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wwe raw opens up with a small package video of kane winning the world title last week!

1st-handicap-if dudleys win they get tag title shot at the royal rumble,but if they lose;they will never recieve a tag title shot ever again-batista vs dudleys
d-von goes at batista,but he just knocks d-von over, bubba jumps onto batista,but he gets a powerslam for his trouble,batista then hits a double closeline and followers up with a spinebuster to d-von and a powerslam to bubba, batista picks up d-von and throws him over the top rope and goes over to bubba and lifts him up into a military press slam,d-von re-entres the ring ands runs right into a hugh spear..1..2..bubba breaks count,batista then starts to batter bubba to a pulp but d-von grabs batista and tries a slam,just to recieve a sit down powerbomb,batista then picks up bubba and hits another sit down powerbomb then he hits a 3rd sit down powerbomb for the 3
winner-batista in 4:41

(raw goes to a break)

triple h comes to the ring and demands a rematch against kane tonight,bischoff comes out and informs every one that austin won't be there tonight after the beating he got from kane last week and grates triple h his rematch with a special stipulation,in which he will reveal later tonight, triple h then says he will regain HIS world championship tonight and leaves

a video is shown of kane attacking austin last week and austin having to leave in an ambulance

jr then goes on to wish austin a happy and fast return

(raw goes to a 2nd break)

2nd-chris jericho/christian vs matt/john from TE3
not much really to say, but c/y2j destroyes the to T3 jokes and proves that no TE person is allowed in the wwe,finish comes when christian unprettiers matt
winner-christian & chris jericho in 1:04

triple h is shown tring to find out what the stipulation is to his rematch, but eric justs tells him that he will have to wait just like every one else!

3rd-booker t vs goldberg
goldberg directly attacks booker at the bell and throws him around like a rag doll, booker gets some control at 2:09 but goldberg hits a spear at 2:45 and nails the jackhammer for the 3
winner-goldberg in 2:50

kane runs down after the match and attacks goldberg & booker t,chokeslamming both men in the progress and leaves!

(raw goes to a 3rd break)

a replay is shown of kane attacking goldberg & booker t

4th-matt hardy V1.0 vs mark henry(theodore r. long)
mark runs through matt at the starting bell with a closeline and hits a running powerslam, and picks him up and hits a 2nd running powerslam, mark then picks matt up again,but matt hits a few punches on henry followed by a drop kick to the knee, matt goes up and goes for an axehandle but mark traps him in a bearhug for the submission win in this pretty short match
winner-mark henry in 1:03

trish was shown talking to lita but they where to far away to hear anything!

(raw cuts to a 4th break)

5th-womens championship-trish stratus(w/lita) vs molly holly(C)
trish starts of well with a close line and some fore arms but molly gains control with a back body drop follwed by a closeline, molly then hits a powerbomb..1..2..kick out, molly places trish in the corner and hits a few punches followed by another closeline, molly picks trish up,but trish figths back with some chops then a spinebuster, trish tehn place molly up top and hits the stratus-sphere follwed by the bulldog..1..2..lita pulls trish off molly, as trish looks confused at lita,molly scores with a roll up for the win
winner- and still womens champion molly holly in 6:57

molly then beats down trish as lita slowly gets into the ring, molly then gives lita the belt and she nails trish with the title before handing it back.lita then goes on about her return and how happy she was, but then mentions her defeat at survivor series to molly and how upset she was and then trish starts to get HER chances at the title, she had to do something so she came up with a plan which hit full circle moments a go,lita then hits the twist of fate and moonsault on trish, lita and molly then leaves togeather as trish is still in the ring!

(raw cuts to its 5th and final break)

a replay is shown of lita costing trish the title then molly/lita's attack on trish and lita's explanation

main event-world heavyweight championship-kane(C) vs triple h(w/ ric flair/randy ortan/batista)
eric comes out and tells every one that the match stipulation is no holds barred with him as the referre of the match
kane dominates triple h with some punches and closelines and a boot, ortan tries to interfer but kane closelines him then hits both flair & batista, triple h gains control though this and goes for a pedigree but kane counters and hits a boot for a 2 count,kane then goes up top and hits a flying closeline but batista attacks kane followed by ortan and flair interefering but bischoff doesn't care, kane fights back clearing the ring of evolution in 9:30,goldberg runs in and tries to spear kane but gets chokeslammed straight to hell! booker t then runs in and haves better luck then goldberg but also goes down to a chokslam,triple h then hits kane serveral times with a chair but only gets a 2 count to his dislike, batista then hits the sit down powerbomb on kane, ortan then hits the rko and triple h hits the pedigree..1...2...kick out by kane, triple h look on in disbelief as kane sits up, triple h nad the rest of evolution goes for kane but he just attacks in an rage of hell,fire and brimstone and destroyes evolution and hits a chokeslam on all 4 members of evolution then kane hits a 2nd chokeslam on triple h and gets the 1...2....3..to retain his world title
winner-and still world heavyweight champion kane 15:56

flair then challenges kane to a world title match inside a steel cage at the royal rumble....to which kane accepts!

raw ends with kane standing over triple h with the world titleas flair and the rest of evolution looks on!


smackdown opens up with a shot of lesnar f-5'in holly off the stage last week..the main event is shown-wwe championship- brock lesnar(C) vs chris benoit

