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raw opens up with a clip of the main event-womens championship-molly(C) vs trish stratus

evolution comes down to the ring.....flair takes the mic and tells everyone that he was screwed last night out of being the 17th time world champion and demands a rematch tonight!
triple h then takes the mic and says that if it wasn't thanks to the undertaker...he would have won the royal rumble last night and would be going to wrestlemania to challenge for the world title..but now he's not and its taker's fault for screwing him out of the rumble win!
batista takes hold of the mic and goes on about the dudleys never getting another chance at the tag titles after he beat them last week in a handicap..and hands the mic to randy ortan...who gloats over his victory against rvd last night and how he is still the intercontinental champion after going toe-toe with rvd for close to 20 minutes..and says rvd will never get a rematch aslong as he is intercontinental champion!....evolution then clears the ring!!!

(raw cuts to a break)

flair/batista takes to the announce table to watch the #1 contendership match

1st-#1 contender for tag team titles-triple threat-christian/chris jericho vs mark henry/rodney mack(making return)(theodore r.long/jazz) vs garrison cade/mark jindrak
cade and mack starts off.....mark ducks a closeline and hits one of his own,mack hits a powerslam on cade then he hits a elbow adn tags in henry who flatterings cade...henry then lifts cade into a bearhug...jindrak hits henry in the back..causing him to release the hold,cade tags in y2j..who drop kicks henry's leg out and hits serveral blows to the head of henry before going up top and nailing with a drop kick for a 2 count..y2j tags c in and hits a double drop kick..c hits a reverse ddt and tags y2j back in....y2j runs off the ropes but henry hits a closeline adn tags mack in who hits a pilver driver for a 1 count...mack then hits a sling shot om y2j sending him imto cade/jindrak on the apron...henry then tags in and hits a powerslam followed by a splash..c hits a low blow on henry which y2j locks in the walls of jericho at 5:37...mack breaks it up at 6:03..cade/jindrak hits a double drop kick on mack....henry then hits a running closeline to both cade/jindrak...c then runs at henry but is caught in a military press slam onto cade/jindrak/mack on the outside...y2j then nails henry in the head with a chair behing the refs back and follows up with the lion sault for the pin...1...2...3
winners-and #1 contenders for tag titles...christian /chris jericho at 6:43

flair/batista walks off looking pretty happy about the outcome of the match!

(raw cuts to its 2nd break)

ric flair is with eric bischoff in the back tring to get the rematch he wanted when steve austin shows and and tells flair that tonight he is making a match by the power of the ceo..and it will be a #1 contendership to face kane next week for the world heavyweight title and it is ric flair vs rvd vs triple h vs shawn michaels vs booker t vs scott steiner in a 6-man elimination match and thats the bottom line cause stonecold said so!

2nd-d-von dudley(w/bubba ray dudley) vs rene dupree(w/rob conway)
rene destroyes d-von in this lame match and wins with a one man flapjack in 3:04
winner-rene dupree in 3:04

steve austin comes to the ring and tells the fans that tonight there will be an intercontinental championship but ortan...your opponent will be a unknown till your match..you sorry son of a bitch!
austin then drives back to the back in his APR!

(raw cuts to its 3rd break)

a camera is shown where booker t is cluthing his knee in pain as triple h walks away laughing as anothe camera shows flair/batista fighting with rvd/shawn michaels in the packing lot!

3rd-goldberg vs test(w/scott steiner)
test starts it off shoving goldberg..but goldberg hits a shoulder tackle to test
followed by a chokehold into a pumphandle slam..goldberg then hits a military press slam and goes for the spear...but steiner grabs goldberg's ankle giving test enough time to hits a closeline to goldberg..test hammers away at goldberg...test then hits a full neilson slam for a 2 count!..test goes for the boot but misses and goldberg scores with the spear..golderg sets up for the jackhammer...but steiner entres the ring and nails goldberg with the steiner line causing a dq
winner-goldberg vdq at 6:05
test/steiner then beats away at goldberg,then test hits the boot and steiner places goldberg in the steiner recliner

(raw cuts to a 4th break)

a replay is shown of test/steiner attacking goldberg moments ago!

4th-womens championship-molly holly(C) vs trish stratus
bischoff comes out and informs the ref that due to a special request by molly a special ref will be appointed and introduces lita as the ref for the contest
trish and molly trades shots for a while until molly hits a knee to the mid section...molly then hits trish with a powerslam followed by closeline..trish gains control with a spinning tornado ddt for a slow 2 count..trish then hits serveral forearms then a drop kick,trish places molly in the corner and hits the stratussphere..trish then sets up the stratusfaction but lita kicks trish in the stomach and nails a twist of fate..molly then makes a cover..1.2.3.
winner-and still womens champion molly holly at 2:24
lita picks trish up..and molly hits her with the title and leaves

austin catches lita/molly in the back and tells molly that it was a good plan she had but it didn't work as next week trish will have a rematch and if lita or anyone for that matter interfers molly will be stripped of the title and it will go to trish...austin then walks off as lita/molly looks at each other!

