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How do you rate Too Cool

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Rate the Tag Team 5: Too Cool(Grand Master Sexy and Scotty Too Hotty)

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Going for a double header today. What are you thought on Too Cool. They were the dancing tag team that always had a victory dance after winning a match, and on occasions managed to get other wrestlers to dance with them as well. Noteble wrestlers who have danced with Too Cool, The Dudleyz, the Hardyz, APA, Kane, Chyna, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle and Edge & Christian did their own little victory dance once, after beating Too Cool. So how do you rate them and what did you think of them?

I wasn't too big of a fan of Too Cool tbh. It was funny at times when they danced with other wrestlers, but they never really interested me as much as the other tag teams. In the ring, they were ok, but they weren't anything special. However they did have good chemistry and were pretty over as a team back then. I do however feel they deserved at least one more tag title reign, considering that Scotty and Grand Master only held the titles once but I guess with Grand Master beign released and Scotty's neck problem, it was never meant to be.

My rating of Too Cool is a 7. Why it's so low is the same as before. I didn't really think much of them as a team, they were ok but nothing great.
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sytehouse in 'wrestling' point of view.. but amusingly entertaining regardless
Started out funny but ultimately lame. And with Brian dancing on Raw this week reminded me of how awful the whole gimmick was.
God I f'in hated those guys. The Worm was one of the reasons I stopped watching wrestling for 7 years.

They were pretty much the total package (of shit). Terrible name, awful gimmick, shit moves, irritating promos etc.
flash in the pan
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