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I got tired of my first btb, so im starting over and doing better shows, its gonna be raws and will start the night after wrestlemania xx. All results the same.




Heavyweight Champion:

Intercontenental Champion:
Shelton Benjamin

Tag Team Champion:
Booker T, RVD

Womens Title:


Booker T, RVD def. Dudley’s

DARK: Masters, Jindrak def. Hurricane, rosey

Nidia def. Jazz

Maven def. Conway

March 15, 2004
Buffalo, New York
Approx. crowd: 17,831 Fans
Cool night, 65 degrees

A Video featuring Drowning Pool’s hit “Step up” plays recapping last nights events.
Raw intro video plays, followed by the pyros.

JR – “ Welcome everybody to Monday night Raw! Tonight, we are live in buffalo and tonight will be a night nobody forgets!”

King - “ How do you think triple h feels after last night? Oh, it wont be pretty!”

JR – “ And tonight, Shelton Benjamin will take on Orton for the intercontinental title.”

Benoiot’s music hits and he comes out to a huge ovation. Benoiot poses on the stage, then makes his way to the ring and poses. Grabs the mic and pauses for the ovation.

Chris Benoiot – “ You know, when I first started out in this business…none ever believed in me. Nobody ever thought I could win last night, they said it all. Well, I proved them wrong. I stand before you as the world heavyweight champion! Every single match I ever took part in, nobody believed in me! Well…I … believe in me! I believe! So if anyone out there thinks they could bring me down, and take away my title, you can go ahead and try to steal it, but im holding on to this belt for a long time! And theres not one person in the back, who is gonna stop me! Not one! I have said this before… and ill say it again… I am 4 real!!”

His music hits and benoiot leaves.

JR – “ I believe that he is for real, and he is the heavyweight champion!”

Benoiot poses one more time for the crowd…

( Commercials….)

Smack of the week replays thrishs turn on y2j.

Y2J’s music hits and he comes out.., followed by Tyson Tomko


Y2J looks p’d as Tyson comes in, chris attacks on Tyson during his way through the ropes. Jericho punches Tyson down, then poses for the crowd. Tyson gets a hit on chris’s stomach, then tries to hit his powerbomb, but chris backflips him. Chris starts punching away. Then he begins to choke at Tyson, until the ref stops him. Chris picks up Tyson. And Tyson gets punches to chris to a corner. Whips him to the opposite corner, Tyson runs at chris , but chris gets his foot up and hits tyson’ s f ace.Chris gets chops then , locks on a headlock, Tyson escapes with a back slam.Tyson throws chris to the outside. Tyson goes out there and starts attacking chris. Picks up chris on his shoulder and runs at the pole, and hits chris s face on it. Tyson grabs Jericho and puts him back in the ring. Then Tyson gets a elbow drop, then pins and chris gets out.

Tyson then picks up chris and sets him for the powerbomb, but chris doesn’t go up, and hits the backdrop again. Pin and gets a 2. Then, christain starts walking to ringside .
Chris gets distracted by him ,then Tyson turns him around and powerbombs him . Pins but Tyson picks up chris and keeps on with the beating. Goes for another bomb, but chris reverses it to the walls of Jericho. Tyson taps out, and chris keeps the walls.

Winner – Jericho

The aftermath:

Christian gets to the ring and Chris gets a clothesline. Beats on him, then Tyson beats on chris. They double team, and thrish walks in. She slaps Jericho, . They leave, on the stage.. thrish and christain share a big kiss.

JR – “ This young lady just sickens me.”

King – “ JR, shes in love! Can you see it in the air? Woo- hoo!”

Backstage, HHH is coming with evoloution.


Evolution’s music hits and they come, but there is no Orton.

HHH: “ Last night… ill say it out loud so everyone can hear me. Last night… I lost the world heavyweight championship to chris benoiot. But my rematch clause clearly says I can have a rematch anytime in the next 6 weeks. So, at backlash… benoiot, you and I are going one… on one. And its gonna be the last time you are seen with that title. So, you can enjoy yourself for now… but in 4 weeks.. the final showdown will take place. You and I …. 1 last time.”

He drops the mic and the music plays as they leave.

HBK is coming for a match!



