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Anyway, it turns out that this AEW talent tied with the Street Profits on winning the vote poll from the previous thread. Nevertheless, it is now time to rate another current superstar. I'd like to thank the many of you folks for participating in last week's thread. Remember that all of your votes DO matter, but please just try to be objective. Let's also try to get as many responses here as possible now, and PLEASE try to vote on my polls :eek:

As you already know, Keith Lee ended up being ranked at 8th place in the current section so far. Unfortunately for Keith, the ratings for his mic skills hurt him dramatically. However, the Limitless One did receive a pretty good score for his in-ring ability. I will repeat that Keith now has the 4th highest score for having the best in-ring ability compared to the rest of the current talents. He also now has the 6th highest score for having the most charisma in comparison to the other current wrestlers. Not only that, but despite this department being his apparent weakness, Keith is also now tied with Roman Reigns at 8th place for having the best mic skills compared to the other current talents.

Unfortunately, the recent update reverted back to the 25 options; so PLEASE VOTE ON THE POLLS IF YOU WANT ACCESS TO THE REST OF THE 45 OTHER POLL OPTIONS (VIA PM).

Here are the updated standings:


Randy Orton: 8.6 (Look/Presence 9.4, In-Ring Ability 8.4, Charisma 8.4, Mic Skills 8.1)
AJ Styles: 8.6 (Look/Presence 7.9, In-Ring Ability 9.8, Charisma 8.4, Mic Skills 8.1)
Drew McIntyre: 7.9 (Look/Presence 9.1, In-Ring Ability 8.1, Charisma 7.5, Mic Skills 7.0)
Adam Page: 7.8 (Look/Presence 7.9, In-Ring Ability 8.0, Charisma 8.1, Mic Skills 7.2)
R-Truth: 7.7 (Look/Presence 7.3, In-Ring Ability 6.7, Charisma 8.7, Mic Skills 8.2)
DM: 7.7 (9.0, 8.0, 7.0, 6.7)
John Morrison: 7.5 (Look/Presence 8.5, In-Ring Ability 8.0, Charisma 7.2, Mic Skills 6.4)
Roman Reigns: 7.5 (Look/Presence 9.2, In-Ring Ability 7.4, Charisma 7.0, Mic Skills 6.5)
Keith Lee: 7.5 (Look/Presence 7.4, In-Ring Ability 8.3, Charisma 7.6, Mic Skills 6.5)
Jeff Hardy: 7.4 (Look/Presence 7.8, In-Ring Ability 7.7, Charisma 8.5, Mic Skills 5.7)
Guerrillas of Destiny: 7.2 (Look/Presence 8.3, In-Ring Ability 7.1, Charisma 7.3, Mic Skills 6.2)
Riddle: 7.0 (Look/Presence 6.9, In-Ring Ability 8.2, Charisma 7.1, Mic Skills 5.9)
Mustafa Ali: 7.0 (Look/Presence 6.6, In-Ring Ability 8.2, Charisma 6.4, Mic Skills 6.9)
Damian Priest: 7.0 (Look/Presence 7.8, In-Ring Ability 6.9, Charisma 6.8, Mic Skills 6.3)
Bobby Lashley: 6.9 (Look/Presence 9.4, In-Ring Ability 7.5, Charisma 6.1, Mic Skills 4.5)
R: 6.8 (6.7, 8.0, 6.8, 5.7)
Drew Gulak: 6.8 (Look/Presence 5.9, In-Ring Ability 8.6, Charisma 5.8, Mic Skills 6.7)
MA: 6.6 (6.1, 8.0, 5.9, 6.3)
Shelton Benjamin: 6.6 (Look/Presence 7.6, In-Ring Ability 8.2, Charisma 5.6, Mic Skills 4.9)
Murphy: 6.1 (Look/Presence 6.8, In-Ring Ability 8.2, Charisma 4.8, Mic Skills 4.6)


Britt Baker: 8.0 (Look/Presence 8.4, In-Ring Ability 6.9, Charisma 8.2, Mic Skills 8.4)
Thunder Rosa: 7.7 (Look/Presence 8.3, In-Ring Ability 8.2, Charisma 7.3, Mic Skills 7.0)

Today we will rate MJF since he won the previous poll. This is your turn to vote. Make sure to keep up!

Please set each quality in this order (Look/Presence, In-Ring Ability, Charisma, Mic Skills), so it'll be easier to count your votes :)

NOTE: If you feel like you missed out on a previous rating thread of a superstar, then it is NOT too late!! I am still willing to count any of your votes for any old rating threads from this year. You folks have until the END OF THIS DECEMBER to do this; so just be sure to let me know which old rating thread you want me to include your vote in, and just be sure that it's from a thread in 2021. WITHOUT SPAMMING MY OLDER RATING THREADS though, feel free to bump a couple of them every so often (preferably a few times per month). My rankings are based off the MOST UPDATED standings. The MORE votes that are included to ALL of this, the MORE accurate the results will be. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO VOTE ON MY POLLS TOO :D

Edit: Don't forget that the poll is MULTIPLE CHOICE.

Previous Thread:


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Look/Presence: 7.5/10
Charisma- 8/10
Mic Skills- 9/10
In Ring- 7.5/10

While some thing he's overrated, I think he's only gotten better and is already pretty damn great. We all know he can talk (and boy can he), but he's becoming a much better wrestler with time as well, as he is a smart worker that properly utilizes his heel gimmick, while also having the ability to put together some great matches with babyfaces like Moxley and Jungle Boy. I can see him only improving there, he's still really young.

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Look/Presence: 6
In-Ring: 6
Charisma: 9
Mic Skills: 9

I like him.. his in-ring talent just doesn’t match up w/his stellar promos and charisma. But so many of the new guys don’t have great in-ring. But he’s got a great base so this can be worked on.. He rivals Sami Zayne with His gift for gab.. lol

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Look/Presence: 6 - Decent presence but he looks fairly generic all things considered. He carries himself nicely so I've just split the difference here.
In-Ring: 7 - This is difficult as he has only had a handful of matches in AEW. He seems to know what he's doing but you can tell that he still has a bit to go.
Charisma: 7.5 - His best quality by far.
Mic Skills: 7 - He's comfortable on the mic but he constantly mistimes things or says some childish comment that really throws me off.

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Anyone not giving MJF a 10 on Mic Skills must have unrealistic expectations. He's the best mic worker in the entire industry. Who's better? If you can't name anyone better, then how can MJF not get a 10?
Too early for me to give MJF a 10. A couple more years into his career and then I will.

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