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Raw Brand

World Wrestling Entertainment - It All Begins Again


The Roster is the same as the Current WWE Roster.

WWE Champion : Eddie Guerrero
World Champion : Chris Benoit
US Champion : John Cena
Intercontinental Champion : Randy Orton
World Tag Team Champions : Batista & Ric Flair
WWE Tag Team Champions : Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty
Cruiserweight Champion : Chavo Guerrero J.R

Raw will be on Mondays and SD on Thursdays.

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cool kev

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its 30 where is it

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Give the man time, i know what it's like with school and assignments and writing shows. although wrting shows IS the most important thing for me pretty much.

anyway, I'll be here

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Here is WWE Raw now two weeks before backlash


Pyro goes off and the Raw theme plays

JR : Welcome to WWE Raw what a brilliant night we got in store for you and were only two weeks away from Backlash

King : Yeah and tonight we got Edge against A-Train JR

JR : Yeah that will be a slobberknocker King and also Chris Jericho takes on Lance Storm

King : That one will be good JR

JR : Here is a recap of what happened on last weeks Raw where Shelton Benjamin made a big first impression by defeating Triple H

Video plays Showing Shelton getting the win over HHH

Evolutions music hits and out to the ring comes Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista

Ric Flair gets the mic and the crowd start booing

Flair : Would you people please shut up and show some respect

Crowd Boo's

Flair : You know what Respect is hard to come by around here....Two weeks ago Triple H was disrespected by the Raw lockerroom when he was drafted by Smackdown...

Crowd Cheers

Flair : And last week on Raw Triple H was disrespected when Chris Benoit screwed Triple H in the main event against Shelton Benjamin

****JR : He didnt screw him King
King : Ssshh JR the Nature Boy is talking ****

Flair : Well Evolution will get the respect they deserve at Backlash

Flair hands the mic to Orton

Orton : Yeah I wanted to have my match against Mick Foley at Backlash so out of concern for Foley's safety I spoke to Eric Bischoff and he has given Foley the night off

Crowd Boo's

Orton : What you booing for, If Foley turned up tonight I wouldn't have made it to Backlash

****JR : I smell a chickenshit King
King : Shut up JR and let the man talk****

Orton hands the mic back to Flair

Flair : You see at Backlash its going to be an all evolution night baby woooo

Crowd Boo's

Flair : Triple H will once again become world Champion, Randy Orton will beat the hell out of Mick Foley

Orton taunts at the crowd as flair announces it, the crowd boo

Flair : And the man himself batista has someone to challenge don't you Batista

Batista : Yeah Ric, I watched Raw last week and I seen Stone Cold Steve Austin, tell Shelton Benjamin to do something about it, Well why dosent Shelton Benjamin do something about me at Backlash

Shelton Benjamins music hits and he comes out to a huge pop. Benjamin stands at the top of the ramp with a mic

Benjamin : Well seen as I have already beaten one member of Evolution, I might as well make it too

Batista : So you accept my challenge then

Benjamin : It's on

Batista : Well thats good but I can't wait till Backlash so why don't you come down to this ring and face me right now

Benjamin : You ain't gonna have to wait till Backlash Batista, but also I ain't following for your 3 on 1 trick, you see while you 3 where bragging in the ring, I was talking to Stone Cold Steve Austin, and he booked a match in the main event....

Fans Cheer

Benjamin : Batista its gonna be you and Triple H against Me and Benoit tonight

Fans Cheer as Evolution goes crazy

Benjamins music hits and he leaves soon followed by evolution.