HBK’s music hits and he comes out pumped as he poses for the pyros on stage. He goes in the ring and poses on top of the ropes. Kane’ s pyro hits and he comes out to his music. The bell rings for this grudge match. HBK and kane lock up and kane gets hbk to a corner, the ref separates him. Another lock up, and hbk goes behind for a takedown waistlock. Kane gets out and gets a side leg, followed by a whip against the ropes. Goes for the backdrop, and hbk kicks him in his face. HBK runs against the ropes and hits flying clothesline. He does the leg jump to recover instantly, then punches away, whips kane and kane gets a shoulder block. HBK goes down, and kane starts to laugh. Grabs hbk by his hair, and hbk punches. HBK whips kane and gets a dropkick. HBK then grabs kane and throws him to the outside. HBK then goes after him, until kane hits him with a chair.


Kane grabs hbk and chockeslams him thru the announcement table.

JR – “ My god! Kane just chockeslammed Shawn Michaels through the Spanish announcements table! My god!”

King – “ I cant believe it!”

Paramedics check on hbk, as kane leaves with a smile.


We enter the Raw Zone. We replay the attack.

Torrie Wilson/Thrish/Christain

Backstage, we see Torrie in a photo shoot. She wears a white top and white panties.

Christain and thrish stop by.

Torrie - “ Uh… excuse me?”
Christian – “ You are excused. Heh.”
Torrie – “ What do you want?”
Christain – “ You think your so hot. Well, guess what? Theres a new babe in town… and her names Thrish Stratus. Get it straight.”
Torrie – “ Im in a middle of a photo shoot…”
Trish – “ You know what? What makes you more special than me? Huh? Nothing… I mean you can’t even wrestle a match. Pshh. Your pathetic.”
Christain – “ You heard her. Pathetic. Lets get out of here.”
Thrish – “ Slut.”

They leave, leaving torrie looking p’d.

JR – “ Well it seems theres a little tension in the womens division. Just a little.”

King – “ I love a true diva rivalry…its great!”

JR – “ Well, in any event folks, next week raw will come to you live in Montreal… and you and I know, that place has a historic past…and a dark story in the WWE. Take a look.”

A clip of Bret being screwed is shown.

JR – “ It was in that night when WWE fans believed Bret Hart got screwed, so next week HBK and the fans…well, lets just say they wont mix.”


Backstage, WWE womens champion Victoria is coming.

JR – “ Mixed tag team action-next!”




The bell rings and we start off with Jeff and Steven. They lock up, and Steven gets a headlock, then Jeff whips him off. Jeff then gets hit by a shoulder block by Richards. Jeff then gets pounded by Richards. Steven picks him up and sends him to a corner. Runs at him, and Jeff gets a boot off. Jeff sits on top of the rope and hits a cross body. Pin. But is only a 2. Jeff then gets some punches and Steven gets a kick, drives Jeff to a corner, and Jeff is able to jump on top and get a back flip on top of Richards. Pins and Steven kicks out. Jeff then locks on a headlock. Steven gets a backflip and gets the cover, but Jeff kicks out. Picks up Jeff and sends his face to a corner, tags Molly, Steven locks on a
Hold, allowing Molly to get a punch and a kick. Steven goes to his corner, Jeff grabs molly’s hair. Then Jeff tagged in Victoria. Victoria tackles molly, then picks her up then whips molly. Victoria gets an arm drag and turns it into a lock. Molly gets out and gets a fireman’s carry. Molly pins and Victoria kicks out. Molly starts punching at Victoria until the ref stops her. Molly gets out then kicks her. Picks up Victoria, punches then whips her to a corner. Molly runs up to her and hits a clothesline on the corner. Victoria goes down , and molly starts to choke her with her boot. The ref stops her. Molly picks up Victoria and she fights back at molly, hits molly’s head to the corner. Then she whips molly to a corner. Victoria runs to her but molly moves out and tags Richards. Victoria runs off and Richards grabs her by the hair. Gets a neck breaker on her. Steven poses with a smile, then Victoria sneaks out and tags Jeff. Jeff runs in and clotheslines Steven, Steven gets up and Jeff hits another clothesline. Molly runs in and Jeff grabs molly by the hair, then Victoria comes in and hits the widow’s peak on molly. Jeff ddts Steven, then goes up and hits the swantom bomb. Pins and they get the 3.

Winner …. Jeff Hardy and Victoria

The aftermath:

They celebrate in the ropes to the fans.

Backstage, RVD and Booker T brag about their win last night.

