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The show open's with a replay of what happened at Vengeance during the H.I.A.C. match. It Show's Edge coming out after Batista has won the H.I.A.C. match. Edge comes out with the Breifcase
signs the contract givis it to the referee. Grabs the breifcase goes 2 hit Batista, misses and gets spine bustered, for a 2 count. Batista goes 2 the ref saying that was 3, he pushes the ref, then the ref is distracted, Edge scores with a lowblow
and goes for the spehe, hits it, then hits the Eduction. for the 3 count.
Eric Bischoff is in the ring he grabs a mic.

Eric BischoffLadies and gentlemen welcome to Monday Night Raw where unfortuantly we are without Edge, but more importantly without a championship.Well we have a wannabee W.W.E. Title but..... The Champ is heyaas John Cena makes his way down to the ring spinning his W.W.E. Title. He grabs a mic.
John CenaYo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo The Champ is Heya Hey Bischoff whats the matter G. you saying there's no Champion, what You Cant See me * Cena does the thing with hid hand* Ya see man I go by the Name John Cena, this is my W.W.E. Title, and they, they are the chain gang, make some noise. * crowd POP *
BischoffLook Mr. Cena I kow who u r, but apprantly you dont know who I am, I am the G.M. of RAW, and well this show happens 2 be ah RAW so you wil do what i say other wise your going to suffer the consensuses that Undersatood?

CenaHey ya no something man, I never really listined 2 neone, except the fans, and it sound's like their saying * F-U* so as I always do I listin to the Chaing Gang. * Cena picks up Bischoff and givis him the F-U*
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And we return with Eric Bischoff in the back talking to the Coach.

Coach Boss are you ok are u in any pain?
Bischoff What r u blind I just for F-Ued by John Cena ya no what Coach
CoachYeah Boss
BischoffGo Tell John Cena he's going to have a title match tonight againist Kurt Angle.

CoachOk Boss do you need anything??
BischoffNo just go do as I say and tell Kurt Angle he has a tshot at the World Title.

We go to the ring announcer for our first match.
AnnouncerThe following match is set for one fall and it is for the W.W.E. Intercointional Championship. First introduring the NEW W.W.E. I.C. Champion from Detriot Michigan Muhammad Hassan* Crowd boos extra loudly*. He comes in and grabs a mic.

Muhammad HassanLadies ang Gentleman I am Muhammad Hassan, and I'd just like to show everyone what happened last night. * They Show the footage of Hassan pinning Shelton Benjamin 1.2.3.* So Mr. Benjamin it loos like their is stoping you.

AnnouncerAnd the challenger weighting 225 pounds from North Carolina Shelton Benjamin. * Aint no Stopin Me * hits as Shelton makes his way down to the ring.

They lock up and it's Shelton sending Hassan to the outside. Hassan re groups and with Davari's interfearance takes control of the match. He is putting the boots 2 Shelton. He sends him to the ropes and goes for a clothline and Hassan misses and walks right into the Sheltin kick.

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And wereturn with Shelton sending Hassan to the corner, he hits the stinger splash, but only gets a 2 count. He picks up Hassan and sends him to the corner again, this time he's punching him in the head. he falls down. Benjamin goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count. He sends Hassan to the ropes, sleeper hold. Hassan looks like he's about to fade away, Davari gets up to the ring apron. Distracting the ref, Hassan releases the hold and knocks down Davari. Davari hits the floor, Hassan takes something out of his tights, it's brass knuckels. He goes to puinch Benjamin in the face with them, but walks right into a T-Bone suplex, but as Shelton's hitting the move, Hassan gets him in the side of the head with the knucks. Both men r down, the ref starts his count. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, Benjamin is up, 9 Hasdsan gets up. Now Hassan walks into the T-Bone suples and Benjamin connects . 1.2. Davari gets Hassan's foot on the rope. The ref sees this and sends Davari away from ringside. Meanwhile in the ring Hassan had goten up and lowblows Benjamin, he goes for his finisher and connects. He puts him in the camal klutch, it's over. AnnouncerAnd the winner is and still W.W.E. I.C. champion Muhamad Hassan After the match Davari comes out and Hassan and Davari attack Benjamin, their attacking him with chairs now unti all of a sudden. The old W.G.T.T. music hits, they look at the entrance, where Charlie Haas is, he runs down with a W.G.T.T. shirt on. He runs down and cleans house, with a stele chair. Benjamin comes 2, and is like wut the hell r u doing here. The 2 embrace. * I'm Back* hits as Eric Bischoff comes down to the stage.

