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The Match Starts with Victoria Giving a Headlock to Trish, Trish Counters and Throws Victoria Towards the Ropes. Trish Tries A Spinebuster but Victoria Counters into an Eye-Rake. Victoria Goes for the Roll Up.. 1..2... Both Women Get Up.. Victoria Goes for a Back-Slide.. 1...2.... Victoria Picks Trish Up and Sets her up for the Widow's Peak. Trish Counters with a Jacknife-Hold-Pin. 1....2... So Close... Victoria Goes for a Clothesline, Trish Ducks.. Goes for a Chick Kick but Victoria Grabs her leg Just in Time. Then, She Lets go of Trish's Leg and Delievers a Nasty Headbutt. Victoria Picks Trish up and Goes for Her Spider-Web. Trish Counters Into a Head-Scissors Take-Down. Both Women Get Up, Trish Delievers a Diving Clothesline. Then, She goes for the Cover. 1...2..... Victoria Kicks Out.

Trish Goes for a Neckbreaker, but Victoria Counters and gives Her a Scoop-Slam, Followed by one Of Her Standing Moonsaults. 1...2... Trish Kicks Out.. Gets Thrown towards the Ropes and Victoria Catches Trish with a Back-Body-Drop. Gives Out about 2 Arm-Drags, 5 Punches and FINALLY Delievers her Spider-Web followed by a Pin. 1...2... Trish's Foot is On the Ropes, Ref Called for a Rope-Break. Suddenly, Christy comes over to ring-side Cheering On Victoria. Trish Gets up, Kicks Victoria in the Gut and Puts on a Sleeper. After a Minute or So, Victoria Gets up, Throwing Punches towards Trish. Victoria Then Throws Trish Toward the Turnbuckle, Tries to Go For a Running Clothesline, Trish Counters with her Foot. Rolls Victoria Up.. 1...2.... Victoria Kicks Out, Trish Gives Her a Hard Scoop-Slam.. then Heads for the Top Turnbuckle.

Victoria Gets Up and Both Women Exchange Right Hands, Victoria Ends Up Giving a Hard Headbutt, Goes for a Super-Plex and Gets it Perfectly. Victoria Goes for the Cover, Trish Kicks Out by 2. Victoria Grabs Trish by the Hair.. Getting Very Stressed that She STILL Hasnt Gotten the 2 Count, and Throws her back Down on the Mat, Making a Huge THUMP. Victoria Gives Trish a Vicious Superkick. Decides not to go for the Pin, but Instead Deliever yet Another Super-Kick. Trish Counters, and Delivers a Chick-Kick on Her Own. Goes for the 3 Count butAgain, Victoria Kicks Out. Trish Getting Pissed off as Well, Throws a Couple of Punches, then Goes for the Stratus-Faction. Victoria Counters and Hits the Widows Peak. Victoria Goes for the Pin for a DEFINITE Win, but as the Ref Counts, Christy Pulls the Ref Outside and Hits Him With a Steel Chair.

Everyone Seems Shocked Excpet for Trish. Christy Has an Evil Grin on her Face now.. and as Victoria Tries to ask her why she did what she did, Christy Points her Fingers Behind Victoria and Trish Delivers Yey ANOTHER Chick-Kick Right to the Temple. Christy Picks Victoria Up and Lands a Perfectly-Applied Twist of Fate. Trish Goes for the Cover and Christy Counts for the Pin Fall. Trish's Music Plays and Grabs Christy By the Hand, Leading Her Out of the Ring with her.
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