Booker T – “ Yo, dawg, I think we both know who was the team mate of the night last night at 20.”
RVD – “ Yeah…its rob van dam.”
Booker T - “ Tell me…you didn’t just say that.”
RVD – “ Yo, man, we both shined last night.”
Booker T – “ True dat, True dat..”

Eric Bishoff walks in

Eric B – “ First off, I want to congratulate you on your win last night. But, Ive got some business I need to take care off. Theirs a team…an upcoming team who is looking forward on making an impact in the WWE, so what better show than Raw? So next week, you and RVD will team up, to defend your tag team championships, against the Unstopables. Thank you very much.”

He leaves

Booker T – “ Unstopables?”

JR – “ Well, I don’t anything about that, but what we do know… is coming up next, I will have an on ring interview with the man himself, Goldberg.”

King – “ Wow, the unstopables…”


JR is in ring.

JR – “ Please help me welcome…the winner of last nights interpromotion match…. The man himself…Goldberg!!”

Goldberg’s music plays and he comes out.

King – “ Well, I just wanna say that tonight Raw is sponsored by Pizza hut. Gather ‘round the good stuff.”

JR – “ Goldberg…last night…you and Brock Lesnar went in a match that I will probably never forget. Now, I wanna ask you … do you have any last words to the man you defeated last night Brock lesnar?”

Goldberg – “ Brock…if you ever want to step in the ring with me again.. all I gotta say is anytime…anywhere….anyhow.”

JR – “ Fair enough. Now…after your match…You got your very first stone cold stunner. What are your thoughts on that?”

Goldberg – “ Well, JR, all I got to say to stone cold is…..when you get the balls to step up to me in a one on one match..then bring it on. Because when you step in this ring with me…then there is no return. Ill hit you with a spear, then ill destroy you with my jackhammer. And bam! Just like that…1….2….3. It’s over. And just like that I officially mark my name in the stone of greats. So whenever you get some real balls… just call me out.”

Stone cold comes from the crowd and attacks Goldberg. JR leaves the ring as Austin whoops Goldberg. Eric bishoff gets on the stage.

Eric - “ Whoa! Whoa! We are not having a stone cold/Goldberg match…this is too big. So at backlash…you both get yourselves partners and meet in a tag team match.”

King – “ Whoa! What a match made for backlash, this is gonna be huge!”

Backstage, orton is coming

King – “ And what a match coming up next… randy orton and shelton Benjamin for the intercontental title..next!!”



Evolution’s theme hits and orton comes out with his pyros alongside with flair and Batista. Shelton’s rap beat hits and he comes out with the title. Orton and Shelton then lock up and shelton gets a headlock and keeps it locked. Randy starts punching at the ribs and whips shelton out then shelton gets a shoulder block. Shelton starts kicking then locks on another headlock. Randy then whips out again then hits a arm drag slam. Forms it into an arm submission. Gets it into a pin, but shelton kicks out and keeps on the arm submission. Shelton hits a backslam, and randy still has the arm submission. He just wont let go. Shelton drives randy to a corner and starts doing tackle like spears into randy escaping the arm sub.Shelton punches rko, then whips him to the opposite corner. Runs for a splash, but randy moves out, then randy works on shelton. Whips shelton off the ropes, then delivers him a backdrop. Pins, but shelton kicks out. Randy argues to the ref, allowing shelton to roll him up and gets a 2. Shelton then starts work on randy. Delivers a suplex, followed by a pin, but RKO kicks out. Shelton locks on a headlock. RKO slowly but surely escapes then gets a power slam after a whip off the ropes. Pins and shelton kicks out, randy locks on a headlock. Randy keeps it on for a while. Shelton begins to get momentum as he gets up and whips off randy. Randy hits a shoulderblock, then picks him up and shelton gets a kick. Gets a chop and the crowd goes WHOOO!!! Shelton whips randy to a corner and connects with the stinger splash, followed by the T-bone suplex, pins and randy kicks out. Randy then goes to the outside with Evolution and rests.


