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This is going to be an on-going thread that I add to as I get time. I will be going down the roster page and doing a brief analysis of each talent. From this I will assign them an overall rating in addition to star ratings in three different categories. No doubt there is room for discussion on a lot of these and I look forward to reading everyone's thoughts whether you agree or disagree with my assessment. Here is a brief explanation:

I will be talking about each performer with the following format

Name (Overall Ranking)
Credibility: (out of five stars) ||| In-Ring Work: (out of five stars) ||| Character: (out of five stars)
Overview (a very brief overview of how I see the person in question)
Success/Failure (how the person can be successful and how the person can fail to meet potential)
Would benefit greatly from... (A suggestion for what they need to get to the "next level" which will be a different level for each wrestler)

The overall rating is influenced by the star ratings but isn't an average of them as I also take things like potential and other intangibles into account. At times someones star ratings may seem drastically different than their overall rating.

The following is a list of some of the more prominent things I think about when I assign stars to a category:

Credibility: World title wins, years spent as a wrestler, longevity at the top of "the business", the "aura" they have, their work ethic
In-Ring Work: Ability to put on good to great matches consistently, ability to tell a story in the ring, amount their character matches with their in-ring style
Character: Ability for the audience to "buy-in" to the gimmick, ability to sell the character during promos, simply: does it work?

Enough of this exposition, lets get to the good stuff!

Abyss: 6.0

Credibility: ** ||| In-Ring Work: *** ||| Character: ***1/2

Overview: The character itself is solid, he does a good job with everything he is given, but Abyss lacks credibility. When you're a big man, credibility is important and once its gone it is difficult to get back.

Success/Failure: For success use him as a brawler, a sideshow, a spectacle that everyone on the roster fears. For failure make him into a joke, give him too much character so that the spectacle is ruined, and make him lose enough that he isn't taken as a threat.

Would benefit greatly from: A feud with another big man where they both push each other to the limit rather than going through the motions

AJ Styles: 8.5

Credibility: ***1/2 ||| In-Ring Work: ****1/2 ||| Character: ****

Overview: Easily one of the top workers in the industry today, when he was the face of the company TNA was in an up-swing, he was a primary reason the X-Division EVER mattered, and is one of the most integral members of TNA period but he is too often lost in midcard hell that completely fails to utilize his strengths.

Success/Failure: For success use him as the top face in the company even when he isn't in the spotlight, emphasize his exceptional in-ring work, and build up heels for him to overcome. For failure emphasize his limited mic skills, treat him as though he DIDN'T single handedly make the company credible, and continuously put him in angles with Christopher Daniels because the writing team is too shitty to create another successful foe for him.

Would benefit greatly from: Having his past hyped up, being used as the definitive TNA talent, being given a long World title reign as a face where he battles against the odds to regain his credibility

Alex Shelley: 7.5

Credibility: *** ||| In-Ring Work: ***3/4 ||| Character: ***1/2

Overview: He had a popular angle with Kevin Nash that went nowhere, he was in one of the best tag team feuds in recent history that was quickly forgotten a month later, and his character is unique but lacks any depth. His potential is still so high but he has been stuck in no-mans land for most of his TNA career.

Success/Failure: For success build him up quietly as a singles wrestler, expect him to routinely have one of the best matches on every card he is on, and have other wrestlers try to foil his rise to stardom. For failure try to push him as a top star, use him as enhancement talent, and/or don't give him any meaningful feuds.

Would benefit greatly from: A feud with Chris Sabin that isn't heavily focused on, they start with a friendly encounter that then has a natural build into something bigger, let it grow into something fans focus on naturally (rather than forcing it down everyones throats), and don't use stupid gimmick matches...then in the end, have them become closer friends irregardless of who wins.

Angelina Love: 6.5

Credibility: *** ||| In-Ring Work: *** ||| Character: ***

Overview: She was part of the Beautiful People that routinely got some of the highest ratings of each show, has been a multi-time women's champion, did well with the zombie-ish gimmick, and is a decent in-ring worker for a Knockout. But as much as I want to like her I still find that I don't even notice when she isn't on the show.

