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Ok, well I use to post me and my writing partners shows here last year, and i'm going to start doing that again. Basically we started at the start of last year doing WWE in the year of 2004. I write Raw, and they write Smackdown. Here is currently what's going on with fueds and things, and the current title holders.


On Raw, the NWO vs. WWE fued continues on. Triple H also revealed Steve Austin to have been the one that had been attacking Brock Lesnar backstage in the previous months. And Austin revealed he paid someone to try and run Lesnar over at Judgment Day. But Austin doesn't seem to be aligned with HHH either. Chris Jericho also turned on the NWO lately, and ex. GM of Raw Shane McMahon returned last week after being put out last month by the NWO. The Raw Roulette episode this week will feature an Elimination Chamber match to decide the no.1 contender to the Raw World Heavyweigth Championship, with participants such as Randy Orton, HHH and Austin. But Lesnar being special guest referee for this match could be interesting.

On Smackdown, the Team Revolution vs. Team Invasion fued continues on, with fueds involving members from both teams such as Edge fueding with Christian. At the King Of The Ring Pay Per View, Heyman's and Steph's teams will meet in a Gauntlet match, with their GM positions on the line, which will be a huge match. Another huge match at the King Of The Ring PPV will be Vince McMahon vs. Mick Foley which is guaranteed to be a brutal bloody match. Other fueds going on at the moment on Smackdown include ex. tag-team partners The Undertaker & Sting fueding, and also Millionaire Sean O'Haire going after Rock's WWE Championship. The Semi-finalists for the Smackdown King Of The Ring Tournament are also decided, being Matt Hardy, Rey Mysterio, John Cena and Chris Benoit.

Title Holders


Raw World Heavyweight Championship - Brock Lesnar
United States Championship - Test
World Tag Team Championship - The Dudley Boyz
Xtreme Championship - Rhyno
X-Division Championship - Jerry Lynn
Women's Championship - Trish Stratus


WWE Championship - The Rock
Smackdown-Brand Championship - Goldberg
WWE Tag Team Championship - Los Guerreros
Global Tag Team Championship - Matt Hardy V1 & Shannon Moore
WWE Carnage Championship - Edge
WWE Million Dollar Championship - Chris Benoit
WWE Fully Loaded Championship - John Hennigan

Yeah, some of the Smackdown midcard titles are a little different...the Carnage one is a midcard title, Fully Loaded is a lower card title. The Million Dollar Title came about with Sean O'Haire's "Millionare" gimmick...and he lost the title in a match with Chris Benoit whom he was fueding with in the past.

I will post my next show soon when it is done...being the Raw Roulette Episode, headlined with an Elimination Chamber match featuring Steve Austin, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho & Booker T. The Special Referee is Brock Lesnar, and this match is to decide the No.1 Contender for the Raw World Heavyweight Championship...the winner of the Elimination Chamber facing Brock Lesnar at the King Of The Ring PPV for that title.

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didnt o'haire have noble as a bell boy and nidia as his whore i read this in wz
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