We continue with shelton and randy circling around. They lock up and randy gets a waist lock takedown. Locks it on good until shelton gets up and gets elbows to the head. Shelton escapes and runs off the ropes and hits a flying clothesline. Pins and randy gets his foot on the rope. Shelton then locks on a head submission. Randy begins to fade, so the ref raises Randy’s arm, goes down…1!!!….raises his arm again, drops it and it falls… 2 !!!!…..raises his arm one more time and drops it, but randy keeps it up. Starts to get up and punches his way out. Whips shelton to a corner, runs into a ref. The ref is knocked out now. Shelton gets a super kick, I think it’s called the shell shock. Pins and there’s no ref, tries to wake up the ref and Batista runs in and takes down shelton. Powerbombs him, and puts randy on top. Batista wakes up the ref, and the ref counts down slowly. He gets the 3, and tonight, we have a new champ.

Winner, and NEW Intercontinental champion, Randy Orton

The aftermath:

Evolution go in and they celebrate with randy.

Suddenly, Foleys theme hits and he comes out on stage… leaving randy looking scared

Foley - “ Randy!!! You know I want you’re a$$ and I want it now! Last night I got screwed. And you know it. Im through playing games. Lets end this, randy. You and I .. one on one. No interference, no back up. “

Randy - “ you want me, Mick? Huh?”

Foley – “ Youre damn right I want you, and I want you now!”

Randy - “ okay, ill accept your challenge. Ill meet you…In 3 weeks, at Backlash, live on pay per view. Hey, ill even put my title on the line. How about it?”

Mick - “ no, im not satisfied. I want you in not just an ordinary match. “

Randy - “ you name the match…”

Mick - “ ill meet you in 3 weeks… in a hell In a cell!!”

JR – “ OH MY GOD!!”

Randy and Mick stare down.


King – “This is bad, JR, very bad….”


Backlash updates:

Theme: “ Home “ – 3 DAYS GRACE

Triple H vs. Benoiot (C) for the heavyweight title

Hell in a Cell, Foley vs. Randy Orton for the intercontinental title

HBK vs. Kane

Special live performance from 3 days grac

I Know it was short, but still i thought i did a decent show.
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Dude, you apologise for it being short? There was nothing wrong with the length of that.

I know ussualy when someone starts a thread I say they need to use Bold and Italics and to a certain extent colour but, dude you did a great job of using your bolds and italics, but I must say it was a little too colorful.....

Anyway, on to your show:
What a show for you to debut on..... I mean damn, I would have thought you have been writing for a long while with the way it was set out and all your character's seemed on the spot.

But enough on the praise, there will be some later but I got to give you some critisism.

the opening with JR / King seemed a little too short, and went into the Beniot segment too quick, I ussually like to open up the show slow then move into the more high impact stuff, I let JR and King introduce the show, not let others do it.

Beniot's promo was good, could have stood to be a little longer, but hey, twas good none the less and got the message across.

Man, you write matches for RAW...... your something special, most people sum it up in a line or two and do a big match for the PPV's, but there's nothing wrong with what you doing. Trish comming in and slapping Jericho was good, JR seemed on cue with his comment.

Nice little H segment, HHH and Beniot going at it at Backlash, seems pretty cool, wonder if someone else will be added in there ;)?
Sorry to say, once again the promo was way too short, H doesn't get his point across that quick :D

I see HBK and Kane happening at Backlash too, nice way to tart up the feud, wasn't anything unlcear about the Chokeslam through the announcetable, I say it's on at Backlash...... (Still remember WB's HBK / Kane feud from a while back)

Torrie / Trish segment was great, should be good to have more wrastlin divas around, I see you going somewhere with this feud, be interesting to see where you lead us.

LMAO at the clips of Montreal, I see something happening, prehaps the return of Bret Hart?

:confused: Jeff Hardy?
Oh well good to see him back and what you will do with him, LOL Molly being bald, always funny to remember.

Unstopables? Wonder who?

Goldberg interview was good, didn;t think there was going to be much in it cept a bragging segment on how he beat Lesnar....... But the Austin part was great, I see a major Goldberg / Austin feud happening here. Should be good to see how you go about ti as it seems to be the feud of the moment out in BTB.
Maybe a bit premature for Bischoff to book the match though, but it'll be a good one.

Orton new champ? Wasn't he the champ already?

But the Foley / Orton Hell in a Cell will be huge... Can't wait to see where this goes over the next little while, providing you stick with your thread.

Exceptional first show here dude.... Keep it up!!!

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Victoria, lita def. Molly, gail

Jeff Hardy def. Richards

Dudleys def. La rez.

DARK: Stone Cold def. Shelton Benjamin

March 22 2004
Montreal, Canada
Approx: 19,453
Snowy night

Raw intro hits, and we go to the pyros.

