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Rate sum shat

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Going through the forums. Not much new to check out. Figured I'd post a few things I did recently.

Note: They're fuzzy and blown up larger than intended because 81x sucks cock. :cuss:

Enter Splash made for BabyBoy's site.

Background I made out of boredom last week. Used it to make the below Taproot banner in which I ruined it. :)

Taproot thing I made with a background I made. Just made it to see what I could do with the background. Ruined it.(so did 81x by resizing it)

Just made it 20 minutes ago. Felt like making something real quick. Voila. (81x enlarges yet another of my pics.:rolleyes: )

Edit: Might as well rate the speakers in my sig I just made.:rolleyes:
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the first one sucks IMO
The BG thingy is cool
The bg with taproot isn't so cool
the staind one I really like except for the font
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