Success/Failure: For success have her try to raise out of the shadows of the other women, from those who were famous in the past (Trish) to those who seem to be more popular than her now (Velvet), and try to move her into the position of a gristled veteran deserving of respect even if she isn't on the top of the card. For failure make her seem like just another woman, put her in angles where she isn't a focal point, and book her in matches where she can win/lose a title based on a random briefcase outcome.

Would benefit greatly from: Decisive victories over the "lesser" female talents and maybe a good brawl with ODB.

Anthony Nese: 6.5

Credibility: *1/2 ||| In-Ring Work: **** ||| Character: *

Overview: I had to do some research for this one and I came to this conclusion...I like him. He hasn't really accomplished anything and the character of a "random indy talent" doesn't exactly excite but he has plenty of time to develop. Honestly, he is probably the top prospect on the TNA roster right now and it's just a matter of capitalizing.

Success/Failure: For success build him more in the mold of the successful WCW cruiserweights where he is super serious about being considered great, allow him the opportunity to carve his own niche, and don't be afraid to job him out to someone better than him so long as it is done in a way that he doesn't lose anything from it. For failure do the typical TNA formula of building him up without a character and then forgetting about him, give him a goofy gimmick that doesn't fit him, or use him as a jobber because he didn't come from WWE.

Would benefit greatly from: A pairing with Angelina Love, not as a couple but as two people striving to be the best at their given craft

Austin Aries: 8.0

Credibility: ***1/2 ||| In-Ring Work: **** ||| Character: ****

Overview: He has always been a standout talent and his work ethic is hard to top, since his return to TNA he has taken the company by storm, becoming the fastest rising star on the roster. He can be a little too gimmicky at times and his match pacing needs work but on the whole the sky is the limit and he has returned a level of credibility to the X-Division that is sorely needed.

Success/Failure: For success continue to utilize his strengths, let him dabble in the main event scene a little even though he isn't ready to be an actual main player now, he'll bring a higher pacing to matches and make guys like Ken Anderson seem slightly more bearable. For failure make the X-Division his limit, don't utilize his time as X-Division champion to integrate him into a place higher on the card, and let his star burn out when its so hot like so many others before him.

Would benefit greatly from: Showing respect to the veterans of the business, not using them as managers, but being able to see him backstage trying to pick up some pointers from guys like Ric Flair while still being a brash, cocky jerk to anyone who isn't a veteran

Bobby Roode: 8.0

Credibility: ***1/2 ||| In-Ring Work: **** ||| Character: ***

Overview: He is on route to being the longest reigning TNA Heavyweight Champion in history and that doesn't bother me, he has worked hard and been part of a lot of successful things. Where his weakness lies is in his character which he simply does not deliver in a way that sucks you in and, while at times you can see glimmers of greatness, there are other times where you see glimpses of him as just being a midcard wrestler and he has essentially created his own glass ceiling because of that.

Success/Failure: For success continue what is already happening, it is going to be a slow road to building his credibility because he simply doesn't have that typical superstar quality, his best growth will come after he loses the title and has to find his way back up to it. For failure decide his title reign wasn't successful enough and regulate him back to the midcard, job him to the next "star of the moment", and stop making him a focal of the show as soon as his reign is over.

Would benefit greatly from: Someone else to feed off of, he was a standout in Team Canada, he was awesome in Beer Money, but on his own he simply isn't as strong a character

I'll continue this soon!

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Brooke Tessmacher: 5.5

Credibility: ** ||| In-Ring Work: **1/2 ||| Character: ***1/2

Overview: As it comes to female wrestling in America, the look can mean a lot more than ability and there is no doubt she has the look. She is intelligent and has made her way to a position many likely believe she doesn't deserve as her in-ring ability is incredibly lacking, but if she is willing to learn then the sky is the limit.

Success/Failure: For success she will have to be humbled, for so long she has been that hot girl that has gotten her way, but that doesn't make a star, that makes someone that is difficult to deal with, so if she is willing to take her licks and losses then she will be a much better worker moving forward. For failure give her the knockout's title and make her a focal point of the company far before she is ready, when something is attained without being earned then that takes away the motivation to work hard to achieve it.