JR - “ Welcome everyone to Monday night Raw! Tonight, we are live in a sold out crowd here in Montreal Canada. Where tonight Triple H and randy Orton will team up against a dream match, Benoiot and Mick Foley!”
King – “ Mick Foley?”
JR – “ You heard me right, and king that’s not all…”
King – “ No, its not…”
JR – “ Folks, tonight, Shawn Michaels will be here in Montreal, and for all you WWE fans out there, now of the past here with HBK.”
King – “ And it’s not good.”
JR – “ Plus, also, the debut of The uh… Unstoppables. What a team that should be…”

Bret Hart’s music hits and fans go nuts! Bret is in the crowd, and takes a seat in the front row.

King - “Can you believe it?”


Batista starts off with rosey. Lock up and a headlock by rosey, batista whips out rosey and gives rosey a big shoulder block. Batista picks up rosey and throws him to a corner, then starts goring him in the corner until rosey goes down. Batista poses then starts choking at rosey in a corner with his boot. The ref counts to 4, and batista lets go. Starts kicking at rosey then picks him up and whips, but rosey reverses and whips batista off the ropes. Delevers a backdrop to batista. Pins and batista kicks out. Rosey picks up batista and whips him to a corner. Rosey runs at him, but batista moves out and rosey goes through the post, possibly injuring his shoulder. Batista then picks up rosey and gives him a huge suplex, followed by the pin. Rosey still kicks out, batista gets rosey in a octopus stretch and tags in flair, still holding the lock. Flair gets a few punches in the exposed rib area. Batista lets go and goes back to his corner. Flair now whips rosey and rosey reverses and whips ric off the ropes, then gets a huge powerslam. Pins and ric gets a leg up. Rosey tags hurricane, he comes in and gets a uppercut, then whips flair to a corner. Runs to him and gets a spear deep into flair at the corner. Hurricane chops ric and WHOOS!! , not to the fans liking…. Flair turns it around and chops hurricane. Gets a WHOOO!! And the fans approve. Locks hurricane into a wrist lock. Ric sends hurricane down with the Jeff jarret finisher. Ric pins and hurricane kicks out, ric gets him up and locks another wrist lock, tags batista and batista gets some cheap hits. Whips hurricane and gives him the biggest spinebuster. Rosey runs in and gives rosey a spine buster. Flair comes in and kicks away at rosey. Batista picks up hurricane and gives him the Power Bomb. Flair locks the figure 4 lock on rosey, and batista pins hurricane for the 3.


JR – “ Well, Evolution will take on the tag champs, whoever It may be”
King – “ Well, that’s great and everything but look whos coming this way…”

Backstage, Torrie Wilson is coming with a smile.


Torrie’s music hits and she comes out.

Torrie – “ Well..today is Montreal’s lucky day… because I am here to introduce my new photo shots for the Divas up coming Magazine! Take a look – “

Thrish’s music hits and she comes out with Christian to the ring.

Thrish – “ Uh.. Excuse me!!?? But are you actually taking up Thrish and Christian air time? I don’t think so… so why don’t you just leave the…wrestling ring, and go get AIDS or something.”


Thrish – “ Oh,what? Huh? Im not pleasing the audience? You pigs out here really want to see … torrie Wilson?”


Thrish -“ ok, let me take a look , then.”

Pictures are shown with diva music.

Thrish – “ Did I just spend 30 seconds of my life looking at pictures of… you? Disgusting. You and jazz tie up for ugliest diva race, hope you win, kid.”

Torrie – “ You know what? You and your little boy friend … can burn in hell!”

Thrish slaps Torrie down. Then Christian sets her up for the unprettier, but Y2J saves the day. After Christian and Thrish scramble, Y2J checks on torrie.

JR – “ Well, I think this whole Thrish / Christian thing is a travesty.”

King – “ A travesty!!???”

We take another look at Bret hart in the audience. Fans get autographs and pictures.

JR – “ Well, im still in shock that Bret is out here on Raw.”


RKO’s music hits and he comes out with a serious look.

