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how do you rate The Outsiders?

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Rate the Tag Team 18: The Outsiders

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What are your thoughts and how do you rate The Outsiders? The Outsiders was a tag team, formed by Kevin Nash and Scott Hall after they left WWF to go to WCW. They came into WCW with the gimmick of two guys from WWF, invading WCW but later denied working for WWF. They would eventually join forces with Hulk Hogan and form the New World Order, and the rest is history as we all know. The Outsiders had been together in both WWE and TNA as well, but both were short periods and were never the same as when they were together in WCW. So what do you think?

I like a lot of people at the time, thought the Outsiders were cool. Being that they were part of the NWO, who I also loved I mean who dosen't like a rogue group running wild in a company causing havoc, and like DX it got them over huge with the fans. But the Outsiders as a team were quite good I thought. Chemistry wise, given their friendship and all it's pretty clear they had a lot of it. In ring wise, they were ok for a tag team, but Kevin Nash isn't exactly a great wrestler and Scott Hall had a lot of demons which I think held him back. But what they lacked in the ring, they made up for with charisma and mic workers. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall on their own were great on the mic, and their charisma was huge kind've similar to New Age Outlaws, but they were before NAO so they get the edge I think.

My rating of them is an 8
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9/10 for the Big man and the Medium sized man
yep, basically.

in their primes they were a great team but both could be extra lazy out there...i was a big mark for them as a kid tho and if they came back im sure i'd still be.
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