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I don't think WWE will put Ryan in there with Punk, but R-Truth is probably not going into it. I see him getting replaced. For some reason, I have this gut feeling that WWE is gonna try to put Alex Riley in the Elimination Chamber through some sneaky, typical Miz means. Probably the same way that Edge got in in 2009, by attacking Kofi, and then he'll do something to stay out of the match the whole time, like, put a lock on his cell or something, and he'll come out when it's almost over and try to eliminate Cena with a sneak attack, and the fans will start booing because they think he's gonna lay down for Miz at WrestleMania if he wins, then Cena will end up reversing what he does and winning.
R truth might be replaced but I don't see him being replaced with A Ri... I just somehow don't see it...
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