RKO – “ Ive been around the WWE long enough to know that it takes a lot of pain to make it big in here. I also learned that it will take a couple of liter’s of blood to give, in order to be accepted. But , last week, when I heard I was going into my first Hell in a Cell, I thought maybe this was my time to show the world that im not just a little punk kid who won himself the IC belt. I thought this could be an opening door, for me to expose myself as one of the greates. But, after that show, I started really thinking…what am I getting myself into? Am i… am I making the right decision by accepting this helllashes match? Quite frankly, to tell you the truth… I was a little scared. I mean …this is Mick Foley. The hardcore legend. I ve only been in the WWE for a little over 2 years. And now… Im in a hell in a cell match with mick. Got me asking…can I really handle this? I.. . I admit…that i… am …a rookie. I haven’t even reached my prime yet. But, you know….maybe…after Backlash… I wont be a rookie. After Backlash… I officially become…the Legend Killer.”

JR – “ Very strong words, from orton. But up next…Goldberg is in action!”



Goldberg just smiles as maven makes his way to the ring. The bell rings, and Goldberg starts off violently by shoulder blocking maven. He begins to pound on maven. Goldberg doesn’t whip maven, he literally throws maven to a corner. He spears him and jackhammers maven. Pins and its over.


Stone Colds music hits and Goldberg stares at the stage waiting for Austin. But stone cold comes from the crowd and pounds at Goldberg. Fans go nuts for the assault, as people in the front row take off their eyes off Bret and look at the fight. Goldberg runs off.

JR – “ These men still have to choose their tag team partners!”


We replay the assault, we take a look at the survivor series thing again, as security takes away a drunk fan.

Backstage, HBK is coming and fans Boo!


JR – “ Well, coming up next, HBK goes out to this Montreal crowd. Its gonna be huge.”


Raw Zone…

Pause, then the HBK music hits and fans give a real heat. As HBK is walking to the ring, he ignores Bret. Grabs the Microphone.

HBK – “ Hey, im not out here to talk about this whole Bret Hart deal, I mean it’s almost been 10 years old. But I am here to talk about something… Kane! I know youre out there in the back somewhere… so why don’t ya come on out and lets settle this. C’mon!!”

Kanes pyros hits and he comes out with a sick smile.

They start fighting, kane choke slams HBK. Goes outside and grabs a chair. He’s about to hit it on HBK, until shockingly , Bret Hart takes away the chair… and the fans are now Pissed. Hes about to hit Kane , then turns around and hits HBK. Fans are crazy now. Bret then leaves, and kane does his arm pyro thing. HBK is left on the ground beated.




Booker T and Masters start off with a lock up, and masters gets a kick, following by a wrist lock. Whip and gets a arm drag, and turns it into a submission. Booker gets out and gets a kick. Whip and Masters holds on the ropes. Masters runs at Booker and hits a shoulder block. Masters picks him up and hits his head on the turnbuckle. Masters whips Booker hard to a corner and Booker falls. Masters then poses to the crowd. Picks up Booker T and starts to work on him. After a whip , then a backbreaker, Masters tags Jindrake. Mark walks in and gets kicks on. Pick him up and hits a uppercut. Pin and T still kicks out, mark holds a headlock, and booker builds momentum and finnaly escapes with a whip and a side kick. Tags rvd, and rvd gets martial arts kicks on marks legs. RVD whips mark, and mark reverses and whips rvd to a corner, and rvd jumps on top of the buckle and gets a back flip. Pins and mark kicks out. RVD then picks up mark and sets up a hurricurana but mark turns it into a power bomb. Pins and booker t kicks it out. Mark then tags Masters and Chris gets some kicks. Picks up rvd and sets him for his version of the book-end, hits it and pins but gets a 2. Masters then proceeds to pose. Picks up rvd, and rob comes back with a spinning heel kick. Pins and mark kicks it out. Rvd makes it to booker and gets a hot tag. Booker runs in and starts punching and chops. Whips masters and gets his kick deal. Picks him and whips one more time and gets a nut breaker.( Pick him up and get a knee to the balls), booker ducks a clothesline and gets a book – end. Booker then does his spin-a – roony. Mark attacks booker, and rvd tries to come in but the ref stops him. Chris is now in full controlle. Chops in a corner. Masters sets booker for a power bomb. Booker gets out and hits his scissors kick. RVD goes up and hits his 5 – star frogsplash. Booker pins , but mark again kicks it out. Rvd then clotheslines mark outside and hits a plansha. Masters hits his finisher, the master bomb, a powerbomb. Pins and wins..

Winners, and NEW tag team champions, The Unstoppables…

The aftermath:

They celebrate as Booker T looks disappointed.

