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How do you rate the APA

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Rate the Tag Team 4: The Acolytes/APA

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You know the drill. Contiuing on with our attiude era tag teams, we now move on to The Acolytes. Once the enforcers of Undertaker's Minstry of Darkness and later Corporate Ministry, the APA went on to become one of the most dominating tag teams during the Renaissance era of tag team wrestling. So how do you rate the APA and what are your thoughts of them?

I thought the APA worked quite well as a tag team, while E&C, The Dudleyz and Hardyz had their own specialitys, APA's was power and strength and became the powerhouse tag team at the time, the only tag team I felt that they couldn't really rival in terms of power was the Brothers of Destruction but then again, how could anyone hope to rival Undertaker and Kane. Nonetheless they were Almost remincent of the Road Warriors/Legion of Doom, although of a lesser calibre. As a team they worked great together, in the ring they were a force and had great chemistry. The only downfall was that APA never really got as much air time as E&C, Hardyz and Dudleyz so they never really could show much of their mic work, despite JBL being great on the mic, and I'm not sure but they didn't seem as over as the other teams at the time, the only real time they tended to shine was during the Invasion Angle when they played captains to the WWF.

Nonetheless my rating of the APA is an 8

BTW, slightly off topic, but but Undertaker pretty much saved the APA's careers from going into the abyss. Undertaker wanted them in the ministry along with Mideon and Visera because their careers were going downhill, and hoped that by putting them in the Minstry it could help them. Unfortunetely only APA really got the rub from the Minstry, while Mideon pretty much went into obscurity and eventually released and we all know what happened to Big Vis.
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^Seconded. I enjoyed them a lot. I kinda wished JBL stayed the beer swilling bad ass but I guess Austin had that covered so yeah.
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