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Raw 999 Next Week - Is This What We Can Expect?

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Just watched Raw over here in the UK, thought it started off good with a decent segment but again went downhill rapidly. The whole hornswoggle segment, I don't mind that he was the anonymous GM (creative just messing with us to close off an unresolved storyline) but the segment/match how it was played out was laughable.

The emails coming through on the apple laptop with the blue screen (which it does when it's been inactive for like 30 mins etc)

Anyway - Next week is raw 999, yes it is the RAW following MITB however can we expect promotion promotion promotion for raw 1000? I've got a feeling WWE are gunna abuse the hell out of promoting Raw 1000 next week which asks the question why should we watch?

The product lately does need looking at as it really is going downhill - people are talking of the summer angle but each week that goes by there leaving it even longer to begin. Maybe their summer angle is this whole Aj/Punk/Bryan DEAN AMBROSE storyline...included with the whole Lawsuit with HHH heyman and Lesnar.

I'm just thinking next week can we expect just constant promotion and video packages for Raw 1000 - which could hurt next weeks episode and make it possibly one of the worst ever (which seems to be what people are saying about last nights RAW).
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Re: Raw 999 - Is This What We Can Expect?

My prediction for next week:

Bryan won the title due to AJ fuckery at MITB, but RAW GM for the night William Regal makes a rematch between Punk and Bryan for the title with AJ banned from ringside/the arena.

Cena will cut a promo saying he will be cashing in MITB next week on RAW 1000.

Sheamus will beat someone easily, probably Ziggler again. Rhodes will be on commentary and say how Sheamus needs to watch his back.

Punk will beat Bryan in a submission match to win the title back, Cena comes out and stares him down to close the show.

Also Slater will job to a legend, Brodus Clay will dance and Santino will mispronounce some words.
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The whole Cena - Bryan - Punk bit there actually doesn't sound too bad.

Agreed about Bryan at MITB, I think he'll win the belt
If Bryan wins at MITB, I think Bryan Vs Rock gonna happen 1000th episode WWE title
Simple answer dont watch. It will be worse than this week's raw, mark my words. 40% of the show will be filled with promotion promotion promotion of Raw 1000 like you said, the rest of the 60%.. will suck anyways.

I personally can/will give 10 minutes to the show as I will be skipping the most of the Raw. Raw 1000 is the one that will be a good one. or atleast I hope so.
I think they aresaving the good stuff for episode 1,000 if not.. wow it will be a huge failure
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