Backstage, HBK walks up to Eric B.

HBK – “ Eric, I want him! And I want him at backlash!!”

Eric – “ Are you serious? This type of match… wow, ill sell out PPVs all over the world! Wow, it’s a deal.”

HBK – “ Good. At backlash…I get my revenge. When Its Shawn micheals … vs.…..Kane.”


Eric – “ What!!?? Kane??? Uh…”


They replay the challenge from HBK.

JR – “ So, at Backlash, its HBK vs. Kane….for a second there I thought he wanted to face, …well, nevermind. Folks…Last Tuesday, we had a press conference for Backlash. Take a look.”

The video shows.

Backstage, benoiot is taping up. Mick comes in.

Mick – “ Benoiot, you and me….were not that different. “

Benoiot – “ Really?”

Mick – “ no, I mean we both hate evolution. And at backlash, we both have the biggest match of our professional careers. So, tonight, lets show him a little taste…of what is coming to them at backlash.”

Benoiot – “ Youre right…at backlash…we both have the biggest match of our career. So, youre right… lets show them a taste…. Just a taste. Nothing more.”

JR – “ Tag team action – Next!!!”



We start off with Chris and rko. They lock up and they stop the lock. Circle around, and lock up again. Benoiot goes behind and gets a waist lock. Brings rko down , and does some technical wrestling maneuvering. They do the ECW stand off and get a huge pop. Another circling around and a lock up. This time rko goes behind and gets a waist lock, and benoiot reverses and gets his own lock. Gets a German suplex. Pins but rko kicks out. Benoiot picks up rko and chops him down. Points at Mick, and tags him in. rko runs off and tags hhh. Fans are happy they get to see this confrontation. Hhh and Mick first stare off, then hhh slaps Mick. Mick slaps hhh, and the game spears Mick and punches away. Gets up and knocks out Chris benoiot.

Hhh works on Mick and Chris tries to go in, but the ref stops him. Hhh picks up Mick and sends his head to a corner. Starts kicking and chokes him. Picks up Foley, and whips him to the opposite corner. Hhh then punches at Mick. Whips Foley and backdrops him. Pins and Foley kicks out. Hhh then suplexes Foley. Tags rko who kicks away. Poses and Mick punches rko down. Picks up rko and sets him on the 2nd rope, then gets the running knee. Bang! Bang! Pins and rko kicks out. Mick holds a headlock. Rko escapes and whips him, and hits a shoulder block. Picks him up and sends his body through the turn buckle. Rko hits his RKO, but kicks out to everyone’s surprise.


Back live, rko chokes Foley with his boot down in a corner. Rko picks up Mick and gets his upper cut. Tags hhh, then Mick tags benoiot. Staredown. Lock up and benoiot throws hhh down. Hhh gets up and pushes benoiot, hhh goes for punch, but benoiot catches it and goes for a crippler crossface. Hhh gets urgent, and rko kicks it out.

HHH gets up and tags rko. Rko now goes up and goes for the cross body . hits it and pins, but benoiot gets out. RKO is now p’d off and Mick gets tagged and he punches hard at rko, then sends him to a corner repeadlt. Rko is busted open, Foley gets a DDT. Tags benoiot , and he goes up for his flying headbutt. Misses, and hhh is tagged, pedigrees Chris, and rko knocks out Mick. Pin, and gets his 3.

Winners … HHH, and Randy Orton

The aftermath:

HHH continues the beating on benoiot, and flair helps out. Batista helps out bloodying Mick. HHH pedigrees benoiot, and Mick on a chair. HHH grabs the mic.

HHH – “ This is an example…of Backlash. Benoiot…will fall victim to me. And Foley… will look just like that at the end of his cell match.”

Shots of them bloodied are shown.

JR – “ My god! You can bet there is gonna be a lot of hell coming for evolution!”

End Of Show.

Post Show:

HHH and evolution keeps celebrating. They go to the sign guy as refs take away benoiot and Mick. HHH and Evolution start making fun of sign guy. Randy takes away sign guys hat. Gives it to Batista, and he puts the hat under his tights and grabs it on the other side.
Flair does the same, fans are laughing hysterically. HHH does it to, and puts the hat on sign guy as they leave, and fans continue to laugh.

Now, the fans have to go outside, where it’s started snowing again. Its 10 degrees.
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