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Hey, folks! It's been a week already, so hopefully everyone is safe and healthy during these critical events. I'll remind you all that it is now time to rate another current superstar. I'd like to thank those of you who participated in last week's threads. Remember that all of your votes DO matter, but please just try to be objective. Let's also try to get as many responses here as possible now, and PLEASE try to vote on my poll :eek:

Aleister Black ended up being ranked at 6th place in the current section so far. Unfortunately for Black, the ratings for his mic skills hurt him dramatically. However, the Dutch Destroyer did receive a pretty good score for his in-ring ability. It turns out that Black now has the 4th highest score for having the best in-ring ability in the current section.

Angel Garza ended up being ranked at 1st place in the cruiserweight section so far. Unfortunately for Garza, the rating for his mic skills hurt him dramatically. However, he did receive pretty good scores for his charisma and his in-ring ability. As of right now, Garza has the best ratings for all his qualities out of every cruiserweight ranked so far ( WOW! ;) )

Here are the updated standings:


Daniel Bryan: 8.6 (Look/Presence 7.1, In-Ring Ability 9.7, Charisma 9.2, Mic Skills 8.5)
AJ Styles: 8.1 (Look/Presence 7.5, In-Ring Ability 9.7, Charisma 7.9, Mic Skills 7.1)
Brock Lesnar: 8.1 (Look/Presence 9.8, In-Ring Ability 8.8, Charisma 8.2, Mic Skills 5.4)
Drew McIntyre: 8.0 (Look/Presence 9.2, In-Ring Ability 8.1, Charisma 7.2, Mic Skills 7.5)
Randy Orton: 7.9 (Look/Presence 9.2, In-Ring Ability 7.8, Charisma 7.5, Mic Skills 6.9)
RO: 7.7 (9.2, 7.5, 7.3, 6.7)
Aleister Black: 7.5 (Look/Presence 7.7, In-Ring Ability 8.3, Charisma 7.3, Mic Skills 6.7)
Seth Rollins: 7.5 (Look/Presence 7.8, In-Ring Ability 8.2, Charisma 6.9, Mic Skills 6.9)
Kevin Owens: 7.4 (Look/Presence 5.3, In-Ring Ability 8.0, Charisma 7.7, Mic Skills 8.6)
Roman Reigns: 7.4 (Look/Presence 9.2, In-Ring Ability 7.2, Charisma 7.1, Mic Skills 6.0)
AB: 7.3 (7.4, 8.3, 6.9, 6.5)
John Morrison: 7.3 (Look/Presence 8.2, In-Ring Ability 7.8, Charisma 6.9, Mic Skills 6.1)
Sammy Guevara: 6.8 (Look/Presence 6.3, In-Ring Ability 7.3, Charisma 7.1, Mic Skills 6.5)
SR: 6.3 (6.8, 7.2, 5.6, 5.5)


Asuka: 8.2 (Look/Presence 8.8, In-Ring Ability 9.2, Charisma 8.9, Mic Skills 5.9)


Angel Garza: 7.7 (Look/Presence 7.8, In-Ring Ability 8.0, Charisma 8.2, Mic Skills 6.6)

Today we will rate Ricochet ( :mark: ) since he won the previous poll. This is your turn to vote. Make sure to keep up!

Please set each quality in this order (Look/Presence, In-Ring Ability, Charisma, Mic Skills), so it'll be easier to count your votes :)

NOTE: If you feel like you missed out on a previous rating thread of a superstar, then it is NOT too late!! I am still willing to count any of your votes for any old rating threads from this year. You folks have until the END OF THIS DECEMBER to do this; so just be sure to let me know which old rating thread you want me to include your vote in, and just be sure that it's from a thread in 2020. If you even feel like bumping up any of my older rating threads, then go right on ahead! My rankings are based off the MOST UPDATED standings. The MORE votes that are included to ALL of this, the MORE accurate the results will be. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO VOTE ON MY POLLS TOO :D

Edit: Don't forget that the poll is MULTIPLE CHOICE.

Previous Threads:


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Presence-7 Considering he is pushed as a mid card guy and not as a goofy face of the company, I would give him a higher than usual rating considering his card positioning.l
In Ring- 5 Lots of flips like many of his peers, nothing of substance otherwise. Guess it passes for midcard but when everyone does the same thing, you have a problem of being bland.
Mic Skills- 2 Nothing memorable
Charisma- 4 Well subjective, lets say he is not my type.

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Look/Presence- 7.5/10

He's a handsome guy that carries himself with a certain swagger. He knows he's this incredible athlete and you can feel that confidence when he enters an arena. Even though some of his promos around the idea are a little corny, I can buy him visually as this superhero-esque character, from his music, attire, and body language.

In-Ring- 8/10

Yeah, he's the guy that flips. When it's harnessed correctly, he can work magic in that ring (and out of it too). He's not Rey Mysterio, but he's got to be the modern equivalent. I first saw him in THAT Best of the Super Juniors match with Will Ospreay. Was it overly choreographed? Yeah. Was it fun to watch? Fuck yes. The dude is basically a video game character. I also enjoy his selling- he uses his flippy ability to take some impressive bumps. He wasn't in NXT all that long, but put together a string of highly entertaining matches. And I really enjoyed his series with AJ Styles over the US title.

Charisma- 6.5/10

He's likeable and has a bit of a cool factor about him. I guess it goes back to that confidence in his athletic ability that I mentioned. At least, until you put a microphone in his hand...

Mic Skills- 4.5/10

Sorry Ricky. You can't have it all. He does NOT seem comfortable at all speaking in front of crowds. And as I mentioned, the lines he has to say about being a superhero do him no favours.

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Presence-2 ripped but unimpressive
In Ring-1 flips are not wrestling
Mic Skills-negative 10. never give him a mic
Charisma - negative 5. he is the definition of bland

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Look/Presence: 5.5 Has a decent look and is pretty cut up for a small guy. Zero presence. Looks like a smiley goof cosplaying at a comic book convention. No intimidation whatsoever.

In-Ring Ability: 1.5. If I were rating his gymnastics ability it would be a 10. But as far as wrestling/psychology, he’s a zero. I gave him 1.5 cause at least he attempts to sell. Other than that it’s just nonsensical excessive flipping spotfest bullshit.

Charisma: 2. Typical indy workrate guy with zero charisma/personality. Gave him a 2 cause he’s not Natalya.

Mic Skills: 2. Terrible. His whiny voice actually makes him even less intimidating, he should put on a mask and not talk at all.

Along with the Young Bucks, this guy is everything that’s wrong with the current state of professional wrestl

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Looks/Presence: 7/10 - Super good looking, twink-ish, athletic build. But he isn't 7'5" and 400lbs of raw muscle so....right guys?
In-Ring: 8/10 - Excellent aerial wrestler who sells his ass off and in any other company (which has been proven) he'd be an excellent asset to have at the top of the card.
Charisma: 6/10 - I was going to give this a 5 but his theme music and entrance makes him more charismatic than he really is. It's not a joke when Prince Puma is the most charismatic iteration of him and he wore a mask. I'd give Prince Puma a 7.
Microphone: 4/10 - Ehhhh... okay. This is definitely not as big of an issue in ANY other company. Sadly, as I've said before, he is one of those guys that just DON'T belong in the WWE, not because of talent but because of how they operate. He'd thrive in NJPW (which he did) or literally any other company.

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Look/Presence 5
He's in good shape but he doesn't look like could kick anybdy's ass.

In-Ring Ability 8

Charisma 7
When I saw him I thought he looked like a star

Mic Skills 2
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