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It's been requested that I post the rules for people who want to have a ratings war, so that is what I would do.

If A-Dust reads this could you make it a sticky please?


1/ If starting from scratch work out which wrestlers will be on which shows, kind of a drafting, but it doesn't really matter.

2/ Try and keep rosters a seperate as you can.

3/ Work out what day and times your show/s are going to be posted at and post them at the same time. (eg. I post my show at 8:30 Monday's and Wolf Beast post his shows at 8:30 Monday's even though he's in England and I'm in Australia, Post it in YOUR timezone time. so technically no one is cheating by getting extra time).

4/ Try and have your shows finished the day before so where as you cannot read your rival's shows and make your just that little bit better, In a way I class that as cheating.

5/ Don't bribe people into voting for your shows in the Rating Results, it just defeats the whole purpose.

6/ You CANNOT vote in the Ratings Results as it will just be pointless.

7/ Set a time trial say a month or so to see if people are with your rating war or not.

8/ Don't Cheat, Have fun.

Any questions or rules you think should be added/ changed PM me and I'll get to it as quick as I can.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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