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Rate (1-10) your enjoyement of the product ever year. Will start at 2006 because the good ole days will get 10 ratings lol.

2006- 6
2007- 5.5
2009- 5
2010- 4
2011- 6
2012- 5
2013- 6.5
2014- 7.5

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I'll give this a shot. Ratings are solely based on my level of enjoyment.

1987-9- Everything is awesome when you're new to wrestling. Well, everything except Hulk Hogan. Hence the 9 instead of 10.
1988-8- HTM losing the IC title and those Hart Foundation rats turning on Jimmy Hart were not cool, but man, was Ted Dibiase awesome.
1989-8- Puke-a-mania is back on top, brother. But you couldn't go wrong with Perfect, The Genius Rougeaux and Brainbusters.
1990-5- And that might be generous. Or maybe it's just because I was still young and all "Yay, wrestling!" What a blah year. I had Perfect, Earthquake and.....yeah. I'm pretty sure I preferred AWA to WWF in '90, and the Black Scorpion renewed my interest in NWA.
1991-6- A slight improvement due to a full of year 'Taker, Da Mountie and the WWF debut of Ric "GOAT" Flair.
1992-6- Most older fans love '92 but I wasn't that crazy about it at the time. Flair, Shango, Taker and Mountie were my guys.
1993-9- Loved it. I was such a mark for Lawler, Narcissist and the Foreign Fanatics
1994-7- Owen, Mr. Bob Backlund, Taker and Jarrett ruled, but the midcard was pretty thin and I wasn't a big Bret fan at the time.
1995-8- The year my wrestling love reached a whole new level due to the Apter Mags, attending Survivor Series, and finding a few new friends who liked wrestling as much as I did. Loved most of the wacky gimmicks. Only reason this year is so 'low' was because of a weak first half.
1996-8- I was such a diehard WWF fanboy. WCW was the enemy. Vince was now my hero as he fought the Evil Empire to stay alive. Vader, Goldust, Owen, Bulldog and Leif were the guys I tuned in every week to see.
1997-10- The GOAT year. 1997 Bret Hart is my favorite wrestling character ever. Austin & Michaels were the biggest dicks this side of Eric Bischoff. I viewed WWF vs. WCW as the ultimate battle of Good vs. Evil. Taker reached a new level of greatness. Foley started becoming a God. KANE! Most of my favorite wrestling-related stuff came from this year.
1998-9- Wrestling becoming mainstream was so awesome for this lifelong fan. Rock was my favorite. I was so into Austin/McMahon and Taker/Kane. They had a lot of fun midcard characters. '98 was just a blast.
1999-8- Yeah, it didn't make much sense, but wrestling was still red hot, and Raw was still must-see TV.
2000-9.9- My 2nd favorite year. Angle was my new favorite (and would remain so through 2002). HHH had perhaps the greatest year of any wrestler I ever saw. Certainly the greatest for a heel. The TLC matches set a new standard for insanity. Just about everything worked for me. I think I could count the number of guys I truly disliked on one hand.
2001-6- The magic was dying. Lots of good wrestling but the storylines mostly sucked, and things just weren't the same without WCW (Boo!) and ECW (Yay!).
2002-6- Tough year to rate. Smackdown ended up getting awesome but Raw pretty much sucked, and the first part of the year was nothing special.
2003-5- Another blah year. Couldn't stand Lesnar, got tired of HHH and Angle missed a lot of time. Gravitated more towards ROH & TNA. Matt Hardy & Cena were my WWF faves.
2004-6- Slight step up from 2003. Evolution carried Raw nicely. Benoit finally winning the big one was cool and I loved JBL from day one.
2005-6.1- It was a tiny bit better than 2004. Even if I was more into OVW, TNA and ROH at times.
2006-4- Came close to going off wrestling entirely when two longtime favorites, JBL & Angle, left within a few months of each other. Luckily King Booker, Spirit Squad, Sabu & RVD were around to keep me tuning in. I was excited at first about the revamped ECW but that quickly proved to be a bust.
2007-5- The first quarter of the year was really good. Rest of the year, not so much. Though I was into HBK, Matt Hardy, MVP and John Morrison.
2008-5- Pretty blah year outside of the epic Jericho vs. HBK feud. Those two carried WWE for me this year. JBL's return proved to be a bust.
2009-2- The year I went off wrestling for a while. It gets a 2 because I did Youtube the occasional Christian, Morrison, Goldust or Knox match.
2010-2012-1- Watched nothing in 2010. Only watched from Elimination Chamber to Wrestlemania in 2011. And came back on a part-time basis at the very end of 2012.
2013-2- I'd catch the occasional hyped match/segment. Loved Bray Wyatt from day one and the Rhodes Brothers had a great run towards the end of the year.
2014-2.5- Only watch the occasional match/segment, but I did catch my first full Wrestlemania in years and went to my first Raw taping in nearly a decade in April. Still on the Wyatt bandwagon.

