for Zeke.

I’ll just say all the NXT superstar previews were written very well and you have an interesting pool of talent. I was surprise you didn’t announce their pros however….felt like that would have been a nice extra bonus to read.

A nice little short promo before the match. With Carlito dominating the mic…I feel maybe a face turn from Primo soon. I did like the Redneck Wrecking Crew and this was a good match. A bit more detail I felt could have been place in this match. Still a decent match.

Two tag matches in a row not a huge fan of to be honest. Maybe the Colon’s should have interfered instead of having a match right before this one. Again I felt a bit more details would have been nice…but it got the point across. MVP/Henry are on the same length, Show/Khali not too much. Once again just work on details a bit more especially in matches like this. Maybe express the frustration of Show more. Maybe he throws a fit. Maybe him and Khali have a few words and Khali leaves. Stuff like that works. Paints a more vivid picture.

Kind of ironic since Primo seems to be a joke with no mic time. Anyway a short but sweet promo. I feel these two can put on some great matches but once again that will require details when the time arises.

Edge coming out to do some announcing was pretty good by me. Honestly some great lines you had for Edge. It sounded authentic. The match itself was pretty good. I have always been a Mac mark, so seeing him lose kind of stung a bit. Will we see a Mac/Edge feud I don’t know. I was just surprised he bad mouthed Mac more than Rey Rey which would have seemed more logical in my opinion. Also surprised to see nothing out of Edge just a simple handshake….kind of something that could have had a huge storyline booster, having Edge attack someone.

Marcus Cor Von was a good wrestler. He had some potential. It seems like you’re plan storyline is Cor Von upset at his fellow African American acting like a puppet of sorts. It’s different. You can maybe even bring up TNA stuff (without ever saying the promotion of course). This could be an interesting mid card feud with the title. Glad to see some fireworks after the bell, sets up a nice potential storyline/feud.

Okay this was an interesting main event. I do like Cena hitting the AA, sets up him and Batista nicely even though Orton won the match. Maybe again some fireworks afterwards, like a staredown between Orton and Cena. I just felt it needed something more. Maybe even Batista going apeshit all over the ring. It was a nice finish but I wanted more.

Overall: It was an okay first show. I felt the NXT stuff was some of your best work while the matches were anywhere from decent to plain like vanilla ice cream. There is still a lot of improvement though. Maybe expand the matches, put a promo more or two in there with a longer length, and you got yourself something here so the overall grade in my eyes is a 6/10. Good luck with the rest of this :)
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