1st-crusierweight championship-triple threat elimination-rey mysterio(C) vs tajiri(w/akio/sakoda) vs chavo
rey gets handicaped for the most of the first few minutes,until tajiri attack'd chavo,tajiri hits the kick off death to eliminate chavo
eliminated-chavo by tajiri in 4:34
rey then jumps on to tajiri and hits way at him, followed by the trip onto the ropes and the 619 and west coast pop, but akio's gt the ref distarcted and sakoda hits rey with the title and puts tajiri on to rey for the the pin and the title
winner-and new crusierweight champion tajiri in 6:58

(sd goes to its 1st break)

2nd- a-train vs shannon moore
pretty much another squash match with a-train winning with the de-railer to moore
winner-a-train in 0:53

heyman shows on the titan tron and tells every one that lesanr will not be defending his title vs benoit tonight...but lesanr will compete against benoit in a non title match..and if benoit can beat lesnar,which he won't but if he can,he will face lesnar at the rumble for the title

(sd cuts to a 2nd break)

3rd-bikini challenge-sable vs dawn marie vs torrie wilson
sable goes first,dawn goes second and torrie goes last
winner-by fans vote torrie wilson

a-train tells paul heyman that he wants in the rumble

picture shown of all the wrestlers in the rumble
RAW-jericho,christian,test,m.henry,steiner,goldberg,rico,booker t,spike,matt hardy,maven,m.jindrak,g.cade,s.richards,?
benjamin,eddie or chavo,moore,a-train,bradshaw,faarooq,ernest

(sd cuts to a 3rd break)

4th-billy kidman vs ernest miller
the match sucked with both wrestlers and went far to long but kidman won to no surprise with the shooting star press
winner-billy kidman in 7:34

vince is with heyman and told paul that he made the lesnar/benoit match and it will be for the title rather he likes it or
not and leaves as paul looks on

(sd cuts to its 4th break)

lesnar comes out and repeatly says he will not defend his title against a challenger as low as benoit,which promotes benoit to get in lesnar's face......and laugh which lesnar didn't like and went to hit him with the title but benoit ducked and locked in the crossface in which lesnar tapped out until security broke it up!

5th-john cena vs rhyno
rhyno dominates the first 3 mintues with closelines and punches aswell as some power moves, cena gains control with a low blow in front of the ref but no dq was made, cena hits the throw back for a 2 count then he hits a spinebuster followed by a suplex,but rhyno gains control with a power slam and some closelines then a shoulder tackle,cena hits a low blow behind the ref's back and goes for the f-u but rhyno counters and shoves cena away into the corner in which cena turns round to recieve the gore 1..2..3
winner-rhyno in 6:04

(sd cuts to its 5th and final break)

paul heyam comes out and tells the fans that the wwe championship match is now a no-dq match between lesnar & benoit

main event-wwe championship-no dq-brock lesnar(C) vs chris benoit
leanr dominates benoit with power moves until enoit hits a german suplex on lesnar,benoit comes at lesnar with chops,forearms and punches..but lesnar hits a knee to the mid section and follows up with a standing german suplex to benoit..lesnar grabs a chair and hits benoit several times in the legs and low body and makes a pin..1..2..kick out..lesnar hits serveral shots to the mid section of benoit and elbows to the head...lesnar grabs the wwe title and wails benoit in the face as he is getting up...1...2..kick out by benoit......big show runs out and goes to closeline benoit but misses and hits lesnar..benoit then hits bigshow with the wwe title belt and goes after lesnar though the crowd.....benoit catches leasnar near the stage and they fight back and forth for serveal minutes until a-train comes out only to hit lesnar instead of benoit(a-train face turn)...benoit and a-train hits a double suplex to lesnar and follows up with a double elbow, a-train then hits the train wreck on lesnar....bigshow then fights a-train to the back leaving lesnar and benoit alone!!!...benoit takes lesnar back to the ring and hits serveral german suplex's and goes up top and hits the diving headbutt..1..2..kick out..benoit then hits lesnar with a chair and locks on the cripple cross face at 17:45.....lesnar repeatedly struggles for the ropes but finally tapes out at 19:52 to a hugh cheer from the fans as m.cole says beniot did it..benoit is now the wwe champion as a life long dream is finally fulfilled by benoit
winner-and new wwe champion chris benoit at 19:52

heyman then comes out and tells benoit that at the royal rumble he will defend the wwe title against lesnar and the bigshow in a triple threat elimination falls count anywhere match and good luck..........as benoit looks.

smackdown comes to a close

royal rumble card:
royal rumble
RAW-jericho,christian,test,m.henry,steiner,goldberg,rico,booker t,spike,matt hardy,maven,m.jindrak,g.cade,s.richards,?
benjamin,eddie or chavo,moore,a-train,bradshaw,faarooq,ernest
wwe title, falls count anywhere, triple threat elimination
benoit(C) vs lesnar vs bigshow
world title, steel cage,
kane(C) vs ric flair(w/triple h)
intercontinental title
ortan(C) vs rvd
tagtem titles, triple threat
rikishi/s2h(C) vs akio/sakoda(w/tajiri) vs bashams(w/shaniqua)
#1 contender 4 womens title shot on raw
trish stratus vs lita(w/molly)
criserweight title
tajiri(C)(w/akio/sakoda) vs rey mysterio
winner enters the royal rumble
eddie guerrero vs chavo guerrero

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cool but heels should win sometimes and u know benoit isnt going to win the wwe belt
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