5th-intercontinental championship-randy ortan(C) vs ?
austin comes down and says that this match is a steelcage match and tells ortan that his opponent is.......mick foley...jr/the king can't believe it as foley comes out dressed in his cactus jack gear!
foley goes after ortan and hits him like cactus jack would..foley then throws otan into the cage serveral times...foley then hits a double arm ddt...jr tells foley to leave and he'd be the new ic champ...foley doesn't leave..instead he pulls out mr socko and crams him down ortans throat...ortan passes out..foley then go to the top of the cage and hits an elbow..foley then hits a second double arm ddt and thorws ortan into the cage again...foley then picks ortan up and throws him into the cage again and again and again..foley then goes to leave......but triple h slams the door on foley then opens it and hits a fallen foley with the pedigree..ortan then gets up and nails the rko and leaves the cage as foley is motionless
winner-and still intercontinental champion randy ortan at 7:34

jr goes mental about triple h costing foley the match and the ic title...but king points out a good point which is foley should have left when he had the chance instead of punishing ortan even more...to which jr doesn't agree with!

(raw cuts to its 6th and final break)

ME-#1 contender for world title shot next week-6-man elimination-ric flair vs triple h vs rvd vs booker t vs shawn michaels vs scott steiner
booker t starts it off with triple h who goes to work on booker's legs straight with a diving shoulder block to the knee..triple h then locks on a reverse figure 4 at 0:13..triple h release the hold at 1:00 and tags in flair who applies the figure 4 at 1:05..booker taps out in pain
eliminated-booker t at 1:35
triple h then attacks rvd and throws him into the ring steps before rollig him into flair..who applies a figure 4 at 1:51..flair tags in triple h who attacks rvd who is still in the figure 4..flair then releases the hold and triple h hits an elbow to rvd and punches away....triple h then hits a backbreaker followed by a knee drop..triple h then hits a spinebuster to rvd and follows up with a knee to the face of rvd, triple h then hits a closeline and punches at rvd again..triple h then picks rvd and hits a spike ddt..1..2..3
eliminated-rvd at 4:45
triple h and shawn michaels gets into a fist fight until flair gets in the ring to which shawn hits him with swet chin music...but triple h hits a low blow on hbk for a 2 count...triple h tags in flair who goes to work of shawns legs for a while before appling the figure 4 leg lock at 6:01....steiner breaks it up at 6:31 and hits the steinerline on triple h...shawn then hits flair wth serveral closelines before hitting a powerslam...shawn then nails with the elbow and goes for sweet chin music...but triple h takes shawn down with a closeline...flair tags in triple h who hits a closeline on shawn again and hits a knee drop...triple h then sets up a pedigree but shawn counters and hits the sweet chin music...shawn then nails flair and makes the pin..1...2...3
eliminated-triple h at10:57
flair jumps onto shawn and hits a few chops in the corner until shawn fights back and knocks flair down...shawn then hits a sidewalk slam to flair and tags in steiner...steiner hits a running powerslam to flair and scores with the elbow/push ups trade mark, steiner then hits a t-bone suplex on flair and picks him up and hits a belly-belly...steiner then hits flair with the reverse ddt..1...2..kick out...steiner hits a few elbow to the side of flair's head before locking in the steiner recliner at 13:17....flair ends up pasting out to the steiner recliner as shawn watches on!!!
eliminated-ric flair at 14:39
shwn then enters the ring..steiner/shawn to go 1 on 1...steiner/shawn trades punches before steiner hits a over head suplex..steiner then hits a belly-back suplex then a t-bone suplex for a 2 count!!!steiner goes to work on shawn with a steiern line followed by the steiner elbow/push ups trade mark...steiner then hits a belly-belly suplex off the turnbuckle for a 2 count!!!...now steiner gets mad and hits serveral shots the shawn in the corner...steiner then goes for the flatliner but shawn counters with a closeline..shawn then hits a flying forearm to steiern and flips up..shawn goes for the sweet chin music...but test runs out and gets hit instead with the sweet chin music..steiner then hits a steinerline to the back of shawn and locks in the steiner recliner at 19:59...shawn puts his foot on the rope to break the hold at 20:13.....steiner then hits the flatliner on shawn and picks him up and hits a powerbomb for the pin..1...2...3.....steiner wins!!!!
winner-and #1 contender for the world heavyweight championship....big poppa pump scott steiner at 20:32

kane's pyro hits.....then all of a sudden...kane attacks steiner from behind and hits a chokeslam as raw comes to a close with kane standing over steiner with the world title!!!

smackdown starts with a clips of the undertaker returning and winning the royal rumble..earning a title shot at wm20 in the process!!!

