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Which Themes(Vote for 2) do you want to be used for Raws Theme?

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If you haven't voted for a previous group,you can still do so:

1st grouping: (lead by songs like Dragula-Rob Zombie and This is going to hurt- Sixx) http://www.wrestlingforum.com/raw/621062-raw-theme-tourney-1-a.html

2nd grouping: (lead by songs like Bodies- Drowning Pool and Time To Shine - Saliva) http://www.wrestlingforum.com/raw/621433-raw-theme-tourney-2-a.html

3rd grouping: (lead by songs such as All within My Hands- Metallica)

Now for Group D:
Soul Creation- Cinder
I am alive- Shinedown
Breaking Me Down- Soil
Fight em till you can't- Anthrax
Sound of Madness- Shinedown

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I remember that Soil song being used for the xXx movie trailers back in 2001 and thought, at the time, it would be a good WWE theme. Cinder reminds me of Godsmack, but that song could easily be used for a PPV over being used weekly for RAW.

Some suggestions for future rounds include but are not limited to:
"Hellions On Parade" - cKy
"Mice and Gods" - Clutch
"Take Back The Fear" - Hail The Villain
"Before I Forget" - Slipknot

For the record I would have never thought WWE would go with Coheed & Cambria for any theme so whatever it is could be out of left field and stray from the regular formula.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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