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Okay so here we are on the Raw Card. I will use the current matches and make my point on how the storyline should go. So here we go:

Special Roddy Piper's Pit:
-Special guest Mick Foley

We begin the Show with Piper's Pit. Hot Rod asks Foley about his book, Foley plugs it, gets cheap pops and then goes the heck away.

SD! Brand Match:
-Batista & Chris Benoit & Rey Mysterio vs. JBL & Eddie Guerrero & Christian

First match of the night will be the non-RAW match. I'm not quite sure if the match is elimination or not so for arguement's sake we'll go elimination. Christian will eliminate Chris Benoit with a chair shot. Batista will Eliminate Christian after some retaliation with the Batista Bomb. Batista will Eliminate Eddie. JBL then hits the closeline from hell to eliminate Bastista. I believe that the match should end with a JBL pin of Rey Mysterio due to a RKO delivered by Randy Orton via interference.

Handicap Bra & Panties Match:
-Trish Stratus & Ashley vs. Torrie Wilson & Candice Michelle & Victoria

This match takes five minutes with the faces losing only to strip the heels in the end. That's it.

Ladder Match/Loser Leaves Town:
-Matt Hardy vs. Edge

Edge comes out without Lita to face Matt "I'm a corporate Sellout" Hardy. This match goes for awhile with back and forth action for ten minutes or so. Matt goes for the briefcase only for it to be magically raised (ala Austin vs. McMahons for the WWF ownership). Egge then hits the Edge-ecution from the ladder and retains his money in the bank. Kiss the dream goodbye Matt.

30 Minute Iron Man:
-Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle

Match goes right down to the 3 minutes tied three to three (all pin falls) Shawn then gets put into the Angle Lock for the entirety only to tape with seconds to go.

Ric Flair comes out to talk about the return of HHH. He goes on for a minute or two. Out come the young guns, Carlito and Masters. A exhausted HBK comes out to help out his new buddy. A fresh Carlito and Masters continue to prevail due to a chair shot to Flair and a double team on HBK. This continues until we hear "It's time to play the Game". The fans go nuts and HHH runs down to the ring and clears house, a closeline over the ropes to Masters a pedigree to Carlito and the two go running with their tales between their legs. The fans cheer HBK is up and Flair gets up and grabs a microphone and begins talking.

"Whooo (fans go nuts), what I tell you. The greatest wrestler today, my best friend, comes and helps out the legendary Nat' ure Boy. And my buddy H B K comes to my aid. Better then I expected. We're the real legends here, not some up starts." Flair turns to the crowd, Whooos again only to turn back to a Sweet Chin Music from Michaels. The until now silent HHH pedigrees Flair and grabs the mic.

"No Natch, you're a little mistaken. I've only go one best friend, his name is the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels." HBK grabs the mic.

"Oh and Ric there are only two legends in this company, and there names are Shawn Michaels and HHH...De...Generation X." The oh so sweet "Break it Down" theme hits and Flair is left behind.

WWE Title:
-John Cena (c) vs. Eric Bischoff

This match will be pretty standard. Interference from Tomko and Angle. Only to wind up with John Cena to retain the title to face Kurt Angle at Taboo Tuesday.

Well until next week this has been the Raw Card. Opinions are welcome and I'll respond to PM's

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