Would benefit greatly from: Getting stiffed and outworked by a superior wrestler so she can learn the craft beyond "do girly looking things and look hot"

Bully Ray: 8.0

Credibility: ****1/2 ||| In-Ring Work: ***1/2 ||| Character: ****

Overview: This may be the most unexpected career turn around since Bradshaw became JBL, being half of one of the most successful tag teams in history seemed like it would be the limit for his career and then he embraced his dickish side. Probably one of the most compelling and versatile characters in the company without even needing much, if any of the spotlight.

Success/Failure: For success he needs to help break-in new talent, be a staple in the upper midcard that works as a gatekeeper, and motivation to those that lack motivation to step it up if they don't want to get stiffed. For failure have him clog the main event scene, squash up-coming talent deserving of wins, and bury anyone that is a threat to his "spot".

Would benefit greatly from: A protege, a young bruiser who can be paired with him and benefit from the credibility he has earned so late in his career

Chris Sabin: 7.5

Credibility: ***1/2 ||| In-Ring Work: **** ||| Character: ***

Overview: When he came into TNA it was as one of the top up-and-comers, he continued the legitimacy of the X-Division and had quite a crowd following. Then as the X-Division began to lose momentum, his career began to fall with it, until finally he rose again as a member of the Motor City Machine Guns and put on some of the best tag team matches in modern history, but sadly he still isn't seen as anything beyond a midcard talent.

Success/Failure: For success he should dabble in the X-Division again and be treated as a top talent within it, he isn't likely to ever see the main event scene but he can still be a huge force in the midcard for a long time to come. For failure limit him to being a tag team wrestler, bury him in singles matches, and downplay his past significance within the company.

Would benefit greatly from: A feud with Alex Shelley that isn't heavily focused on, they start with a friendly encounter that then has a natural build into something bigger, let it grow into something fans focus on naturally (rather than forcing it down everyones throats), and don't use stupid gimmick matches...then in the end, have them become closer friends irregardless of who wins.

Christopher Daniels: 8.0

Credibility: **** ||| In-Ring Work: **** ||| Character: ****

Overview: For as many times as the man has been knocked down, he always comes back as strong as ever and is undoubtedly one of the best all around heels in the company. He was a big star in the X-Division, he is world renowned for his in-ring work, and he is one of the best people at selling match-ups in the company...why isn't he a bigger part of the company again?

Success/Failure: For success utilize him as the evil genius, someone who can make a diamond out of a shitheap, and make him an integral part in establishing young talent. For failure don't allow him to grow as a character, kill his credibility at every possible turn, and regulate him to a specific place on the card.

Would benefit greatly from: Being a manager, in addition to being an in-ring worker he could easily be seconding as a "voice" for another wrestler that is in desperate need of a pick-me-up

Christy Hemme: 2.5

Credibility: *1/2 ||| In-Ring Work: ** ||| Character: *

Overview: A failed backstage interviewer, a failed ring announcer, a failed wrestler, and a failed manager. The only thing exceptional about her career is that she has earned years of employment from making her ass eat a pie...and this is coming from someone who kind of enjoys some of the songs she released and wanted to see her succeed. I don't hate her, it's just impossible to ignore what an absolute failure her career has been on the whole and yet, in spite of that, the success she has still squeezed out of it. Her resiliency is certainly admirable.

Success/Failure: For success job her mercilessly, let her be the subject of abuse from every other female worker on the roster, and hope that somehow she develops a character out of all that. For failure continue to leave her unattended in roles that she does not fit, make her an authority figure, and/or try to push her as a meaningful wrestler again.

Would benefit greatly from: A major event, it is going to take something fairly significant for it to click in her head that wrestling is about personalities and not just "existing"

Crimson: 7.0

Credibility: *** ||| In-Ring Work: *** ||| Character: **1/2

Overview: He is undefeated and he has potential, but I think it would be impossible for even the most rabid TNA fan to name one situation where they really gave half a damn about anything he has done. When you have a man that has beaten most of the people on your roster and he still isn't seen as a threat to the Heavyweight title then something has gone seriously wrong.

Success/Failure: For success he needs to lose a match, the undefeated streak is hindering his ability to grow as a character, but it should be a PPV match and preferably for the World Title so the build wasn't for nothing. For failure let him lead himself in the wrong direction, let him think he is much better than he is, and watch as he continues to underperform because he doesn't have the proper respect for what he has earned.