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2012 - 3.5
2013 - 7
2014 - 3

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this year started off good but now... kane in main event title matches .. cena champ.... as old boring shit 2014 = 4 at best.

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1992 = 7 (some very good, some not so good but overall an enjoyable year with each of the ppvs delivering)
1993 = 4 (hogan era ends with a whimper, wrong guys getting pushed, all in all a far cry from the wwe i started watching full time around 1987)
1994 = 6 (enjoyable ppvs including easily the best in-ring mania up to that point, owens push is enjoyable as is nash's (pre wwe champion) ironically)
1995 = 2 (low point of wwe since vince jr took over, very little to recommend but plenty to complain about)
1996 = 5 (started off strong but wilted in the face of wcw pressure come the summer. still plenty of plus points, shawn michaels head and shoulders mvp this year)
1997 = 7 (very good second half of the year but poor first half, mania 13 is one of the worst manias ever e.g)
1998 = 7 (very good first half of the year but second half is a bit of a mess)
1999 = 6 (far too much soap opera stuff for my taste, is this wrestling or jerry springer/days of our lives/b movie?)
2000 = 8 (kreski knew how to write a tv wrestling show and 2000 despite a number of flaws is the best year of the attitude era)
2001 = 6 (excellent run into mania but the wcw stuff for the most part is downright awful. the exchanges between angle/taz and austin save the second half of the year from being some of the worst wwe tv of the past 20 years)
2002 = 6 (again very good run into mania and some excellent ppvs but quality of raw falls off a cliff around june, summerslam 2002 is probably wwes best every in-ring show)
2003 = 4 (hhh's reign of terror, vince and hogan promoted above everything else leading into mania, at least we got hollywood rock which was great)
2004 = 6 (its better than 2003 but had potential to be alot better though)
2005 = 7 (batista and hhh was a great program. cena as a maineventer, hogan vs michaels was really good then the match happened lol)
2006 = 6 (can't remember alot about this year as i was doing my masters. i attended mania 22 and it was a good show
2007 = 7 (enjoyed this year despite tons of injuries and the black cloud that benoit caused. rumble and mania are both very good shows. cena is mvp of the year by a mile)
2008 = 8 (great year, cenas shock return at mania, mania 24 exceeding all expectations, jericho vs michaels feud, rise of jeff hardy as a maineventer)
2009 = 5 (hard to rank this as raw was awful but smackdown was probably at its very peak. punk and jeff hardy program was fantastic)
2010 = 5 (wwe losing a ton of starpower this year doesn't help and nothing really stands out above shawns retirement angle and heel batista)
2011 = 4 (outside of june/july this wasn't good at all. rocks return never really resonated with me. playing hot potato with title after summerslam was a sure-fire way to kill interest)
2012 = 6 (i enjoyed this year despite the crap it gets online. mania was good, extreme rules was great and ppvs like noc, tlc were very good. rise of ryback was fun for a few months, shields debut, raw after mania 28 started a tradition and raw 1000 was excellently built to)
2013 = 7 (excellent from april till august, probably raws best ever run. falls off a cliff somewhat from september till november though. no question the quality of matches on raw in 2013 beats any other year)
2014 = 6.5 (nxt specials have been fantastic, mania 30 was great and the other ppvs have been all good. raw and sd has been hit or miss but wwe have done a great job building the shield, rusev, wyatts, dallas and cesaro as possible future stars)

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2000= 9
2001= 9

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1998 - 9
1999 - 8
2000 - 9
2001 - 10
2002 - 8
2003 - 8
2004 - 10
2005 - 7
2006 - 8
2007 - 7
2008 - 3
2009 - 2
2010 - 1
2011 - 7
2012 - 3
2013 - 3
2014 - 2

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1997- 8/10 - One of the best years in wrestling, and in WWE. A pivotal year in the history of WWE and showcased one of the best feuds of all time in Steve Austin vs Bret Hart/Hart Foundation. The only thing lacking this year was a serious/strong undercard.

1998- 10/10 - Best year in WWE history by far. Austin/McMahon gave us moments that can NEVER be duplicated. Awesome weekly shows and PPV's from top to bottom. Mankind/Taker HIAC, one of the most memorable matches of ALL TIME. There's nothing to hate about this year. DX, Sable, etc.

1999- 9/10 - Stone Cold still hottest thing in the world. Mankind/Rock feud was excellent. HHH started to become the number 1 heel in the world. Al Snow/Big Boss Man.

2000- 7/10 - Sucked without Stone Cold for the majority of the year. However the midcard/lower card really started to come into it's own. The Hardys, Edge, Christian, Dudleyz, Taz, Radicalz, etc etc. Jericho was always excellent, Angle. So surprisingly WWE did not suffer in the absence of Stone Cold, the ratings were actually as strong as ever and rightfully so.

2001- 7/10 - Best WM of all time. Everything else sucked compared to years past. WCW/ECW was completely mishandled. Could've been the biggest thing ever.

