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Rate the Current Superstar: Nikki Cross edition

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I have MORE good news, everyone! Expect to see 2 of these threads within the same week more often. The reason I mention this is because I want to step it up with the women since the male talents have the better advantage of winning the vote polls; so I'm going to separate the poll winners by determining who wins the male talent vote and who wins the female talent vote (instead of just doing this when both of their votes are tied). However, I'll do 2 rating threads at once approximately every 2 weeks so I won't run out of female names in the vote poll options so soon. I'll do 2 rating threads during the "down weeks" (such as next week) if a woman somehow receive more votes than the men do. I'll even do 3 rating threads at once if a cruiserweight somehow receive more votes than the men in the main roster (and if this occurs during the "up weeks" where I'm supposed to do the women too). Anyway, I've added 5 classic female legendary names into the vote poll. JUST KNOW that me starting 2 rating threads at once WILL be official approximately every 2 weeks starting NOW ;)

Now that my (long) second announcement is out of the way, I want to remind all of you folks that it is now time to rate a female current superstar. I'd like to thank those who participated in my previous thread. Remember that all of your votes DO matter, but please just try to be objective. Let's also try to get as many responses here as possible now :eek:

As you already know, Dolph Ziggler ended up being ranked at 11th place in the current section. Unfortunately for Ziggler, the rating for his mic skills hurt him dramatically. However, the Showoff did receive a pretty good score based off his in-ring ability. I will repeat that Ziggler is now tied with Randy Orton at 8th place for having the best in-ring ability in the current section so far.

Here are the updated standings:


Samoa Joe: 8.9 (Look/Presence 8.9, In-Ring Ability 8.4, Charisma 8.7, Mic Skills 9.5)
Daniel Bryan: 8.9 (Look/Presence 7.9, In-Ring Ability 9.7, Charisma 9.2, Mic Skills 8.6)
John Cena: 8.7 (Look/Presence 9.2, In-Ring Ability 7.2, Charisma 9.4, Mic Skills 9.1)
Randy Orton: 8.2 (Look/Presence 9.3, In-Ring Ability 8.2, Charisma 8.1, Mic Skills 7.2)
The Miz: 8.0 (Look/Presence 7.4, In-Ring Ability 6.9, Charisma 8.3, Mic Skills 9.3)
AJ Styles: 7.9 (Look/Presence 7.9, In-Ring Ability 9.3, Charisma 7.8, Mic Skills 6.6)
Jeff Hardy: 7.8 (Look/Presence 8.8, In-Ring Ability 7.4, Charisma 9.4, Mic Skills 5.7)
Dean Ambrose: 7.8 (Look/Presence 7.8, In-Ring Ability 6.8. Charisma 8.2, Mic Skills 8.4)
Seth Rollins: 7.7 (Look/Presence 8.0, In-Ring Ability 8.3, Charisma 7.6, Mic Skills 6.9)
Sheamus: 7.5 (Look/Presence 8.3, In-Ring Ability 7.6, Charisma 6.9, Mic Skills 7.0)
SR: 7.4 (7.7, 8.1, 7.3, 6.6)
Dolph Ziggler: 7.4 (Look/Presence 7.5, In-Ring Ability 8.2, Charisma 7.0, Mic Skills 6.9)
Braun Strowman: 7.4 (Look/Presence 9.4, In-Ring Ability 5.9. Charisma 8.1, Mic Skills 6.1)
Cesaro: 7.3 (Look/Presence 8.3, In-Ring Ability 9.3, Charisma 6.4, Mic Skills 5.0)
Brock Lesnar: 7.2 (Look/Presence 9.5, In-Ring Ability 7.4, Charisma 7.9, Mic Skills 4.1)
Rey Mysterio: 7.1 (Look/Presence 7.0, In-Ring Ability 8.4, Charisma 7.5, Mic Skills 5.6)
Andrade Cien Almas: 7.0 (Look/Presence 7.9, In-Ring Ability 8.8, Charisma 7.2, Mic Skills 3.9)
BL: 6.9 (9.2, 7.0, 7.5, 3.8)
Jason Jordan: 6.9 (Look/Presence 8.0, In-Ring Ability 7.9, Charisma 6.1, Mic Skills 5.4)
Shinsuke Nakamura: 6.4 (Look/Presence 7.1, In-Ring Ability 7.3, Charisma 7.6, Mic Skills 3.7)
SN: 6.2 (6.9, 7.0, 7.4, 3.6)
Bobby Lashley: 6.1 (Look/Presence 9.5, In-Ring Ability 6.7, Charisma 4.3, Mic Skills 3.9)