Would benefit greatly from: Understanding the place he is in, it is evident every week that goes by that he doesn't truly understand how advantageous the situation he is in can be, not only for himself but for the company, and that lack of understanding may be his undoing one day

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You just said AJ has limited mic skills, yet you gave him a 4 star for Character? 1 star more than Roode? What a joke. If AJ has 4 stars, then Roode and Ray should have 10 stars at least. And an overall ranking of 8.5 for AJ, highest in the group so far... hmmm... bias much? Both AJ and Daniels are 6.5 at most. I'm being generous.

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angelina love a 6.5? LMAO


she's good in the ring.. not great.... but good enough to have a believeable match

shes not much in the face.. but i think she has a really nice body could use to gain 10-15 pounds


angelina love is more like a 9.0

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Angelina love is more like a 9.0
Yeah... right.

Will everyone stop being so critical? It's his opinion and it's not going to make everyone happy. Instead of critiquing his choices, how about you justify your response with a reason and some positive discussion.

I like the thread idea mate so good job. I'd say Crimson hasn't really justified his three star in ring skill label just yet, as I haven't really seen him have a good match so far. His heel character is interesting though, I'll agree with you on that.

Looking forward to your analysis of the rest of the roster.

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Hmmm, I'd say Crimson deserves a 3 for in-ring ability - maybe even more.

Crimson is a weird one, though. If you put aside your natural, "Oh no, it's a Crimson match" reaction and actually watch the guy in the ring, he's not half bad. He sells well, and his matches are fairly fast-paced, fluid and if you look at them objectively, he doesn't have an obviously limited move-set. In fact, when you look at it objectively, he's far better in-ring than fan-favourite Magnus, who tends to lumber round the ring, mis-sells or early sells moves (is that even a word?), is limited to about four moves and tends to hang around waiting for the next guy's move just that little bit too long, so that it becomes obvious.

Now don't get me wrong - I much prefer Magnus to Crimson - the Mag is good on the mic and exudes charisma (the latter is especially lacking in Crimson) but if you actually watch their matches objectively, Crimson is pretty good in-ring. Gunner's another one, thinking about it. Your natural reaction when you see that Gunner is coming out is whether or not you need to go to the toilet and is this a good time to do it. But you actually look at the guy's matches and he doesn't do anything wrong and is actually pretty solid in the ring. Again, as far as that is concerned, at least, he's better than Magnus.

Then again, when was pro-wrestling about skills? Charisma is the main thing and always will be.

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Agree with the comments about Abyss, too. I know most people here think he's dead weight (or at least did, until the Joseph Parks angle put a spark of life back into his gimmick) but there's no reason why Abyss couldn't be this big figure that sort of scares everyone, is unpredictable and just lurks around like a scary powerhouse. I mean, look at the ending of last week's impact. Abyss' music comes on (which is pretty cool, what with the bongs and everything) and you see all four guys, RVD, Roode, Anderson etc, visibly crap themselves. I think Roode, top heel that he is, even took a step back and mouthed "WTF?" or something.

That's the way Abyss should be. Treat him like that and he becomes a threat to everyone and, dare I say it, interesting.

Treat him like a joke or have him squashed by midgets or jobbed to midcarders and he's useless.

Keep him away from the title, but actually beating everyone, including the champ (in very occasional) non-title matches, is what he should be doing - just rolled out occasionally like a freak of nature to shake up the roster. Then of course, when someone DOES beat him, you REALLY put them over...

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Garett Bischoff: -10.0
Credibility: MINUS FIVE STARS ||| In-Ring Work: MINUS FIVE STARS ||| Character: MINUS FIVE STARS
Overview: Eric Bischoff's son, who just turned up out of nowhere and suddenly became a main eventer. Nothing else to say.
Success/Failure: For success just don't use him. For failure give him any sort of push.
Would benefit greatly from: An exit door.

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Abyss: 9.0

Credibility: *** ||| In-Ring Work: ***1/2 ||| Character: ****

Overview: The character itself is solid, he does a good job with everything he is given, but Abyss lacks credibility. When you're a big man, credibility is important.
He is getting back right now.

