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:flip :flip Raw Starts with a Stone Cold segmant :flip :flip

*** Stone Cold asks if he can make 1 last match. Bischoff let him do it. Steve Austin said " Eric you just let me make a match for me to be able to come back. It will be a 2 on 2 tag team match.
RVD & HBK V. Mark Henry & Randy Orton! If I win I come back, If I lose I am gone FOREVER from the WWE!" Bischoff said " Fine but we will spin the wheel, and Steve you are aloud here tonight because how nice it will be to fire your ass permanently from World Wrestling Entertainment!"

*** Woman's Title Match
The wheel was spun for Lita V. Molly! Molly spun to her horror a MUD MATCH! Lita seemed happy! Eric said " First to be pinned in the mud loses, but I'm editing it this time.
1. it will be in the ring.
2. There will be count outs, and if Molly loses this way she forfeits the title.
3. There will be a guest Referee, King, and if he bails out there will be a new ref. already in the ring!"

Well molly didn't want to go in that mud but King pushed her in and the match started. King was all over the women for a long time ( 3:30) Then Godfather came out and invited king to join him so he did. The new ref came in but wasn't in the mud pool. Lita did the twist of fate to Molly. Then did the Litasault off the ropes to win. ( 5:13 )
Lita DEF. Molly for the Woman's title

*** Crash Holly death presentation!

*** Christian V. Matt Hardy
It is a ShowGirl match! :lmao
Christian DEF. Matt
*** Test V. Bubba
It was declared a battle for stacy match ( he didn't spin the wheel he just said that's what it was.
Bubba DEF. Test For Stacy
*** Rerun of Kane Euology as Stacy gets ready for her match.

*** Trish w. Jericho V. Stacy w. Dudleys
It was announced as a bra & Panties match :D
Trish DEF. Stacy but then celebrated by showing the fans her bra & panties or should I say Bra & Thong
*** Goldberg V. Kane
It was a Blindfold match.
Goldberg DEF. Kane because of Steph McMahon's help.
*** King & J.R. V. La Resistance for announcing jobs
The match is a Murman street fight
La Resistance DEF King & JR so now the announcing is opened to anyone. and the rest of tonight by Coach & Snow! :gun:
:flip Main Event :flip for Austin's job
It was a HIAC match.
RVD & HBK DEF. Mark Henry & Randy Orton (without Evoulution)
Austin is Now back on Raw! :flip :flip :flip :flip :flip :flip Have a good Thanksgiving!
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