2002- 6/10 - The return of Hogan/NWO was the only saving grace here. Otherwise, it sucked. Lesnar was alright, but it was really Heyman who made him. Without Heyman, Brock would've been another Mark Jindrak or Bull Buchanan.

2003- 5/10 - Nash vs HHH, Katie Vick, Goldberg. Holy shit this year sucked. Only saving grace was the early portion before WM19, which was probably the last truly "great" WM.

2004- 4/10 - Really boring year top to bottom. Benoit/Guerrero as champs? Really? Thank god that didn't last long.

2005- 4/10 - Cena/Batista era starts. Cena, ok. Charisma, mic skills, athleticism, connects to the crowd. Batista? Wow, can't believe anyone ever supported this guy. He's nothing more than a muscular body. Any mark who ever cheered him out to get into pro bodybuilding, they would love that "sport". The only good thing to come out of this year was ECW ONS.

2006- 6/10 - ECW comes back... and later dies and embarrassing death. (well, technically not for another couple years, but by the end of 2006 it was toast.) Seeing Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, Sandman to a lesser extent, featured on national TV every week was very cool for me. In Dreamer's case, finally being used appropriately.

2007- 3/10 - I can't even remember a damn thing to come out of this year. Sucked.

2008- 3/10 - See above

2009- 2/10 - See above

2010- 2/10 - See above

2011- ...

Hell let's just say that's the case up until this point. Maybe I just don't retain stuff like I used to, but I can't remember a damn thing WWE has done the past several years. Except the Taker/HBK matches, which I forget exactly which WM's those were at.

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2000 - 8 (Rock/HHH was great, as was Jericho/Benoit, and Angle in general)

2001 - 7 (I thought Austin's heel run was better than it gets credit for, and I didn't mind the Invasion angle. I thought it actually helped put guys like Jericho, RVD, and Booker over as legit maineventers)

2002 - 6 (Started out strong pre-brand split. After the brand split I would say Smackdown was an 8, Raw was a 3. Highlights of the year were Hogan/Rock, the Smackdown tag matches, Brock Lesnar's dominance,etc.)

2003 - 5 (Again, Smackdown was considerably better than Raw, but it was a mediocre year regardless. HHH's reign was at it's worst at this point, Goldberg's return was underwhelming. Jericho was arguably their best talent, and they kept him in the midcard all year)

2004 - 7 (Solid year with Smackdown once again outshining Raw, Eddie was just on fire that year, as were JBL & Cena. Benoit's chase for the title was great, the reign wasn't anything to write home about)

2005 - 7 (Loved the Batista/HHH lead up to WM. Eddie's heel run was probably the highlight of the year for me though. Cena's momentum continued and the early part of his title reign was solid)

2006 - 8 (Edge...enough said. King Booker's heel run and eventual title reign was great to see as a long time Booker fan. RVD/Cena was great, Mysterio's run to the title was cool, debut of Punk, reunion of DX, etc. Underrated year IMO)

2007 - 4 (This was the year I stopped watching regularly. Cena was decent, but outside of Michaels he didn't have much to work with. Orton's title reign to close the year was god awful. Just a forgettable year all around)

2008 - 6 (Flair/Michaels and Edge/Taker were some of the better WM matches/moments of the decade. I thoroughly enjoyed Jericho/Michaels. Outside of that, it was another forgettable year)

2009 - 5 (I honestly didn't watch much of this year, but Punk/Hardy & Jericho/Mysterio were highlights from the little I did see. I also remember hating Sheamus and being annoyed at how quickly they gave him the title despite the fact that he was not very good)

2010 - 6 (The Nexus angle was great, Jericho/Edge was good, Punk and the SES was good, everything else sucked)

2011 - 4 (Punk's run was the only good thing about this year. The fucking Miz mainevented WM, Del Rio won the fucking Royal Rumble, guys like R-Truth were maineventing. Just wasn't a good year whatsoever to me)

2012 - 5 (The only reason this year ranks ahead of 2011 was the fact that there was more star power. Brock's return was great, Jericho's return started out good, but he fizzled out pretty quickly. It picked up towards the end with Punk's heel turn and the Shield debuting. Bryan was also great throughout)

2013 - 7 (Loved Punk as a heel, Bryan's momentum picked up, the Shield was great, etc)

2014 - 7 (Bryan, the Shield break up, Amrbose's face run, the Wyatt family, Jericho' return, and Rollin's singles run have all been great. HHH's heel work is probably the highlight of this year though. The guy carried the Bryan feud and made him look great throughout. He also played a huge role in establishing the Shield guys as maineventers)

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1998 - 8
1999- 10
2000- 10
2001 - 8.5
2002 - 7
2003 - 9
2004 - 10
2005 - 7.5
2006- 8.5
2007 - 8
2008 - 7
2009 - 5
2010 - 4
2011 - 6
2012 - 6
2013 - 7
2014 - TBD
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