Becky Lynch: 8.3 (Look/Presence 8.3, In-Ring Ability 7.8, Charisma 8.8, Mic Skills 8.2)
BL: 8.2 (8.2, 7.7, 8.7, 8.0)
Mickie James: 8.1 (Look/Presence 8.4, In-Ring Ability 8.1, Charisma 7.9, Mic Skills 7.9)
Alexa Bliss: 7.9 (Look/Presence 8.4, In-Ring Ability 6.0, Charisma 8.5, Mic Skills 8.6)
Asuka: 7.9 (Look/Presence 8.5, In-Ring Ability 8.9, Charisma 8.8, Mic Skills 5.3)
Ruby Riott: 7.3 (Look/Presence 7.0, In-Ring Ability 8.0, Charisma 6.6, Mic Skills 7.7)
Charlotte Flair: 7.3 (Look/Presence 8.1, In-Ring Ability 8.4, Charisma 6.6, Mic Skills 6.0)
Sasha Banks: 7.3 (Look/Presence 7.4, In-Ring Ability 8.1, Charisma 7.3, Mic Skills 6.2)
Kairi Sane: 7.2 (Look/Presence 8.0, In-Ring Ability 8.7, Charisma 7.8, Mic Skills 4.4)
RR: 7.1 (6.7, 7.8, 6.5, 7.5)
Lacey Evans: 7.1 (Look/Presence 8.2, In-Ring Ability 5.9, Charisma 7.1, Mic Skills 7.0)
KS: 7.0 (7.7, 8.5, 7.5, 4.2)
Ronda Rousey: 6.7 (Look/Presence 8.2, In-Ring Ability 7.2, Charisma 6.9, Mic Skills 4.3)
Ember Moon: 6.5 (Look/Presence 7.6, In-Ring Ability 8.7, Charisma 5.4, Mic Skills 4.3)
Carmella: 6.5 (Look/Presence 7.4, In-Ring Ability 4.7, Charisma 6.6, Mic Skills 7.3)
EM: 6.4 (7.3, 8.6, 5.3, 4.2)
Sonya Deville: 6.3 (Look/Presence 7.4, In-Ring Ability 7.0, Charisma 5.5, Mic Skills 5.3)
Mandy Rose: 6.2 (Look/Presence 8.6, In-Ring Ability 5.3, Charisma 5.7, Mic Skills 5.2)
SD: 6.2 (7.3, 6.9, 5.4, 5.2)
MR: 6.1 (8.4, 5.2, 5.6, 5.1)
Peyton Royce: 6.1 (Look/Presence 7.7, In-Ring Ability 5.1, Charisma 5.9, Mic Skills 5.6)
Bayley: 6.1 (Look/Presence 6.3, In-Ring Ability 7.6, Charisma 6.6, Mic Skills 3.8)
B: 5.9 (6.1, 7.5, 6.5, 3.6)
Billie Kay: 5.6 (Look/Presence 6.4, In-Ring Ability 4.0, Charisma 5.9, Mic Skills 6.0)
BK: 5.4 (6.2, 3.9, 5.7, 5.8)
Natalya: 5.4 (Look/Presence 5.8, In-Ring Ability 7.4, Charisma 3.7, Mic Skills 4.6)
N: 5.2 (5.5, 7.2, 3.5, 4.4)

Today we will rate Nikki Cross :)mark:) since she also won the previous poll. This is your turn to vote. Make sure to keep up!

Please set each quality in this order (Look/Presence, In-Ring Ability, Charisma, Mic Skills), so it'll be easier to count your votes :)

NOTE: If you feel like you missed out on a previous rating thread of a superstar, then it is NOT too late!! I am still willing to count any of your votes for any old rating threads from this year. You folks have until the END OF THIS DECEMBER to do this; so just be sure to let me know which old rating thread you want me to include your vote in, and just be sure that it's from a thread in 2019. If you even feel like bumping up any of my older rating threads, then go right on ahead! My rankings are based off the MOST UPDATED standings. The MORE votes that are included to ALL of this, the MORE accurate the results will be :D

Edit: Don't forget that the poll is MULTIPLE CHOICE.

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Nikki Cross:

Look/Presence: 8/10

In-Ring Ability: 8/10

Charisma: 8/10

Mic Skills: 7/10

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Look/Presence - 4/10
In-ring ability - 5/10
Charisma - 8/10
Mic skills - 7/10

Not a great look, and doesn’t do anything that great in-ring wise, but she does play her gimmick well and has some decent mic skills despite having a thick accent. I thought she was entertaining during the Aleister Black-Ciampa NXT storyline. I don’t see her ever being a big player on the main roster though, at least while Vince & Dunn are in charge.

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Look/Presence: 6/10
In Ring Ability: 6/10
Charisma: 6/10
Mic Skills: 6/10

I honestly think she is an all round 6. And that a good thing, I do think she is incredibly under rated in the ring. I am actually a Nikki Cross fan too, she is a good all rounder, no where near the worst, but she is easily outshined by the best.

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Admittedly, I'm late on this; but I'll bump up this thread due to low number of votes. It is not too late to rate Nikki Cross as an overall talent :eek:

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Nikki Cross
Look/Presence: 2 - Don't think she adds anything. Doesn't have a "fit" physique, or intimidating physique. Not for wrestling.
In-ring: 7 - Honestly I cant say one way or another cause the other stuff is so bad...but i haven't noticed anything terrible. I'm sure she's fine.
Charisma: 4 - She tries.
Mic Skills: 4 - Unsure because her gimmick is so badd.

Some of these scores are generous too. I honestly just think she has NO value. I can make something out of 95% of the roster in my mind, but I don't see how she fits. Ruby Riott/Paige has a better "outsider" look. She's not a top 5 in-ring wrestlers. She's not intimidating, good looking. There are a lot of "small" wrestlers in the division, but at least they bring something to the table. She does not

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Look/Presence: 6/10
In Ring Ability: 6/10
Charisma: 6/10
Mic Skills: 6/10

I honestly think she is an all round 6. And that a good thing, I do think she is incredibly under rated in the ring. I am actually a Nikki Cross fan too, she is a good all rounder, no where near the worst, but she is easily outshined by the best.
That's a totally fair rating of her.

I don't like how people always throw out 8s and 9s for everyone. 8s,9s and 10s should be reserved for people truly remarkable in said category.

That being said..

Look/Presence: 7/10 I find her pretty attractive, not alexa bliss attractive but I definitely wouldn't kick her out of bed
In Ring Ability: 5/10 Definition of average in the ring
Charisma: 7/10 She is more charismatic than most women
Mic Skills: 5/10 She's alright but that accent drags her down for me
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