JR : Well what a blockbuster main event we got tonight King, Chris Benorit and Shelton Benjamin against Evolutions Triple H and Batista

King : I can't wait JR, lets hope HHH teaches Benjamin some respect

JR : Shut up King, Up now folks is Tajiri against Garrison Cade

Tajiri V Garrison Cade

Tajiri and Cade lock up in the ring. Cade pushes Tajiri away with ease. They lock up once more but this time Tajiri goes behind and applies a wristlock. He then spins Cade around and delivers a stiff kick to the head. He whips Cade off the ropes and hits him with a hard elbow. He kicks away at him on the canvas. He then delivers a standing moonsault and makes the cover. 1-2- Cade kicks out. Tajiri picks him up and whips him into the corner. He kicks away at him. He then whips him corner to corner and delivers a splash. Cade stumbles out as Tajiri picks him up and hits a quick slam. He picks him up and goes for the whip. Cade reverses it but Tajiri hits a handspring elbow to the face to Cade. Tajiri makes the cover. 1-2- Cade lifts the shoulder. Tajiri picks Cade up and whips him off the ropes but Cade levels him with a hard clothesline. He stomps away at him viciously until the referee comes in the way and breaks it up. Cade up picks and delivers a crushing backbreaker. He covers Tajiri. 1-2- He kicks out. Cade picks him up and walks Tajiri over to the corner and repeatedly smashes Tajiri’s head onto the top turnbuckle. The referee gets in the way and pulls them apart. Cade then hits Tajiri with a standing dropkick. He then pummels away at Tajiri who is lying on the floor. He picks him up and whips him off the ropes and hits a tilt o whirl back breaker. He then picks him up once more and delivers a delayed vertical suplex. He climbs up to the top rope and goes for the elbow drop. Tajiri rolls out of the way as Cade misses. Tajiri gets up and delivers his stiff kicks left, right and centre. He picks up Cade and grabs the tights and plants Cade with a snap suplex. Coach comes running down the ramp as he climbs onto the apron distracting the referee. Cade gets up and hits Tajiri in the back while Coach distracts him. He whips Tajiri off the ropes but is reversed and Cade runs into Coach. He rolls up Cade and holds the tights. 1-2-3.
Winner : Tajiri

Tajiri goes outside the ring and throws Coach in. Tajiri grabs Coach as Coach begs for mercy but Sylvain Grenier and Rob Conway run down the ramp and get in the ring. Grenier laughs at Coach and then shakes Tajiri's hand allowing Conway to sneak attack Tajiri from behind. Conway and Grenier Double DDT Tajiri then continue to Stomp him as Coach gets up and starts laughing at Tajiri. Rhyno runs down the ramp and into the ring. Rhyno clotheslines Conway then Clotheslines Grenier. Rhyno hits a Gore on Conway and then Gores Grenier as Coach runs away up the ramp. Rhyno helps Tajiri up and then they leave

JR : Well Rhyno makes the save for Tajiri after La Resistance backstabbing him.

King : Damn JR i wanted to see Coach get the green mist again that was hilarious JR.

JR : Indeed it was King

We cut backstage

Ric Flair and Randy Orton are walking backstage talking and they bump into Matt Hardy.

Flair : You know what Randy I seem to Remember Matt Hardy laughing two weeks ago when Triple H got drafted.

Orton shoves Hardy

Orton : Were you laughing at Triple H ?

Hardy : Yeah I was

Flair pushes Hardy

Flair : You should respect Triple H, he's the best damn wrestler alive and if you dont respect Triple H, we'll have to teach you some respect

Hardy : Is that a challenge Flair.

Flair : No its a challenge from Orton

Orton looks confused

Hardy : Then I accept the challenge I'll see you in the ring

Hardy walks off and Orton looks a bit pissed off.

We cut back to the arena

JR : Well King I guess its now Matt Hardy against Randy Orton tonight but Orton didnt seem too pleased

King : Relax JR Orton is fine about it

JR : Well he didnt look it, up now is Chris Jericho against Lance Storm

Chris Jericho V Lance Storm

Chris Jericho comes out to a huge crowd pop. Lance Storm gets heat from the crowd. Jericho and Storm walk around the ring before tying up. Jericho backs Storm into the corner. The referee calls for the break and both men break. Storm hits a quick rake in the eye and then puts Jericho in the corner. Storm starts to deliver fast paced right hands to the head of Jericho and then taunts him. The fans start chanting Storm sucks, Storm sucks. Storm hits a hard knife-edge chop on Jericho then hits a second knife Edge chop. Storm taunts the fans allowing Jericho time to fire back. Jericho starts to deliver right hands taking storm into the centre of the ring and then closer to the ropes. Jericho hits a knife edge chop of his own then hits a few more. Jericho goes to Irish whip Storm but Storm reverses and then Jericho tries a clothesline but Storm ducks and then nails a powerslam and covers 1-quick kickout by Jericho. Storm picks Jericho up and then starts to hit some knees to the midsection and then Whips Jericho back in the corner. Storm starts to nail hard kicks to the midsection of Jericho in the corner till Jericho goes down. Storm then chokes Chris Jericho with his foot, the referee applies the count 1-2-3-4-Storm breaks before the DQ. Storm then chokes Jericho again with his foot and the ref once again does the count 1-2-3-4-Storm breaks. Storm picks up Jericho and brings him out of the corner. Storm hits a snap suplex on Jericho and keeps his grip and gets back up then hits a second snap suplex on Jericho then followed by a Fisherman Suplex Pin from Storm 1-2-kickout by Jericho. Storm goes over to the corner and goes up to the top rope. Storm waits on Jericho to get up and then hits a missile dropkick on Jericho and then into the cover 1-2-kickout again by Jericho. Storm gets up and then taunts Jericho and shouts "Get up". Storm sets Jericho waiting for him to get up. Storm signals for a superkick, Jericho gets up and turns around, Storm goes for a Superkick but jericho ducks and then hits a kick to the midsection then a DDT. The Fans start to get behind Jericho by chanting "Y2J, Y2J, Y2J." Jericho and Storm slowly get up. Storm gets up first and goes over to Jericho and gives him a right hand but Jericho fires back, Storm gives Jericho another right hand but Jericho fired back immediatly. Both men start exchanging fast paced right hands, Jericho wins the fight and continue's to deliver quick right hands to Storm. Jericho kicks Storm in the midsection and hits a snap suplex. Jericho sets Storm and waits on him to get up. Jericho hits a kick to the gut of Storm then runs of the ropes and hits the bulldog knocking Storm down in the middle of the ring. Jericho jumps up on the ropes and hits the lionsault and covers 1-2-3.
Winner : Chris Jericho

JR : Well Jericho prevails over Storm there but now we got to go backstage for an interview with Jericho's opponent at Backlash Christian


Josh : Christian we just seen Chris Jericho your opponent at Backlash defeat Lance Storm what are your opinions

Christian : Storm was all over Jericho, Jericho was lucky once again. But he wasnt lucky at Wrestlemania was he Josh, He won't be lucky at Backlash. At Backlash Josh, I am going to beat Chris Jericho, I am going to leave him a bloody mess.

Josh : What do you think of Chris Jericho calling Trish stratus a slut

Christian : Nobody calls Trish Stratus a slut or they have me to deal with. Do you understand that Josh. Trish stratus is not a slut. Chris Jericho's just saying that because he's jealous of me. Jealous that I got Trish "the girl of his dreams."

Christian shoves Josh out of the way and walks away.

Interview Ended

JR : Well I hope Christian gets whats coming to him King

King : Well he got Trish didnt he JR

JR : yeah well, up now is Matt Hardy against Randy Orton and lets show you a recap of how this start earlier tonight folks it started backstage

A video is shown of the argument backstage between Orton, Flair and hardy

Matt Hardy V Randy Orton (w/ric flair)

Matt Hardy comes to the ring and gets a good crowd reaction, Orton gets huge heat from the crowd. Matt Hardy and Randy Orton walk around the ring, Orton has a cocky smile on his face as he looks at Hardy. Hardy and Orton tie up but Orton hits a quick kick to the gut of Hardy then starts to deliver right hands knocking Hardy into the corner. Orton then delivers quick kicks to the midsection of Hardy in the corner knocking him down, Orton continues to stomp Hardy and the referee pulls Orton out of the corner. Orton taunts the crowd and they start to chant "Foley, Foley, Foley" which pisses off Orton. Orton shouts "Shut up" to the crowd then goes back after Hardy. Orton grabs Hardy and drapes him throat first across the middle rope and then puts his knee in the back of the neck of Hardy choking Hardy against the ropes. The referee does the count 1-2-3-4-Orton breaks before the DQ. Orton picks up Hardy and then Irish Whips him. Orton delivers a sidewalk slam to Hardy and then covers 1-2-kickout. Orton then gets up and then delivers a hard elbow drop to the ribs of Hardy, Orton delivers a second elbow drop then hits the third one. Hardy rolls over to near the ropes holding his ribs. Orton forces Hardy out of the ring with his foot. Orton distracts the referee and Flair goes and gets some kicks in on Hardy. Flair picks up Hardy and puts him back in the ring. Orton picks up Hardy and hits a Brainbuster on him then covers 1-2-kickout by Hardy. Orton picks up Hardy again and then delivers a reverse DDT on Hardy. Orton then gets up and thinks of what to do. Orton goes over to the corner and climbs up onto the middle turnbuckle. Orton taunts Hardy by signalling for the middle rope leg drop. Orton goes for the middle rope leg drop but Hardy moves and Orton hits the canvas. Hardy uses the ropes to get up. Orton comes over to attack but Hardy starts hammering away with right hands which start to knock Orton across the ring. Hardy then Irish Whips Orton then delivers a clothesline. Hardy then shouts at Orton to get up. Orton gets up and Hardy hits a kick to the midsection followed by a DDT. Hardy covers 1-2-kickout by Orton. Hardy goes up to the top rope and sets Orton. Hardy waits on Orton to get up and comes off with a clothesline from the top rope. Hardy covers again 1-2-kickout once again by Orton. Hardy stomps Orton making sure he stays down, Hardy goes up to the middle rope and does the signal for the middle rope leg drop and then hits it. Hardy is about to cover but Ric Flair gets in the ring. Hardy sees Flair and goes over to him. Hardy starts hammering away on Flair with right hands and clotheslines him down. The referee tries to get Flair from the ring again but Flair gets up and goes after Hardy. Hardy hits a kick to the midsection of Flair then hits the Twist of Fate ! on Ric Flair. Hardy forces Flair out of the ring with his foot. Hardy taunts then turns around and Orton hits the RKO. Orton covers Hardy and hooks the leg for the 1-2-3.
Winner : Randy Orton

King : Yes JR, Orton wins, Haha i knew he wasnt worried

JR : Well Damn that Ric Flair screwing Matt Hardy

King : He didnt screw him JR that was an unprovoked attack by Matt hardy on ric Flair

JR : What do you mean unprovoked JR he attacked him.

We Cut backstage

Stone Cold is standing talking to someone in his office when Matt Hardy bursts through the door.

Hardy : Austin.....(hardy gets his breath back)

Hardy : I want a match against Ric Flair at Backlash

Austin : You want a match against Ric Flair

Hardy : Yeah

Austin : At Backlash

Hardy : Yeah

Austin : let me check if thats ok then.

Austin : If you want Matt Hardy to have a match against Ric Flair at Backlash gimme a hell yeah

We here hell yeah in the background by the fans

Austin : You got your match against Flair at Backlash

Hardy : Thanks Steve

Hardy leaves Austins office as we cut back to the arena

We Cut Back to the arena

JR : Well what a match added to the card at Backlash King, Matt Hardy against Nature Boy Ric Flair. What a chance for Hardy to make a name for himself King

King : Yeah JR it sure is but you heard Flair earlier on its going to be an all Evolution night at Backlash JR.

JR : Well that remains to be seen, Now folks we Have Edge who returned a few weeks ago taking on the A-Train

Edge V A-Train

Edge comes to the ring and he gets a major pop from the fans. A-Train gets heat from the crowd. The fans start chanting "Edge,Edge,Edge,Edge." before the two men tie up. A-Train runs at Edge but Edge ducks and starts to deliver right hands to A-Train as the referee rings the bell. Edge hits quick right hands to the forehead of A-Train in the corner. The referee tries to pull Edge out of the corner and Edge walks out of the corner into the centre of the ring. A-Train and Edge walk around the ring, they tie up and A-Train back Edge into the corner. The referee calls for the break. Both men break but A-Train starts to deliver quick, hard knees to the midsection of Edge. A-Train then starts to pummel Edge with right hands knocking him down in the corner. A-Train taunts Edge as the fans start chanting "Shave your Back, Shave your back." A-Train picks up Edge and then takes him out of the corner. A-Train Irish Whips Edge then delivers a hard powerslam. A-train covers 1-2 but Edge kicks out quickly. A-Train stays down on his knees taunting Edge grabbing him by the throat. A-Train mounts Edge and starts to give him more right hands taunting as he does them. A-Train then gets up and runs off the ropes and delivers a thunderous leg drop across the throat of Edge then covers 1-2-kickout. A-Train picks up Edge and then Irish Whips him and delivers a hard Sidewalk Slam and then into the quick cover 1-2-kickout by Edge once again. A-Train gets up and goes over to the corner and starts to take off the top turnbuckle pad which exposes the steel bolt. The referee tries to stop A-Train but can't A-Train picks up Edge into a bearhug position and slams him back first into the steel bolt. A-Train picks up Edge one more time and rams him hard back first into the steel bolt as Edge screams in pain. A-Train laughs at Edge. A-Train takes Edge into the centre of the ring and signals for the Baldo Bomb. A-Train hits the Baldo Bomb and then covers 1-2-kickout by Edge. A-Train can't believe it. A-Train gets up and starts to argue with the referee, A-Train says he got the 3 but the ref says 2. A-Train keeps arguing with the referee which gives Edge time to recuparate. A-Train turns around and hits a kick to the midsection of Edge then goes for the Train Wreck but Edge gets over the back and then runs off the ropes and hits the spear on A-Train. Fans once again start to get behind Edge by chanting his name repeatedly. Edge rolls over to the ropes and starts to use the ropes to get him up. A-Train also gets up. Kane approaches ringside and watches on. A-Train runs at Edge and then clotheslines him over the top rope. A-Train tries to go after Edge but the referee stops him. Kane then goes after Edge and starts to give Edge right hands. Kane grabs Edge and deliver a chokeslam and then Kane starts to make his way up the ramp with a sick smile on his face. The referee applies the count, 1.......2.......3......4......5.......6.....7.......8........9.........10
Winner : via countout A-Train

JR : Damn that Kane, Damn that animal King

King : Yeah I hope Edge is ok JR, being chokeslammed down on the concrete just coming off a neck injury

JR : I hope so and of course folks remember Edge has to take on Kane at Backlash as a result of Edge spearing Bischoff upon his return a few weeks ago

A video is shown of Edge returning and spearing Eric Bischoff

JR : Now we go backstage folks to Josh who has Shawn Michaels


Josh : Shawn Michaels up next is a match that contains two of your opponents at Backlash, Triple H and the Worlds Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit. What are your thoughts ?

Michaels : My thoughts Josh, My thoughts are that I dont care what happens in the up coming match, I hope they tear each other apart. It dosen't matter to me because it won't change the outcome of the Backlash main event where I will Win back the World Heavyweight Championship.

Josh : Ok Shawn Thanks for your time now back to JR & King

Interview Ended

JR : Well thanks for that Josh and now up next is the main event Triple H & Batista against World Champion Chris Benoit and a man who i rate very very highly Shelton Benjamin

King : Yeah JR this match is going to be great

Triple H & Batista V Shelton Benjamin & Chris Benoit

Triple H and Dave Batista come to the ring to huge heat from the crowd. Shelton Benjamin and Chris Benoit get major pops. Batista and Shelton Benjamin to start the match. Batista and Benjamin tieup with Batista backing Benjamin into the corner. The referee calls for a break and Batista steps back smiling, but Benjamin runs at Batista and starts delivering quick right hands to the forehead knocking over to the ropes. Benjamin goes to whip Batista but Batista reverses and Benjamin goes for a clothesline but Batista ducks and then hits a sidewalk slam to Benjamin. Batista tags in Triple H. Triple H comes and and starts to deliver right hands to Benjamin then whips him into the corner. Triple H goes into the corner and starts to kick Benjamin repeatedly in the midsection till Benjamin goes down, Triple H then chokes Benjamin with his foot and the referee applies the count 1-2-3-4-Triple H breaks the hold before the DQ. Triple H chokes Benjamin again and the referee once again does the count 1-2-3-4-Triple H breaks. Triple H shoves the referee but the referee just shoves him back and tells him to cut it out. Triple H picks Benjamin up and takes him out of the corner, Triple H Irish Whips Benjamin then goes for a clothesline but Benjamin ducks and then levels HHH with a clothesline. Triple H gets up and gets met with right hands from Benjamin. Benjamin tags in Benoit. Benoit comes in and starts to kick away at Triple H then delivers a knife edge chop then delivers several more chops. Benoit kicks Triple H in the midsection then hits a snap suplex to the game. Benoit picks up Triple H but HHH hits a quick rake in the eyes and tags Batista. Batista comes in and clotheslines Benoit down. Batista taunts the crowd who then reply by chanting "Benoit, Benoit, Benoit." Batista picks up Benoit then irish whips him and delivers a hard powerslam followed by the cover 1-2-kickout. Batista picks up Benoit and then delivers a sidewalk slam. Batista gets up and stomps Benoit several times. Batista runs off the ropes and hits a leg drop across the throat of Benoit who rolls over gasping for breath, Batista covers 1-2-kickout. Batista gets up and taunts Benoit then picks him up. Batista takes Benoit into the corner and tags in Triple H. Triple H comes in and Irish Whips benoit and then hits a high knee knocking Benoit down. Triple H runs off the ropes and hits a knee drop to Benoit then covers 1-2-kickout. Triple H covers again quickly 1-2-kickout and a third time 1-2-kickout, making Benoit use energy with kicking out of the pins. Triple H then picks up Benoit and hits a hard backbreaker. Triple H taunts the crowd and then Benoit. Triple H picks up Benoit and Irish Whips him, Triple H goes for a clothesline but Benoit ducks and takes Triple H down with a clothesline. Both men are down and Benjamin tries to get the crowd behind Benoit. Benoit crawls slowly over to his corner. Triple H tries to grab the foot but Benoit gets the tag to Benjamin. Benajmin comes in and clotheslines Triple H. Batista gets in but gets a clothesline from Benjamin. Benjamin hits a scoop slam on Triple H, Benjamin then hits a big scoop slam on Batista. Benjamin clotheslines Batista over the ropes then goes to work on HHH. Benjamin goes for an Irish Whip on Triple H but Triple H reverses and Benjamin goes off the ropes. Benoit hits a blind tag. Benjamin hits some right hands on Triple H knocking him against the ropes. Benjamin goes for a clothesline but HHH backdrops him over the top rope to the floor where Batista goes after him. Triple H looks on outside as Benoit the legal man gets in the ring and turns HHH around, Benoit gives Triple H right hands, Triple H goes for a right hand on Benoit but Benoit ducks and hits a german suplex but keeps his grip. Benoit hits a second German suplex on Triple H followed by the third German Suplex. Triple H is down in the centre of the ring, Benjamin and Batista are brawling on the outside of the ring. Benoit goes up to the top rope and signals for the headbutt. Benoit hits the Swandive Headbutt and covers Triple H to get the 1-2-3
Winners : Chris Benoit & Shelton Benjamin

The referee hands Benoit the World Title as he continue's to celebrate. Shawn Michaels comes down the ramp. Michaels gets in the ring and sets Benoit. Benoit turns around and gets levelled with Sweet Chin Music. Michaels holds up the belt.

JR : Will this be the outcome at Backlash ? cya next week

Raw goes off the air with Michaels holding the World Championship in the air.


Well there it is, please grade this and give opinions on how i can improve. Thanks in advance.

*Credit WE Champ for doing the Tajiri-Cade Match*

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