Success/Failure: There is way to much entertainment, not enough wrestling in TNA. But Abyss is a star attraction. I would go with a split personality gimmick, which is already started. A Mike Myers different masks of Abyss.

AJ Styles: 10

Credibility: ***** ||| In-Ring Work: ***** ||| Character: *****

Overview: Easily the best in wrestling, hands down.

Success/Failure: AJ needs to be used as the companies star wrestling attraction.
The guy that get's traditional wrestling fan's to watch the show.
Much like Benoit, Regal and Arn Anderson, the heart of the order.
TNA should create the TNA North American Title, a respected belt held by the best technical wrestlers, with little bullshit in the matches.

Alex Shelley: 8.5

Credibility: ***** ||| In-Ring Work: ***** ||| Character: ****

Overview: Was sitting in the back doing nothing, for couple years.
Then allowed to wrestle and became instantly over.

Success/Failure: The Machine Guns are the Road Warriors of this generation.
They need to be able to wrestle when ever possible. Building up TNA, Themselves and other teams.

Angelina Love: 4.5

Credibility: * ||| In-Ring Work: * ||| Character: ***

Overview: Not a good wrestler, sorry it's a fact.

Success/Failure: Like all knockouts, maybe she can get a match with Gail Kim and be carried.

Anthony Nese: 6.5

Credibility: *1/2 ||| In-Ring Work: *** ||| Character: ***

Overview: He has the look and seems to have in ring skills.

Success/Failure: Like most high fliers he seems a bit spotty, He needs to use more submissions and slow down the match a bit, and tell a story.
Will TNA let him wrestle is the question. I don't remember Rey Mysterio or any of those guys saying a word for a year.

Austin Aries: 8.0

Credibility: **** ||| In-Ring Work: **** ||| Character: *****

Success/Failure: I would not push him to fast, I would have him hold on to the X-Division title for another year. Helping new guys in that division get over, and featuring his matches both on Impact and PPV. Tell he meets AJ at bound for glory.

Bobby Roode: 10.0

Credibility: ***** ||| In-Ring Work: **** ||| Character: *****

Overview: He was given the chance to take the ball and ran with it.
He has became the classic heel, and is only going to get better.

Success/Failure: He needs to continue to be built up. TNA needs top guys that stay at the top, a face for the company. He and James Storm are those guys.

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I like the list thus far. I'd bump up Alex Shelley to an 8 though and Angelina Love to a 7.5. It seems you are being pretty strict in your rating.

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I am being fairly strict with the star ratings, mainly because (for example) someone like Sting or Ric Flair will have ***** in credibility and there are very few others that are realistically even close. I figure this makes it a bit easier to distinguish people with exceptional qualities rather than just looking at things from the view of "oh, I think they have good matches, FIVE STARS". The overall score I try to factor in whether they may have an up-swing in their career in the future or a downswing. So, Ric Flair is going to have high star ratings but a lower overall score simply because he is understandably limited (but still one of the most important characters on the show imo). Hope that clears up what I'm doing a little better for people!

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D'Angelo Dinero: 3.0

Credibility: *1/2 ||| In-Ring Work: * ||| Character: ***

Overview: Mr. McMahon endorsed, preacher to the people, and promos that make Scott Steiner sound like a road scholar. The thing is, his gimmick is REALLY good...if it was someone else performing it, someone who doesn't blow 50% of the spots in every match and is one of the least consistent performers in wrestling history. He wonders why he isn't utilized more by the company, he evidently hasn't watched any of his own work in the past five years.

Success/Failure: For success...re-learn how to wrestle, learn some humility, and do some soul searching. For failure keep him on the same road, keep putting him in big time roles that he simply won't be able to perform at, and allow him to keep thinking he is doing a good job.

Would benefit greatly from: Another profession, Christy Hemme has a bigger upside in wrestling than he does

Devon: 6.0

Credibility: ***1/2 ||| In-Ring Work: *** ||| Character: **1/2

Overview: Oddly enough I have always liked Devon but his track record outside of the Dudley Boys has not been one filled with success. His current TNA run is quite uninspiring and he does not share the same creative talent that his "brother" does. He isn't hurting the Television title by holding it but he certainly isn't raising its credibility either.