1st-#1 contender for cruiserweight championship-chavo guerrero vs shannon moore
moore takes control with serveral dropkicks before chavo hits a dropkick of his own...chavo then hit a tornado ddt followed by a brianbuster for a 2 count...chavo then smacked moore around for a while before hitting a spinnig ddt..1..2..kick out..mmore hits a rollup for a 1 count..moore then hits a back breaker followed by a suicide legdrop moore goes up top and scores with a cross body for a 2 count...moore then hits chavo with a spinning tornado ddt of the top..1...2...3.....moore wins!!!
winner-and #1contender for the crusierweight championship shannon moore at 3:03

(sd cuts to a break)

brock lesnar comes out and goes on about how he should be the wwe champion..not the bigshow and challengers the bigshow to a match tonight for the title!!!
chris benoit comes out and tells lesnar that he won't be getting his title shot tonight because he is using his rematch clause to get his rematch tonight!!!
the bigshow(wwe/us champ)then walks onto the ramp and and says that he will take both of them on anywhere and anytime they want...but it is up to paul heyma....not him and not them...bigshowthen leaves as brock/benoit looks at each other!!!

(sd cuts to its 2nd break)

2nd-scotty 2 hotty(w/rikishi) vs akio(w/sakoda)
this match is boring and is very fast...s2h wins with the worm!!!
winner-scotty 2 hotty in 1:24

paul heyman comes up on the titan tron and says that tonight..a #1contender tournament will start and the winner will face the wwe champion at no way out........but each match will have a special stipulation to which you will find out just before your matches!!!
1st rd-chris benoit vs rhyno......john cena vs eddie guerrero......a-train vs matt morgan......brock lesnar vs ernest miller

3rd-rhyno:ecw rules!!!-benoit:no submission wins!!!-chris benoit vs rhyno
rhyno directly hits benoit and grabs a trash can to which he hits benoit with 3 times before getting a chair...benoit hits a over the head suplex on rhyno and follows up with german suplex's then a belly-belly suplex..1..2..kick out...rhyno hits a low blow...then he hits benoit in the head with the chair...1..2..kick out,rhyno sets a table up in the corner and and gets in wait for benoit..benoit gets up...rhyno runs in for the gore...but misses and goes though the table..benoit then laies rhyno in position and hits the diving head butt...1....2...3
winner-benoit at 5:01

(sd goes to its 3rd break)

4th-latino street fight-john cena vs eddie guerrero
eddie dominates the first few minutes.but cena hits a low blow and grabs a trash can lid and nails eddie with...cena then gets a chair....the ring bell....2 kendo sticks and a table..cena breaks a kendo stick on eddie's back..cena then breaks the other kendo stick on eddie's head..1..2..kick out...cena then picks up eddie...but eddie hits a low blow and grabs the ring bell and nails cena right in the head,eddie the sets cena on the table and hits the frogsplash..1..2...3
winner-eddie guerrero at 8:23

(sd cuts to its 4th break)

5th-table-a-trian vs matt morgan
a-train/mogan trades blows for a while....a-train then hits a closeline to morgan followed by a backbreaker...morgan gets up but gets hit with a running closeline..a-trian then nails the trainwreck and gets a table...morgan hits a powerslam on a-train and goes for the sit-down powerbomb but it is countered ...a-train then picks up morgan and hits a powerslam though the table for the win in this tables match!!!
winner-a-train at 2:04

ernest miller then comes out and does a dance...to which no one really cares about...lesnar then runs out and attacks the cat and hits an f-5 over the top rope to the outside..lesnar then hits a second f-5 but this time he sends he cat crashing into the ring post and leaves as help comes for the cat!!!

(sd cuts to its 5th and last break)
paul heyman comes out and tells everyone then ernest miller will not be wrestling due to series injury so lesnar will be declared the winner...but vince mcmahon comes out and tells heyman that brock will wrestle....he will face not ernest miller...but...a man who will return for one night only...the rock......as the crowd goes mental...vince/heyman then leaves!!!!!

MAIN EVENT-no rules-brock lesnar vs the rock
brock/rock gets into a fist fight to which the rock wins..rock hits a closeline then a elbow,rock then whips brock off the ropes and its a spinebuster and goes for the people elbow...but brock gets up and nails a closeline..brock then gets a chair and wails rock in the head and back serveral times...brock then hits a spinebuster of his own...brock hits a belly-belly suplex then a german suplex to rock...brock then grabs the chair again and hits the rock in the head...1...2..kick out...brock then goes for the f-5 but the rock counters into a rockbottom..but brock counters into an f-5 but the rock counters and hits the rockbottm..1..2..kick out..rock then locks in the sharp shooter and you tapped out chants gets going!!!....bigshow runs out and hits a clubbering blow to the back of the rock and hits the showstopper on the rock and leaves...brock gets up and hits an f-5..1....2...3
winner-brock lesnar at 8:30

brock the picks the rock up again and hits a second f-5 and leaves as smackdown comes to a close!!!
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