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Believe it or not, it's been a week since we rated someone! Hopefully, you all are staying safe and are also enjoying your Valentine's Day since we are going to end the night on a good note by reminding you folks that it is now time to rate another current superstar. I'd like to thank those of you who participated in last week's thread. Remember that all of your votes DO matter, but please just try to be objective. Let's also try to get as many responses here as possible now :eek:

John Morrison ended up being ranked at 5th place in the current section so far. Unfortunately for Morrison, the ratings for his mic skills hurt him dramatically. However, the Prince of Parkour did receive a pretty good score for his look/presence.

Here are the updated standings:


AJ Styles: 8.1 (Look/Presence 7.5, In-Ring Ability 9.7, Charisma 7.9, Mic Skills 7.1)
Brock Lesnar: 8.1 (Look/Presence 9.8, In-Ring Ability 8.8, Charisma 8.2, Mic Skills 5.4)
Drew McIntyre: 8.0 (Look/Presence 9.2, In-Ring Ability 8.1, Charisma 7.2, Mic Skills 7.5)
Randy Orton: 7.9 (Look/Presence 9.2, In-Ring Ability 7.8, Charisma 7.5, Mic Skills 6.9)
RO: 7.7 (9.2, 7.5, 7.3, 6.7)
John Morrison: 7.2 (Look/Presence 8.1, In-Ring Ability 7.8, Charisma 6.8, Mic Skills 6.0)
Sammy Guevara: 6.8 (Look/Presence 6.3, In-Ring Ability 7.3, Charisma 7.1, Mic Skills 6.5)


Asuka: 8.2 (Look/Presence 8.8, In-Ring Ability 9.2, Charisma 8.9, Mic Skills 6.0)

Today we will rate Daniel Bryan ( :mark: ) since he won the previous poll. This is your turn to vote. Make sure to keep up!

Please set each quality in this order (Look/Presence, In-Ring Ability, Charisma, Mic Skills), so it'll be easier to count your votes :)

NOTE: If you feel like you missed out on a previous rating thread of a superstar, then it is NOT too late!! I am still willing to count any of your votes for any old rating threads from this year. You folks have until the END OF THIS DECEMBER to do this; so just be sure to let me know which old rating thread you want me to include your vote in, and just be sure that it's from a thread in 2020. If you even feel like bumping up any of my older rating threads, then go right on ahead! My rankings are based off the MOST UPDATED standings. The MORE votes that are included to ALL of this, the MORE accurate the results will be :D

Edit: Don't forget that the poll is MULTIPLE CHOICE.

Previous Thread:


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I'm going off of 2020 Bryan:

Look/Presence - 7/10 (the short hair looks makes him look more generic, unfortunately)
In-ring ability - 8.5/10
Charisma - 7/10
Mic skills - 7/10

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Look/Presence - 6
In-ring ability - 8.5
Charisma - 9.5
Mic skills - 9

Once in a lifetime performer and a true pleasure to watch. He's this generation's Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the true people's choice.

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Look/Presence- 7/10

It's amazing what a bit of facial hair and a gear change can do. Current Bryan looks kinda close to NXT Bryan circa 2010, with just a bit of facial hair, slighty older, and to me he looks like a grizzled badass, whereas 2010 Bryan would have received a passing grade in this area from me. Working in WWE has helped him improve his presence dramatically, he has a star confidence now that he didn't have then, despite being a tremendous worker.

In-Ring- 10/10

Bell to bell, he's the best WWE have. For him to return after 3 years out of the ring and not miss a beat, managing to look good even opposite Big Cass.... well, it's HBK-esque, fittingly enough. Whether it's Cass, Miz, AJ, Wyatt, Brock... Bryan delivers in every outing. He can do all the moves, all the flips... but it's the emotion he brings to his matches to. He sells it like he's in a real fight and he's giving everything he's got to win. In this modern smarky era, that's a rare trait. And not every wrestler in the company can do it. For example, move for move, Adam Cole is right there. But I'm not a big fan of him, because his matches often feel to me like he's working his way through a heavily choreographed performance, "right, I've done that spot, great, chuck in a Superkick, time to hit the Panama Sunrise..." Bryan is 100% believable.

Charisma- 9/10

Bryan is so damn likeable. And yet, following an emotional return in 2018, he was able to flip a switch and make everyone hate him 6 months later. This is another area where I feel Bryan has benefitted from being in WWE... he wasn't this sure of himself, this magnetic in his NXT days.

Mic Skills- 7.5/10

Wouldn't have got a passing grade in 2010. He's still not a catchphrase machine or anything, but his passion always sells any situation he needs to on the mic. He seemed to come along leaps and bounds as Smackdown GM too. When he got the role, I didn't think he was a good enough talker to make a non-wrestling role like that work.

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In Ring-9
Mic Skills-7,5

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Look/Presence - 4/10
In Ring- 9/10
Mic Skills- 7/10
Charisma- 8/10

I liked him much better as a heel New Daniel Bryan than I do as his annoying Yes face gimmick

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In Ring-9.5
Mic Skills-9

Right there with Bret Hart as one of the greatest overall performers of all time.

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Look/Prsence 8
In Ring Ability 10
Charisma 9
Mic Skills 10
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