BischoffLadies and Gentleman p[lease welcome to RAW the newset Smackdown drafte Charlie Haas, Now let me introduce you to the Worlds Greatest Tag Team, who next week are going to have their first Tag match. It wil be Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas taking on Muhammad Hassan and Davaari.

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And were back with Chris Masters in the ring.
MastersNow last night something horribile happened, I took on a new compititor in some guy Nova.And somehow he was able to eget out of my Master Lock challenge, he must have used oil or something on his back because I couldn't get a good grip on him. So since he cheated I still have my money. * Nova's theme hits*

* He Takes off his mask *and it's.... Simon Dean.

NovaLadies and Gentlemen my name is Nova, but being that my former partner Maven turned on me, I'd figure I'd go back to what brought me to the Danse* Crowd POP* I am going back to being NovaWith that He drop kicks Masters. He's sends him to the ropes cross body- 2 count. He picks him up and sends him to the ropes Hurraconrana. 1.2. kickout. He picks him up, but all of a sudden Maven comes out from the back, he's attacking his former partner. Masters/Maven are putting the boots to Nova. * Japeneze Buzzsaw* hits as Tajari comes down to the ring. He clears house, and the fasns start shouting E.C.dub, E.C.dub. as we go to a

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We return with J.R. and King talking about Kane.

Jim RossThe following footage might be kinda heard to watch so put the Womens and Children to bed.

Jerry The KingLast night was one of the most hanious thing's i think I have ever seen, worse then the Undertaker's dark days. Hell even worse then that E.C.W. P.P.V.

J.R.Oh King would u be serious, last night Edge knocked Kane out, then this is the most hanious thing of all, he throws him in a dumpster, throws a can of gasoling in the dumpster, lights it on fire, and then sends it crashing into a wall. Kane has been hospitalised with 2'nd degree burns, a torn shoulder, and will be out of action for a minuim of 6 month's of corse this is just specultion, we may never see the big Red Macine ever again.

King Ok I'll be serious and wish Kane a speedy recovery, and my condolinces go out to his family, Oh wait J.R. he doesn't have ne family.

J.R.Oh King I hope Kane comes back and kicks ur ass right down to hell.

* Batista's* theme hits* as the animal makes his way down to the ring.

Batistaok I'm not gonna come out and bitych and whine and complaini about loseing my World Title Last Night. I have nothing to be ashemed about. I had just had a 40+ minute H.I.A.C. match againist Triple H. in which I ended his 4 winning streak. Then I get this little punk peice of shit Edge come out and attack me with his breifcase and he sends his M.I.T.B. contract to a ref and the ref rings the bell and I lose me World Title. Thats fine because Edge I dont care if I've gotta win the Royal Rumble for the second year in a row, one way or another I am going to kick your ass, one way or another I am getting my revenge and one or another i am getting my World Title back.

* he begin's to go through the ropes when all of a sudden Christian's music hits, he makes his way down to the ring and grabs a mic.

Chris JerichoWould you please shut the hell up assclown, ya lost fair and square, I lost last night as well, but I didn't lose fair and square, I had that son of a bitch John Cena pinned
but that creepy little basterd Christian had to screw everything up. I had Cena in the walls he was getting ready to tapp I felt it.
BatistaYa no what Jericho it seems like to me your the one whose bitching and complaining. Hmm maybe it's because you lost at Veangeance two years in a row. This year againist Batista and Christian and Last yuear to ah i dont remember this guys name, but I've got the footage, roll it. * They show the footage of Batista pinning Jericho last yr at Veangeance. During them showing the footage Jericho swings at Batista and the 2 r fighting. Cena comes down, and then Angle comes out. * I'm Back* hits as Eric Bischoff comes down, he says ya o what I've decided to change tonight's main event, it's no longer going to be John Cena vs Kurt Angle it's going to be Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho taking on John Cena and Batista.And that match is next as soon as we come back from a

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Cena starts it off with Angle, they both look up, and it's Cena over powering Angle, he sends him to the outside. Angle comes back into the ring and head in guts Cena. He snapmares him over the top rope. Angle goes right to work delivering German's right after left. He gets a string of 5. Then goes for the 3 count and only gets a 2. He tags in Jericho who goes for the walls of Jericho, but Cena makes the Tag 2 Batista, Batista gets in there and knocks Angle down, he knocks Jericho down, back body drop to Angle, back body drop to Jerico, he sends Angle out of the ring, he sets up Jericho for his powerbomb finisher, but it's Triple H. from the crowd he has a chair and He pedigree's Batista, and this ends RAW.
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