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How do you rate Midnight Express

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Rate the Tag Team 9: Midnight Express

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So what are your thoughts on Midnight Express. They were a tag team that had various members in it over time so it's not really specific as to who we're talking about. But the noteble members involved were Dennis Condrey, Randy Rose and Bobby Eaton, and of course Jim Cornette who was their manager. Although never officially in the WWE, Vince McMahon did have a tag team that was managered by Cornette called the New Midnight Express. But nobody really cares nor considers them anything like the real Midnight Express, especially since there's a rumor that Vince McMahon brought them back as a rib on Cornette. Nonetheless they were famous in AWA and NWA and were huge in the 80s. The most noteable feuds were with Rock n Roll Express, who had long rivallry with one another, any wonders why:rolleyes:, as well as with the Road Warriors/Legion of Doom. So what are you're thoughts.

Whether it was Condrey and Eaton, Condrey and Rose or Eaton and Stan Lane, they were still a great tag team, and one of the most famous. Their specialty IMO was their ability to get heat from the fans. Cornette is one of the best mic workers in the business and through him they really played their roles well. Cornette has said that they came close to causing riots and proberly even did because they had so much heat on them. That and it was so bad, that security had to be on high alert because they they'd always be at risk after matches.

My rating of them is 10
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10, no question. The Midnight Express were a great team, and even though they seemed to be overshadowed by teams like the Steiners, the Bulldogs, and the Road Warriors, they had no problem holding their own. Cornette alone gave them the heat they needed, as men who did anything that Jim told them too. Plus, they were very athletic, especially Bobby Eaton.
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