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For real:

First one:
Not diggin' it man, its just a pic on a bg.

Second one:
Same as above, except the cut looks too dull. Needs more contrast or something...

Third one:
Again, needs more.

Fourth one:
I like that one. BG is cool, except I'd take the scanlines out of the guys head. Too thick.

Fifth one:
WTF?! It's like half a BG. Sucks. Too plain. And you took my transparent text idea, fag.

Sixth one:
Again, too plain. And the font sucks ass. You use the same font for everything. Get some new ones, loser.

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Mr.Hankey said in post #5 :
You like doing practically the same font, image placement, and style of bg on every banner, don't you?
That's his thing. Most of GP's banners are the same. In saying that I think he is still one of the top guys for doing banners on WE, only second to OZ.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts