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Raw 5-2-2005

Triple H comes out and talks about how Batista cheated last night (he didn’t) and how he wants a rematch. He is then interupted by Shawn Michaels who talks about how unlike Triple H, he won at Backlash by beating Muhammad Hassan and Daivari. Eric Bischoff then comes out and announces a #1 Contenders match next week between Shawn Michaels and Triple H.


Shelton Benjamin ( c ) vs. Chris Jericho
Intercontinental Championship
Backlash Rematch
Finish: Chris Jericho is in control and hits the Lionsault. 1,2, kick out by Benjamin. Benjamin up, and reverses the running Enzuguiri into the T-Bone, but Jericho reverses and rolls him up. 1,2,3, but kick out at two and a half. Now, Shelton going for the T-Bone but Jericho again reverses but this time into The Walls of Jericho. It’s locked in and after about 20 seconds, Shelton gets out of it but Jericho locks it in again. Jericho is now pulling back even farther and Shelton has no choice but to tap out.
Winner: NEW Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho

Backstage, Batista is shown arriving to the arena but is stopped by Edge. Edge knows that he must be worn out from his match last night, so he tells him he’ll be using his contract tonight.


Chris Masters comes out for the Masterlock Challenge. He puts $3,000 on the line to anyone who can break the Masterlock. This time it’s some fat guy and Masters insults him. The fat guy doesn’t break it and Masters retains his money and leaves.

Kane and Lita are talking backstage about how funny it was last night when Viscera squashed Trish Stratus. They make out afterwards.


Eugene comes out and talks about how cool it was at Backlash when Hogan came back but he is interupted by Hassan and Daivari. They talk about how neither have been pinned on Raw yet. Eric Bischoff announces right now Eugene vs. Muhammad Hassan.

Eugene vs. Muhammad Hassan
Finish: Eugene is in control and hit’s a stunner. 1,2, and it is broken up by Daivari. The ref rings the bell for the DQ. They then begin the beat down and leave.
Winner: Eugene by DQ


The Hurricane and Rosey ( c ) vs. William Regal and Tajiri
Tag Titles
Finish: The Hurricane does the splash off Rosey for the win.
Winners: STILL Tag Team Champions, The Hurricane and Rosey

Edge is shown making his way out to the arena for his match next.


Batista ( c ) vs. Edge
World Heavyweight Champion
Finish: Edge is in control and is setting up for the spear. He hits it, but on the ref. Edge then grabs the chair and hits Batista with it. He then revives the ref who counts the pin. 1,2,3.
Winner: NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Edge

Afterwards, Hebner sees the chair and orders the match to restart. Batista then hits the Spinebuster and Batista Bomb for the 1,2,3.
Winner: STILL World Heavyweight Champion, Batista

Edge is irate in the ring, while Batista celebrates.

Please tell me your thoughts.

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I think it was kool and all but I don't think Edge would be stupid enough to use his contract the night right after his Last Man Standing match against Beniot. In the wrestling business we call this SUICIDE!
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