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Alright, it is that part of the week again! Hopefully, you all had a nice Hump Day. It's only going to get better from here on out because it is now time to rate another current superstar. I'd like to thank those of you who participated in last week's thread. Remember that all of your votes DO matter, but please just try to be objective. Let's also try to get as many responses here as possible now, and PLEASE try to vote on my poll :eek:

Roman Reigns ended up being ranked at 6th place in the current section so far. Unfortunately for Reigns, the ratings for his mic skills hurt him dramatically. However, the Big Dog did receive a great score for his look/presence. It turns out that Reigns is now tied with Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton at 2nd place for having the best look/presence in the current section so far.

Here are the updated standings:


Daniel Bryan: 8.6 (Look/Presence 7.1, In-Ring Ability 9.7, Charisma 9.2, Mic Skills 8.5)
AJ Styles: 8.1 (Look/Presence 7.5, In-Ring Ability 9.7, Charisma 7.9, Mic Skills 7.1)
Brock Lesnar: 8.1 (Look/Presence 9.8, In-Ring Ability 8.8, Charisma 8.2, Mic Skills 5.4)
Drew McIntyre: 8.0 (Look/Presence 9.2, In-Ring Ability 8.1, Charisma 7.2, Mic Skills 7.5)
Randy Orton: 7.9 (Look/Presence 9.2, In-Ring Ability 7.8, Charisma 7.5, Mic Skills 6.9)
RO: 7.7 (9.2, 7.5, 7.3, 6.7)
Roman Reigns: 7.4 (Look/Presence 9.2, In-Ring Ability 7.3, Charisma 7.1, Mic Skills 6.0)
John Morrison: 7.3 (Look/Presence 8.2, In-Ring Ability 7.8, Charisma 6.9, Mic Skills 6.1)
Sammy Guevara: 6.8 (Look/Presence 6.3, In-Ring Ability 7.3, Charisma 7.1, Mic Skills 6.5)


Asuka: 8.2 (Look/Presence 8.8, In-Ring Ability 9.2, Charisma 8.9, Mic Skills 5.9)

Today we will rate Seth Rollins ( :mark: ) since he won the previous poll. This is your turn to vote. Make sure to keep up!

Please set each quality in this order (Look/Presence, In-Ring Ability, Charisma, Mic Skills), so it'll be easier to count your votes :)

NOTE: If you feel like you missed out on a previous rating thread of a superstar, then it is NOT too late!! I am still willing to count any of your votes for any old rating threads from this year. You folks have until the END OF THIS DECEMBER to do this; so just be sure to let me know which old rating thread you want me to include your vote in, and just be sure that it's from a thread in 2020. If you even feel like bumping up any of my older rating threads, then go right on ahead! My rankings are based off the MOST UPDATED standings. The MORE votes that are included to ALL of this, the MORE accurate the results will be. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO VOTE ON MY POLLS TOO :D

Edit: Don't forget that the poll is MULTIPLE CHOICE.

Previous Thread:

edit. Probably the worst ever who got to hold the big one
That's a really weird way of calling out Jinder Mahal, especially when Seth Rollins is light years better than him as a world champion and as an overall talent.[/URL]

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Look/Presence - 4/10
In Ring - 6.5/10
Charisma -3/10
Mic Skills - 4/10

Yet another of the quite below average talent right at the top week after week thanks to Triple H's fondness for the guy... No discernible skills whatsoever, cant talk well, does a bunch of pre-rehearsed spots, and does not have any great charisma so to speak Else fans would not be booing him when being pushed as a face.

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Look/Presence - 8.5/10
In Ring - 8.5/10
Charisma -7/10
Mic Skills - 6/10

A very-good-if-not-great performer. One of the most annoying voices in the history of our great sport.

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Look/Presence 7.5
In ring Ability 8.5
Charisma 7.5
Mic Skills 8.5

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Look/Presence - 5/10. Looks like a generic create a wrestler wearing motocross pants. Deducted a point for the Michael Jackson one glove look he added to his attire.

In-ring ability - 8/10

Charisma - 3/10. Somewhat acceptable as a chickenshit heel. Anything outside of that, he’s a dud.

Mic skills - 3/10. Cringe level 100. One of the most irritating voices of all time.

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Look/Presence: 5
Looks like a geek with a good body

In-ring ability: 4
He has zero knowledge of in-ring psychology and doesn't have a clue on how to tell a good story in the ring.

Charisma: 1
What charisma? He sounds like Janice from Friends and looks like a geek. He doesn't have the IT factor that attracts people to him despite his very obvious shortcomings.

Mic skills: 1
He should never be allowed to hold a microphone let alone talk.

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Look/Presence - 6/10 His only saving point is that he looks like Cesare Borgia, which makes him a natural scumbag looking heel.

In-ring ability - 6/10 Good athleticism but zero in ring IQ/psychology.

Charisma - 5/10 He could make a good smarmy heel though WWE's scripts and creative does favors for no one.

Mic skills - 4/10 See above.
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