Success/Failure: For success have someone call him out as being the weaker Dudley, utilize the years of success he had in the business to counteract his inherent blandness, and make him fight to try to prove he is more than just the "other half" of the most decorated tag team in history. For failure act like he has the same value as his "brother" inherently, keep the television title on him indefinitely, and keep feuding him with the worst talents on the roster.

Would benefit greatly from: A brash young talent with a bright future that challenges him, taking him to his limit and making the veteran into the underdog

Doug Williams: 7.5

Credibility: **** ||| In-Ring Work: **** ||| Character: ***1/2

Overview: In the United States, specifically in TNA, he may not seem to be that credible but in England he is a ring technician equal to William Regal among other greats. He has exceptional talent that has been nothing but squandered since the break-up of the British Invasion and he is another person that could greatly bolster the midcard if given the proper opportunity.

Success/Failure: For success have him work angles with younger talent, let him pick up some decisive wins over them while they learn tricks of the trade to make themselves better, and most importantly focus on his exceptional wrestling background. For failure have him waste away in the undercard, keep bouncing him between heel and face for no reason, and try to make his character separate from what he is known for.

Would benefit greatly from: Being a classic wrestler, because he is, and TNA undervalues just how many people are interested in seeing the elegant yet brutal English style of wrestling

Eric Young: 5.0

Credibility: * ||| In-Ring Work: *** ||| Character: **

Overview: He is a goofball, we all get it, and he is also one of the better wrestlers on the roster but never gets a chance to show it. I happen to be a bigger fan of Eric Young than the typical person because I see the untapped potential for him to be so much more than he is...the unfortunate part is HE IS where he is and it seems he may be stuck in this terrible role for the rest of his career.

Success/Failure: For success take a risk with his character, he can be a character that others don't take seriously until they step into the ring and find themselves being schooled by him, presenting him as serious in the ring regardless of his out of the ring exploits may be the key to harnessing his real potential. For failure keep putting him in groan worthy segments, utilize his above average promo abilities to deliver some of the worst dialogue in wrestling history, and continue not taking advantage of the fact that the guy is just genuinely likeable.

Would benefit greatly from: A new dimension to his character, he actually seemed to excel during his brief homage to the Great Muta and when he is able to be goofy/serious he seems right at home

Gail Kim: 8.0

Credibility: **** ||| In-Ring Work: **** ||| Character: ***1/2

Overview: In WWE she won the womens title on her first appearance on tv and, though since then she saw limited success in that company, in TNA she is literally a future legend in the women's division. She has historically been botch heavy because she always tried to do too much, but recently she has shown she can pace a good match even with less than stellar talent. Her character is good but can be a bit bland yet she makes up for it by delivering in the ring.

Success/Failure: For success keep utilizing her as she has been, as a strong women's champion that is simply capable of outclassing any opponent she is in the ring with, and keep the title on her until someone worthy of it can take it from her. For failure waste her credibility by having her lose to someone well below her talents, treat her as though she is an equal to the other Knockouts, and don't capitalize on her uniquely devilish heel traits.

Would benefit greatly from: A long title reign, I'm not even kidding when I say that she could hold the Knockouts title for years and it would be better for business than having one of the lesser talents in the company devalue it

Garett Bischoff: 4.0

Credibility: * ||| In-Ring Work: ** ||| Character: *

Overview: David Flair now has someone to throw back beers with as a green talent is a green talent regardless of his last name. He has potential, it's difficult not to see that, but it has been too much too soon. He has a lot of areas he needs to work on and it is a testament to him that he has held his composure in a situation that no young talent should be put in so soon.

Success/Failure: For success put him under the radar, let him learn how to be a star before he has to be one, and utilize the connections of his father to give him every opportunity to do so. For failure assume that his last name is more important than his ability, keep him in the spotlight where he'll continue to earn the hatred of the audience, and watch him collapse under the weight of the world.

Would benefit greatly from: Not being Eric Bischoff's son, obviously that isn't something that can be changed but you'd be better throwing him under a mask for a few years and letting him earn his own path than continuously saddling him with so much baggage because of who his father is
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