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Apologies firstly if other people have already commented on this.

I am just wondering from Monday's RAW show (25th October) when Nexus and Cena are in the ring talking about what happened at Bragging Rights and the 'new email ding' noise comes on the show.

When Cole announces that there is a new email and then goes to the laptop and reads it out, has anybody noticed that:

1. There was a piece of paper on top of the laptop keyboard which Cole was actually reading from;

2. The supposed email on screen was actually being partially covered up by another window.

Do people really believe that Cole can read out the whole email from the screen without having to move this offending box or read from the screen whilst looking at the paper on the keyboard and not actually looking at the screen?

Am surprised that Cole needed a piece of paper to read from there too. Surely he could remember his lines for that little bit? Or was there a script change before the show, so then they had to place the new script lines in with the laptop?

If you watch the show again from about 7mins 45 secs in, after the email noise comes on, Cole opens up the laptop and the camera shows from behind Cole. If you look at the laptop then you will see the offending piece of paper on the keyboard and the box covering the email.

Can't post pic yet as my posts count are not over 10, but if you simply watch Raw again and pause it when you get to that bit you will see it very clearly.

Anybody got any idea as to when the new gm will be revealed. Survivor Series maybe. Or will it carry on running like Nexus?

Have been an avid WWE fan for over 20 years, but am now finding the Nexus and anonymous Raw GM story lines a bit boring now, anybody else think the same and what do you think WWE will do if they carry on into 2011 with the same storylines?

Finally, will Undertaker now be off to have a rest after surgery and if so when will he be back? Plus, will Triple H be back on Raw or will he just carry on working within the WWE?

Also, can anybody actually zoom in onto the laptop screen or the piece of paper and see what they actually say......

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There has always been a script with the emails on he has never been reading them off the laptop that is just a prop.
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