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RAW EC guys being buried?

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For the EC the 6 "top" guys are supposed to be competing in it.

Last night on RAW we see R-Truth get his ass beat cleanly.

Then we see Sheamus get his ass beat cleanly.

Im hoping that R-truth is just going to be replaced because he has no credibility what so ever, but if not then why have him just get dominated like that? I know Mason Ryan is going to be pushed to the top but not for at the very least until mid-summer. So this is a little odd to do to a guy co main eventing. But at least there can be some kind of explanation to it.

The main problem I have is Sheamus being completely worked cleanly by Mark Henry a guy who everyone even the kids know is completely irrelevant. It just does not make sense why you would job him like that. I know CM Punk supposably instigated the whole thing but thats still irrelevant to the outcome.

any thoughts? Besides the typical "this is why the WWE sucks response"
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